Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 565

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Chapter 565: Expose the Truth

The blood-colored crystallization turned into a transparent seed with an hourglass mark on it and was fully integrated into the center of Yun Xi's abdomen.

There was the source of vitality and blood, and also the place where "Golden Dan" formed.

The form of the "Golden Dan" was the sign of reaching the highest rank of the Heaven Road's Palace, obtaining the "Golden Dan" was equal to obtaining "immortality". It was the final goal of all Taoist priests of the Heaven Road's Palace.

In some sense, Yun Xi's "Battle God's Seed" was an "Artificial Golden Dan".

Over the entire Eastern God's Domains, only Casina had the ability to create a Battle God's Seed for her disciple!

After the Battle God's Seed successfully condensed in Yun Xi's body, Casina stretched herself leisurely and stood up. She looked at Yun Xi and Ouroboros and whistled, "Well, you two, don't play too long. I'll go to sleep for a while."

Having drunk so much and finding that her disciple had unexpectedly solved the hidden danger in his soul, Casina felt that it was really a good day today.

So, to celebrate it, why don't I go to drink the remaining wine in Hydra's wine store?

Casina thought and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

What a piece of luck! Ouroboros can't leave now, so it's the best time for me to collect all the remaining wine!

"Casina... Don't go!" Now Ouroboros finally knew what it meant to “lift a brick and smash your own foot”.

She was just drunk and wanted to tease Casina's cute disciple, why did she become the person who was bullied?

I must strongly condemn and resolutely oppose this kind of bullying behavior!

I'm the great Ouroboros, the fantastic creature who can observe the river of time!

How can such a great woman be bullied by a masked man?

Yes, it's the world's fault! Not mine!

Yun Xi felt dizzy, which seemed not only because he had drunk too much wine from Ouroboros' mouth.

Hot! It's so hot! After the Battle God's Seed flew into his body, he found that the flow rate of his blood didn't slow down but began to accelerate.

If Casina was here, she would naturally tell her cute disciple that this was a normal phenomenon.

He felt that his body was dry and hot, which was actually the signal that the Battle God's Seed began to exert its power to promote the circulation of his blood.

The process of adapting to the power of the Battle God's Seed was also the process of practicing the "Battle God Genre". As the trump card that could be used to save his life, the greatest effect of the Battle God's Seed was to accelerate the flow rate of his blood.

Those who have acquired the Battle God's Seed would inevitably embark on the road of endless battles to release and absorb the power in the Battle God's Seed.

Well, Casina had just forgotten that there were some differences between men's and women's bodies.

To women, increasing the flow rate of their blood could increase their battle power at the same time.

However, to men, the Battle God's Seed had some side effects.

For example, some indescribable problem that now plagued Yun Xi.

As the kiss continued, this problem was getting worse and worse, and finally reached that irremediable point.

"Shuffle!" Ouroboros suddenly trembled all over, because her whole body was just embraced by Yun Xi, then they rolled on the ground and Yun Xi rode on her body.

"Ga... Ha..." Yun Xi gasped heavily with a painful look and then stared at Ouroboros, whose body felt weak and could barely move a finger at this time.

"Casina... Come and save me!"

"I will be bullied again!" Ouroboros was going to cry.

As a fantastic creature whose body was as large as a star, why do I have no resistance at all in the face of this situation?

Well, I must’ve drank too much. Yes, I must be hallucinating!

Why did Casina's cute disciple begin to take off his clothes?

Hum? Wait! What's that?

What's that big, tough, fierce thing that's standing up almost at his belly button?

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!

Why does Casina's disciple have such a big thing?!

Ouroboros' eyes and mouth opened wide. Even her vertical snake pupils turned into silly circles.

Yun Xi rudely approached her and pushed her down, and that heroic, high-spirited, indescribable part of his body was completely stuck between Ouroboros' beautiful, slender legs.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah!" Ouroboros screamed and finally realized what a bad situation she was going to endure.

If she knew that Casina's cute, obedient disciple would suddenly become so violent, she would have never teased him!

Yun Xi didn't think too much, because the Battle God's Seed was constantly providing him an endless stream of energy.

Ironically, the original source of the energy was from Ouroboros' blood.

To Ouroboros, it was just a negligible part of the blood in her true body.

But being absorbed by the Battle God's Seed, it could offer Yun Xi endless vitality.

"Help... Casina!"

"This is my first time!"

"That... That big thing... it can't get in!"

In Hydra's wine store, the pitiful and heart-beating sound echoed.

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