Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 569

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Chapter 569: The Sword of Victory (2)

Three Blasphemous Words. The first and the second of the three Blasphemous Words were still intelligible, but the third Blasphemous Word was more complicated.

"Victory" was a compound word, which could achieve multiple miracles and needed more support from Hua Huo's Sky Flying Bloodline.

To use it, Hua Huo had to pay a higher price and be closer to the taboos that she didn't want to touch for the time being.

However, for the sake of Yun Xi, all this is worthwhile!

No matter who her opponent was, she wouldn't allow her Little Xi to be taken away from her side.

After all, as his childhood sweetheart, she should guard her lover!

"No!" Before Hua Huo brandished her sword, Ouroboros had had a hunch.

Bad, this is very bad! Although she didn't know what was happening, when Hua Huo announced the three Blasphemous Words, Ouroboros had a strong presentiment that she would soon be faced with imminent disaster.

This is not a delusion!

Ten blood-colored sword-shaped lights were falling from the sky!

In order to achieve the final victory, Hua Huo blatantly broke through her own critical point!

This reality is not a game.

Attacks aren't just to reduce the opponent's HP.

Even if Ouroboros had 99,999,999 HP and super high-speed self-healing ability, Hua Huo would cut a piece of flesh off her.

And the location of this piece of flesh had been targeted out by the third Blasphemous Word "victory"!

The first to the ninth sword-shaped lights were all used to break down the barrier created by Ouroboros' enormous body. They didn't seek the greatest lethality, but concentrate on one point and one angle.

The blood-colored sword-shaped lights pierced through Ouroboros' body like an operating knife.

"Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah!" Ouroboros was really scared. She instinctively took Yun Xi in her arms and rolled in a certain direction and escaped into the sea of blood.

Unfortunately, for Hua Huo who had used the Blasphemous Word "Victory", even if she closed her eyes, she could easily find Ouroboros' position.

The goddess of victory had begun to smile at her!

Childhood sweetheart is indeed the final winner!

With a flash of light, Hua Huo shot out the blood sword from her hands with all her might.

The blood-colored sword pierced through Ouroboros' tail and through her heart, nailing her whole body to the ground.

Stepping on one transparent halo after another in the air, Hua Huo walked up to Ouroboros.

"Casina, I'm going to be killed if you don't appear!" Ouroboros raised her hands and tail to surrender with an utterly frustrated look.

Almost being killed by a hero ranked little girl... Ouroboros had really lost face.

Fortunately, her ability of "The Way to Survive" successfully sent her voice to Casina.

"Well... Ouroboros... oh, and my cute disciple... " Casina finally walked out from the wine store and drunkenly looked at the three people in front of her with a look of "What the hell is going on here?" on her face.

"Give me back my little Xi!" Hua Huo frowned and looked at the drunken Battle God.

Casina wasn't a person that Ouroboros could be compared with. She was a living invincible myth in the endless god's domains.

Even though Hua Huo had the Sky Flying Bloodline, she would have to pay tribute to the Battle God.

If she was facing Casina, her Blasphemous Word "Victory" wouldn't be able to cause any damage to Casina.

Although both Casina and Ouroboros were at the legend rank... there was actually a difference between different legend ranked beings!

Even ten Ouroboros were no match for one Casina.

"Ooo... This little girl... she is bullying me!" Ouroboros complained to Casina.

"Ah!" At this time, Yun Xi finally recovered from the strong desire caused by the Battle God's Seed. Looking at an angry Hua Huo, his mind had gone blank.

He wasn't slow in reacting. In fact, for Hua Huo rushed to them from the sky and Ouroboros started to run away, everything happened within just a few seconds.

When Ouroboros rolled over on the ground, his overheated brain thought that it was just an Ouroboros' special habit and didn't notice the sword-shaped lights that were shooting at them from the sky.

Until Ouroboros' heart was penetrated through by Hua Huo's sword and her snake tail slumped, he finally saw his childhood sweetheart.

!!! When did she get here? What did she see?!

Oh No!!! I'm screwed!!!

Hua Huo must have gone mad!

No one can stop her now!

Yun Xi's mind was in a muddle.

"Ouroboros... Don't get involved in these little guys' things. Didn't you play fun just now?" Casina shrugged her shoulders and sent Yun Xi into Hua Huo's arms.

"My disciple... Please take care of him."

"As for Ouroboros... can you forgive her? She just made fun of my cute disciple... she intended no harm."

Make fun of him?

Hua Huo didn't believe even a word.

Would any person bite another person's shoulder just for making fun of him?

Moreover, after she found them, the snake was trying to run away with Little Xi.

If I failed to stop her, she and Little Xi would have arrived at a remote god's domain where I can't find him and enjoy our happy life together!

Even if the entire world could forgive her, I wouldn't forgive her!

Unfortunately, now she really had no way to take action. Even after using three Blasphemous Words, she had just barely stopped Ouroboros. She had no way to kill her.

"If I find you getting close to my Little Xi again, next time, I will kill you!" Looking sadly at the teeth mark on Yun Xi's shoulder, Hua Huo made up her mind that she would never forgive Ouroboros!

As for her Little Xi... he was forced! So she didn't blame him from the beginning.

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