Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 549

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Chapter 549: The Agreement with Golden Crow Princess (3)

"Why?" Golden Crow Princess looked extremely disappointed.

"The power of the sun... It's too early for me." Yun Xi made an excuse, and it was indeed the truth.

For him, who was just a common baker not long ago, it was too hard to believe that he would suddenly be in charge of the power of the sun.

Although Golden Crow Princess promised that he could obtain the power of the sun just by taking her fire, Yun Xi instinctively felt that things would not be so simple.

He hadn't even crossed the threshold between the mortal rank and the hero rank, how could he reach the sky in a single bound, possessing the power of the god?

Even with the help of the will of the stars, after experiencing several life-or-death trials, he just touched the door of the hero rank.

In what way could a human being directly turn into a fantastic creature? Would that be really as easy as what Golden Crow Princess said?

"It's very simple, as long as you accept the fire of the sun and sleep with me in the egg for thousands of years, we can be born together in the Kunlun God's Domain, and then you will become a new sun crow." With a relaxed expression on her face, Golden Crow Princess said something that made Yun Xi feel both funny and annoyed.

Ah, that's the time concept of a fantastic creature. A sleep could take them thousands of years.

Indeed, Yun Xi didn't doubt Golden Crow Princess' words.

However, to him, this way of transforming his life form was still too difficult to accept.

Moreover, if he slept thousands of years in the same egg with Golden Crow Princess, what could he do if his four terrible ex-girlfriends found him during this period? There would be no way for him to run away by that time.

Therefore, even if it could really let him reach the legend rank easily, Yun Xi wouldn't accept it.

Moreover, as a human, thousands of years were too long for Yun Xi.

"So... sorry, I can't accept your offer."

"I can only reach the legend rank by myself."

Well, it wasn't because he was scared of his four terrible ex-girlfriends!

It really was not!

Yun Xi showed a very sad look on his face and refused Golden Crow Princess once again.

"Why? If you want to become stronger, it's better to transform into a sun crow!" Golden Crow Princess didn't understand what fate Yun Xi was carrying, so she could not understand Yun Xi's inexplicable choice at all.

"I'll try my best to entreat my mother to share half of my blood with you."

"You just need to close your eyes and fall asleep. As long as you open your eyes, you will become as beautiful as me."

"Then, we will fly and dance above the thirty-three heavens together, we will be the most shining couple."

Ah, I can imagine this future. Yun Xi raised his head as if he had seen the fantastic scene.

If it wasn't because of his four terrible ex-girlfriends, it may become true.

He had to refuse her with a lie.

Although it was a shame to lie to such a child.

However, he still had to lie.

Even a decent gentleman sometimes needed to consider his speech according to the situation.

"Sorry, you are still young, maybe you can't understand it."

"A real strong man can't take the road of getting power without any exertions."

"The power of the sun is not my first choice."

(Actually, he really had a feeling that the power of the sun was perfect for him.)

"I have my own future." (If there weren't those four ex-girlfriends, maybe I would really go with you.)

"Mei, don't you like the sun?" Golden Crow Princess looked like she was going to cry out.

From birth till now, she had never known what "rejection" was.

Even if she was going to crash the sky, her omnipotent mother would just laugh, and then use the Kunlun Mirror to repair the sky.

"No, I like the sun, I like the little sun like you."

"However, I'm just a human. I haven't practiced the power belonging to the sun, because human beings can not directly use the power of the sun..."

"The sun is too powerful for us." Yun Xi touched Golden Crow Princess' smooth cheek and dripped blood in his heart.

What a pure, kind, innocent child!

She is even willing to share half of her life with me!

Yes, Mei really likes me!

Golden Crow Princess didn't listen to a word Yun Xi said after this sentence:

"I like the sun, I like the little sun like you!"

Anyone in the Kunlun God's Domain didn't dare to call her "little sun" except for West Queen.

Children always dislike people to call them "child".

However, it wouldn't be a problem if it was Yun Xi. Any praise from Yun Xi could make Golden Crow Princess feel happy from the bottom of her heart.

Why? Just listening to his voice is making me so happy, if I can grow up in the egg with him, it would be ten times, a hundred times the happiness.

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