Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 548

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Chapter 548: The Agreement with Golden Crow Princess (2)

"Mei... do you want power?" Golden Crow Princess tried to use her clumsy methods to capture Yun Xi's heart.

A golden red flame appeared in her palm. It was a kind of pure power of the sun, a part of her life.

As long as Yun Xi accepted this wisp of fire, she would share her life with him, and Yun Xi's body would evolve uncontrollably towards the form of a Sunwalker, and eventually become the same sun as her.

In this process, Yun Xi would gradually lose his human posture, but in return, he would obtain eternal life and glory. It wasn't a tough choice for anyone, because no one would refuse the glory of the sun.

The power of the gods was within the reach of Yun Xi at this moment.

As long as he nodded, as long as he reached out his hand, Golden Crow Princess would turn him into a Sunwalker and even share her position as a God with him.

As for the impact of two suns appearing in the sky... Golden Crow Princess didn't mind it at all. She wasn't a kind fantastic creature who cared about what others thought.

"The power of the sun... thanks, but I'm not qualified to use it now..." Yun Xi shook his head.

He knew that kind of power was extremely strong, but now he couldn't use it, nor should he use it.

Holding a sealed SN-Drive was his limit for now. If he couldn't control the power of the sun, the same end in the battlefield of gods would happen to the whole of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Infinite light and heat would melt the ground, cover the world and lead to the end of all things.

To do all this, only the power of a furnace (SN-Drive) was needed, that was to say, if he released the power in the sealed furnace in his hand, he could destroy the world.

"It doesn't matter. Just accept this and you can go back to the Kunlun God's Domain with me. My mother will be happy to see you, too." Golden Crow Princess said with confidence.

"The Kunlun God's Domain..." Yun Xi looked at her with a mixed feeling.

The Kunlun God's Domain, the strongest god's domain in the Eastern God's Domains.

However, this was also an extremely closed god's domain, no one could even reach this god's domain through the star bridges. All the star bridges leading to the Kunlun god's domain had been cut off.

Legend had it that you could only enter Kunlun God's Domain by walking through a god weapon called "Kunlun Mirror", which was controlled by the West Queen.

For people living in the Eastern God's Domains, the Kunlun God's Domain was more like an ideal land in a fantasy than a real existing god's domain.

According to legend, the free energies in the air of the Kunlun God's Domain were thousands of times thicker than that in other normal worlds.

This was the homeland of countless fantastic creatures.

Phoenix, Yinglong, Kirin, Golden-winged ROC bird, Bifang, Baize... Every fantastic creature was a real legend ranked being.

Because of this, many people doubted the existence of the Kunlun God's Domain. After all, the vast majority of people, including more than 90% of hero ranked beings, had never touched any trace of the existence of the Kunlun God's Domain.

For Kunlun, Yun Xi's impression had always remained in the stories his parents told him before he went to bed.

If the Kunlun God's Domain was just a story existing in Yun Xi's mind, then now, the Golden Crow Princess stretched out her hand to him, proving that it wasn't just a story existing in people's mouths, but a real world, the homeland of Golden Crow Princess.

As long as he held her hand, he could gain her life power and go to the Kunlun God's Domain together with her.

Everything looked so natural.

Yun Xi would never doubt Golden Crow Princess’ sincerity. She would not deceive him. His intuition told him so.

However, his intuition also told him that he must not go to the Kunlun God's Domain now, otherwise, some unexpected incidents would occur.

"If I let my mom see you, she would be very happy." Golden Crow Princess was still immersed in her great plan.

Wasn't it because she wanted to see Mei, so if she went to this unknown sword domain?

Now that I see him, I can't let him go!

I must get what I like!

He was the pride of the princess of the Kunlun God's Domain.

"Mother... West Queen..." Yun Xi imagined the scene if West Queen saw him and Golden Crow Princess together.

"Baby, you're back."

"Mom, I'm back with my lover!"

"What?! Who is this bastard?!"

"Execute him! Skin him and hang him on the top of the Kunlun mountain for seven days and seven nights!"

Yun Xi shivered. Although it was just a less reliable inference, he believed that nothing good would happen if West Queen saw her little daughter bringing back an unknown man.

"Sorry... I can't go there now..." After a chill, Yun Xi decided to give up this option, even though it could let him boost his strength at the fastest speed.

He couldn't go to the Kunlun God's Domain now! It was no different from suicide!

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