Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 550

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Chapter 550: Abduction

It doesn't matter, even though he had refused me three times.

From the beginning, Golden Crow Princess hadn't considered the option of going back alone.

Are you kidding me?! It's not easy to meet the person I like. It must be so-called fate! No matter how many fantastic creatures there are in the Kunlun God's Domain, there can be no one more suitable for me than Mei!

From the moment Mei summoned her on the Starry Sky Chessboard, she had realized that this person was special to her.

Nobody but him would do.

I will accept no one except him.

Even if she had to force him, she would take him back to the Kunlun God's Domain!

"Mei... It may hurt, but it doesn't matter."

"It will be just a moment."

Golden Crow Princess' eyes became dangerous, and behind her back, the pair of little golden-red wings slowly emitted dangerous golden-red particles.

A small but delicate furnace, which was personally made by Yun Xi emerged on her shoulder, giving Yun Xi a sense of great misfortune.

What are you going to do to me with that furnace (SN-Drive)?!

Its power could even kill a god!

No, it's too dangerous! It's not a child's toy!

"Mei... I... even though you said so, I still want to go back into the egg together with you."

"I'm sure you'll like being the sun." Golden Crow Princess stood on her toes and held Yun Xi's body with great strength.

Even though this was only an incarnation, a god's strength wasn't something that Yun Xi could break away from at this time.

Wow, the princess is out of control!

"It's easy to invite the god, but difficult to send the god away..." Looking at them from a distance, White Lotus sighed.

Sometimes, there will be such a "bad" god, and this time, it should have been the time for the witch to come forward.

"Give up, it's beyond our capability." Red Lotus looked happily at Mei, who had been captured by Golden Crow Princess.

It couldn't be better to let the god take this black-haired maid away.

In just one day, her White Lotus had become more and more strange. She really didn't understand why White Lotus and even Golden Crow Princess were infatuated with the maid.

Now, Golden Crow Princess liked you so much that she would take you away.

Farewell, Mei. I'll lay flowers on your tombstone!

In the countless golden-red particles that were flying, Golden Crow Princess' eyes became extremely firm.

"Mei... elope with me!"

Hello, Hello! What kind of elopement is this? Obviously, you are going to capture me!

Yun Xi looked helplessly at Golden Crow Princess.

Who can stop this little sun? If the furnace exploded in her hands, all of the White Lotus Sword Domain will be done for!

"Let us... go home!" Golden Crow Princess opened her small wings, cheered heartily and shouted,

"Mei... Let's go to my egg together!"


A red pillar of light rose to the sky and easily tore up the protection system of the White Lotus Sword Palace. In a twinkling of an eye, it flew to a higher place than the Sky Tower, heading for the battlefield of gods, where Golden Crow Princess' real body was.

It's much too high! This was the first time for Yun Xi to come to this altitude. Although he had entered the battlefield of gods, he was teleported to that place, he couldn't see such a landscape during that event.

In the air at 100,000 meters, even the atmosphere became thinner. The vast mountains and oceans became as thin as the outline in the landscape painting.

Is this the world in the eyes of fantastic creatures?

Looking down from here, the White Lotus Sword Domain is really small!

Yun Xi even saw the Water God's Fantasy Island, where located in the center of the eye of the storm and surrounded by white mist.

After releasing the power of the furnace, Golden Crow Princess got rid of gravity, flying to the battlefield of gods created by Hura's god power.

In the burning battlefield of gods, a beautiful golden-red bird was happily spreading its wings, waiting for the return of its incarnation.

The next thing she would do was to activate the coordinates her mom, West Queen inscribed on her body, so that she could bring Yun Xi back to the Kunlun God's Domain.

As Golden Crow Princess imagined that she could be with Mei every day for thousands of years, she couldn't help but sing.

While Golden Crow Princess was confident that everything would be going on as she wished, an ice-blue sword cut open the dividing line between the sky and the earth and hit her forehead.

"Ah!" Golden Crow Princess was stunned. It seemed that it took only a second, but was also as long as a thousand years. When she regained consciousness, Yun Xi had disappeared from her arms without any trace or sign.

"Who is it?"

"Who stole my Mei?!" Golden Crow Princess' incarnation and true body instantly merged into one, making an angry roar in the sky.

The order in the battlefield of gods was totally messed up!

The fire of the sun burst out from the furnace (SN-Drive), which was more unbridled than it had just been in the battle with Hura. This time, its power was really going to be used to destroy the world.

"He... you can't take him away..."

The guardian of the Sky Tower, Lilibet looked at the angry Golden Crow Princess indifferently. In her arms, sweat streamed down Yun Xi's face.

"Who are you? Do you want to grab Mei with me?" Golden Crow Princess stared at Lilibet in a murderous manner.

"Go back... Calm down..."

"No one can violate the rules..."

Golden Crow Princess' battle with Hura before was allowed by the rule of the sacrificial ceremony, so Lilibet wouldn't put her hands in it.

However, it was another thing that Golden Crow Princess wanted to take away the Master of Star Go by coercive means.

Lilibet, the guardian of order, would not allow this to happen!

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