Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 543

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Chapter 543: My Sword

This iron sword was just a common sword forged by a common blacksmith, it was not qualified to possess a Sword Soul. Even its material was so poor that it had only one advantage: durability.

Only newbie civilian swordsmen would use such a weapon, while the children of noble families would never use such poor weapons.

However, such a poor weapon had accompanied Xiao Cao through night after night, season after season, and finally came to the world-renowned Battle God's Championship Contest, the weapons of the opponents Xiao Cao had defeated were countless times more valuable than it.

As a common iron sword for newbies, the mission of this sword had long been accomplished and far surpassed.

The world Xia Cao was going to enter was destined to be out of reach for this sword.

Today was the last day Xiao Cao used it.

Yun Xi noticed this, and Xiao Cao noticed it too.

"Boom!" With a blow from his fist, Red Stone beat Xiao Cao back and then shook his head.

"Change your sword. It limits your strength."

Xiao Cao gazed at the disintegrated iron sword despite it having been strengthened by her hero ranked power.

It can't fight anymore.

Not only the appearance of the sword, but also the basic particles that make up the sword was dissolving and disappearing under Red Stone's violent attack before.

Compared to Red Stone's spirit weapons, his steel gloves, it was a miracle that this common iron sword could hold up until now.

Even though Xiao Cao had used the sword to cut through the thick steel gloves many times, but those scratches have already begun to self-repair at a fast speed. This was the special ability of the pair of spirit weapons.

"I have a sword here, a good sword!"

"Wait, I have a big sword here!"

"Master, use my sword!"

Under the stage of the Battle God's Championship Contest, many businessmen shouted, and some of them even directly took out their swords.

Of course, none of the swords were god weapons. But apart from that, there were all top-level spirit weapons.

"..." Xiao Cao looked silently at the broken sword in her hand. No, it was overpraised to call it "broken sword" now, it was actually just a combination of fragments.

Without Xiao Cao's hero ranked power, the sword would have turned into ashes and disappeared.

The sword belonging to Xiao Cao was actually dead.

"Sorry..." Xiao Cao looked at it sadly, but soon her eyes became more resolute.

"Please... I need you to keep fighting with me..."

"There are still a lot of opponents..."

Yun Xi felt that from Xiao Cao's body, some unspeakable firm will was spreading.

Like countless trampled little grasses, even if everyone had given up, Xiao Cao (grass) would never give up.

Why do I need to change my sword?

Is it because the sword is not hard enough?

Then, the problem would be very simple.

Let her make it hard enough!

Just like how she grew up from a 1st ranked female swordsman to a hero ranked female swordsman!

This time, it was her turn to help the sword that had been growing with her!

"Can it be... She wants to..." Yun Xi guessed what Xiao Cao would do.

It would be an unimaginable choice to any ordinary people.

She had numerous choices. After stepping into the hero rank, countless forces would be willing to provide her the best weapons and the best equipment.

However, Xiao Cao didn't want any of them.

The only sword she chose was this sword.

The other swords, no matter how gorgeous, sharp or extraordinary they are, they are not her swords.

"I have only one sword..."

It was a decision and a declaration. The girl whose life was like grass chose an ordinary iron sword.

This was her sword.

"From now on, your name is - Gladiolus!"

Gladiolus was a common plant with sharp blades. It was the same as the desert cactus, even in an extremely harsh environment, it could strive to grow up.

For Xiao Cao, there was no weapon more suitable for herself than such a sword.

Don't cry. I'll fix you.

The once broken, melted, and even disintegrated iron fragments began to gather toward Xiao Cao's position.

"This is..." Red Stone stared at the magical scene, and all his muscles trembled.

"She... she is casting her own god weapon..."

"She is giving her weapon life... using her fantasy..."

"This... this should be the realm of gods!"

White Lotus murmured to herself, looking at the countless particles flying into Xiao Cao's palms.

Most god weapons created by humans needed to obtain "history" and "connotation" before they could really appear in the world.

Only very few people could make a god weapon without the wash of time, and all of them were beloved by the rules of the world.

Undoubtedly, Xiao Cao was one of those who were beloved by the world.

With such favor from the world, she could easily obtain numerous spirit weapons whose weapon souls wanted to become a god weapon.

However, Xiao Cao chose none of them but the common iron sword, and she would keep using this common iron sword henceforth.

Xiao Cao and Gladiolus were a perfect pair that could grow up and become strong together.

"Gladiolus... Hello..." After the recasting, the sword Gladiolus looked exactly the same as before, but its internal essence had changed dramatically.

It was no longer a common iron sword, but a god weapon that had had its real name!

In front of its master, the sword Gladiolus gave out a pleasant and crisp sound in return for its master's voice.

A layer of brilliant light flowed on the sword body of Gladiolus, reflecting Xiao Cao's calm and determined eyes.

"Let's fight!" Feeling the strong aura from Xiao Cao's sword, Red Stone's eyes turned red.

Don't get him wrong, he didn't feel angry, but it was a show of extreme excitement!

The strongest opponent was precisely the goal pursued by all disciples of the Red Steel Genre.

Because the sword didn't contain any special "history" and "connotation", apart from hardness, Gladiolus didn't have any special ability.

But for Xiao Cao, that was enough!

With her sword, she could fight. She would fight and she would win!

"Magnetic force!" Red Stone displayed the secret skill of his steel gloves. Although the steel gloves were a pair of god weapons, they had a special, mysterious power that even the real god weapons didn't possess: magnetic force!

His steel gloves could store strong magnetic field force. Usually, as a pair of restraints, the magnetic force could make the steel gloves to become ten times heavier for Red Stone to practice his body, and when fighting, he could release the magnetic force to absorb his opponent's weapons.

Xiao Cao's sword, Gladiolus and her body were directly absorbed by this magnetic force together.

"Pa!" From three meters away, Red Stone raised his arms high and threw Xiao Cao and her sword into the sky by controlling the magnetic force. At the same time, with a sudden step on his feet, he left a big pit on the hard stage made of obsidian, and his body rushed into the sky.

"Burst!" The tremendous magnetic force burst out in one breath, together with Red Stone's amazing weight and strong strength, bearing down on Xiao Cao's body like a mountain.

Push people down with force!

This was the core of the practice of the Red Steel Genre.

All the secret skills and equipment of the Red Steel Genre were prepared for this purpose.

Gravity and magnetism were the best ways for the masters of the Red Steel Genre to suppress their opponents' speed and turn the battlefield into their own home court.

For the first time meeting such an attack, Xiao Cao had no experience in dealing with this and was at a disadvantage.

"Boom!" Her body smashed into the obsidian ground. The gravitational field released by Red Stone transmitted into the ground, then exploded suddenly.

Like the process of an earthquake, the ground vibrated continuously. Even though the ground was made of obsidian, it couldn't withstand the force of the continuous oscillation, and eventually broke off like a broken string.

The earth began to shake and tremble, and numerous dense cracks appeared on the black ground.

Suddenly there was a huge muffled sound echoed between the sky and the earth. All the watchers under the stage had the delusion that the sky was falling and would hit the earth at any moment.

The whole venue of the Battle God's Championship Contest seemed to be hit hard by an invisible giant hammer. Countless people were bounced up and then fell ashen.

As for the obsidian stage, facing this attack, it was completely blown up.

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