Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 541

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Chapter 541 & 542: Sword Breaking

Yun Xi saw it through Xiao Cao's seed. It was a brand new world.

It was the world in Xiao Cao's eyes, clear and distinct, but slightly different from the normal world.

The most obvious thing was that through Xiao Cao's eyes, he clearly saw the circulation route of blood in the body of the master of the Red Steel Genre, and the dozens of flaws on his seemingly indestructible skin.

These flaws were right under those restraints, as well as in the huge steel gloves on both hands. It seemed that he knew his weaknesses well, so he firmly protected these weaknesses with restraints and steel gloves.

However, weaknesses are weaknesses. The real Rigid Body doesn't have these weaknesses.

So many weaknesses and flaws meant that the seemingly invincible master's physique was still far inferior to the real Rigid Body.

Seeing through her opponent's weaknesses was one of the abilities Xiao Cao acquired after she advanced into the realm of the hero rank, which was as natural as breathing for her now.

It wasn't difficult to imagine that people with this talent and ability would obtain great advantage in battles.

Now what Xiao Cao was still short of was only one god weapon that was suitable for her.

"Good... Very good..."

"I'm... glad to... meet you, meet such an opponent..." Red Stone raised his fists and hit them together violently. Two huge steel gloves bumped and made a deafening metal roar.

This was the signal that Red Stone was really into a full-blown combat state at this moment.

When using the three secrets skills, "Lava Breathing", "Lava Skin" and "Blood of Red Steel" together, they would cause a great burden on the body, even though Red Stone had a part of the bloodline of the giants, he wasn't an exception.

Apart from the person who had Rigid Body, there was a time limit for any person who was using the three secret skills together.

The time that Red Stone could use the three secret skills was five minutes. Five minutes seemed to be short, but most disciples of the Red Steel Genre couldn't reach this time in their lifetime.

Most disciples of the Red Steel Genre could only use the three secret skills together for three minutes, but even so, there weren't many strong hero ranked beings who could withstand their fierce attacks for three minutes.

When facing the full attack of the disciples of the Red Steel Genre, most people would try their best to run away with the three minutes and launch a counter-attack after that.

"Whizzing!" Huge white smoke soared up from Red Stone's hair. In the next moment, he jumped up at a speed that was absolutely inconsistent with his huge body. His hands were clasped together, and the whole person was like a giant hammer falling from the sky, smashing fiercely at Xiao Cao.

What should I do if I'm facing his attack? Yun Xi tried to imagine himself confronted with such a fierce blow, and found that he had no means to confront the attack directly.

Driving the Crane Wings Twin Swords to the fastest speed to dodge this attack,

this was the only way Yun Xi could think of to avoid this blow.

His swordsman career hadn't yet entered the hero rank, so he didn't have the power to fight against such a frantic strength now.

Xiao Cao's choice was to bend her body, just like grass blown down by a strong wind. She steadfastly drew out her sword.

The long sword, which had already been scarred, broke off from the center with a crisp noise under Red Stone's attack.

Too bad! Yun Xi knew that Xiao Cao was a pure swordsman. If she lost her sword, her fighting power would be greatly reduced. Moreover, Xiao Cao's sword was special to her.

She didn't throw it away although it had been broken in the last battle with Hua Yue. Now, it was totally broken. This result wasn't too surprising, after all, it was just a common iron sword that had no quality to withstand the power of the hero rank.

Xiao Cao watched her sword breaking under the blow with a sad look, but she still held it tightly in her hand.

Although the sword in her hand was broken, the sword in her heart was not broken yet!

Instantly, the remaining half broken sword in her hand glowed with brand a new brilliance, chopping on Red Stone's steel gloves.

"Hiss!" Sparks splashed on the gloves made of super metal, which was obviously not what a common iron sword could cause.

"Sword Aura..." Red Lotus looked at the sword in Xiao Cao's hands in surprise.

"Her will strengthened the essence of the sword and the strength of the blade." White Lotus saw more clearly than Red Lotus and made a more accurate judgment.

Yun Xi went a step further and felt the indomitable breath emanating from the blade of the sword.

Even though this sword was just a common iron sword that only a novice would use.

However, after it accompanied Xiao Cao growing up, leaving the village, attending the entrance examinations of the Sword Palace, until now, it and she finally stepped on the battlefield belonging to the hero rank.

It had been broken once in Xiao Cao's battle with Hua Yue.

After that, Xiao Cao asked the blacksmith to reforge it, and used this ordinary iron sword to fight against one opponent after another.

This time, it finally suffered a fatal blow. Even if Xiao Cao asked the blacksmith to reforge it again, it would be meaningless. The sword had reached the end of its own limit.

Yun Xi could even feel that the broken sword was emitting a sense of sadness. Part of the most precious memories in Xiao Cao's heart was disappearing.

It could no longer move forward with Xiao Cao anymore.

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