Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 540

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Chapter 540: Hero Ranked Xiao Cao

At this moment, Red Stone looked like a volcano about to erupt. Compared with just before now, he looked like a completely different person.

However, Xiao Cao's change was bigger and more obvious than him.

Now, perhaps no one could recognize that the current Xiao Cao was the same ordinary girl when she just joined the Starwing Knights.

Her freckled face had become flawless, her slender and healthy body had become higher, and her hands and feet had become more slender and powerful.

Even her skin presented an exceptionally beautiful healthy color.

On her forehead, a strange diamond-shaped mark naturally appeared, giving her a sense of mystery.

After entering the hero rank, Xiao Cao's innocence of childhood finally disappeared. Now the girl standing on the stage of the Battle God's Championship Contest was a brand new Xiao Cao, the incarnation of heroic.

The only thing still unchanged was probably only the size of her chest. Her breasts were still so small and exquisite, even Yun Xi could recall the time when he was on the tropical island, looking at Xiao Cao riding a killer whale to break the waves on the sea.

In the past, as a civilian girl from a common family, Xiao Cao could already compete with Hua Yue's White Golden Rose Bloodline.

At this moment, Xiao Cao was one step ahead of Hua Yue, entering the hero rank earlier than Hua Yue.

From a mortal to a hero, the gap could make numerous many people feel despaired. This was a step that all intelligent creatures wanted to take to enter the higher realm.

Only those who stepped out on this step were qualified to be the strongest in the endless god's domains.

God weapon, bloodline, secret skill, all the foundations came from this step.

If you were not a hero, you were not even qualified to peep at the gate of that extraordinary world.

Throughout the ages, only heroes could be remembered and praised, so people called it "the hero rank".

At this moment, another hero was born on the stage of the Battle God's Championship Contest.

Through the special connection between himself and Xiao Cao, Yun Xi immediately understood what road Xiao Cao had stepped on.

Xiao Cao's Seed:

Mortal's Sword (perfect): The person who held this sword had practiced the mortal sword skill to the limit, due to that, the person would be able to learn any high-level sword skills two times faster than ordinary people.

Mind's Eye (perfect): A kind of insight learning from practice and exercise. It could help the owner analyze the environment and catch the tiniest opportunity to reverse a bad situation.

Combat Intuition (awakened): This ability could help the owner analyze the battle trend and respond to it in advance. At any time, the owner of this ability could use 100% strength.

Persevering Heart: The grass-like girl has a persevering heart. It can help her open the door to a higher rank.

The Great Road (totally opened): In the long river of fate, some people were blessed by the Goddess of Fortune. Even if they are still mortals, they were fated to create legends.

Favored Soul: The girl was blessed by the gods. More than one god was looking at her.

All the "incomplete" states before had all become "perfect" now, the Great Road had totally opened and she obtained a new title: "Favored Soul".

The once ordinary girl finally opened her door to the extraordinary world and embarked on her road of cultivation.

Being blessed by fate, Xiao Cao had begun to create her legend, and Yun Xi and the people around the stage of the Battle God's Championship Contest were witnessing this legend.

Looking at Xiao Cao at this moment, Yun Xi had a feeling that he harvested the most from Xiao Cao's seed amongst all the members of the Starwing Knights.

If the feedback to Yun Xi from Xiao Cao's seed before was one, then now, her seed could feedback him 100 times more experience than usual.

This meant that Xiao Cao's combat power may have increased more than 100 times after she had reached the hero rank.

This was the gap between the mortal rank and the hero rank. The gap was so desperate, a hero ranked being could almost ignore the army of mortals and destroy a kingdom alone.

If Xiao Cao obtained a god weapon, her combat power could be stronger and more terrible.

Regardless of Hua Huo, Xiao Cao's talent was probably the highest amongst all the girls Yun Xi had ever met.

Only by experiencing her power personally, one could really understand how terrible Xiao Cao's talent was.

At this moment, Red Stone, the master of the Red Steel Genre was probably the only person who could understand Yun Xi's feeling here.

"Puff! Ha! " With hot gasps and violent heartbeats, Red Stone opened his mouth and spat out a sulfur-colored breath.

At the moment, he looked like a devil in hell, because his skin was as red as bleeding and there were flaming lines constantly appearing around his body.

Even though he had used all the three secret skills of the Red Steel Genre, "Lava Breathing", "Lava Skin" and "Blood of Red Steel", he couldn't stop the shock from his heart.

The world was so big that nothing was too strange to happen. He had always listened to the ancestors of his clan describe the geniuses they had seen and boast that they had fought against these extraordinary geniuses.

Unexpectedly, today he also met a genius who couldn't be described by common sense.

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