Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 539

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Chapter 539: Red Steel

"Her prediction... is very accurate." Looking at Robin's back in the distance, White Lotus praised.

"The augurs of 'mysterious prediction'... sometimes they can really surprise me." Except for her behavior of shaking Yun Xi's hands for too long.

"Yes, I will be very popular in the future..." Yun Xi didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this moment.

He has four terrible ex-girlfriends, if he was too popular in the future, how bad would his life become?

When he left the small town, he was prepared to go to some remote God's Domains where his ex-girlfriend's Apostles couldn't find him.

Unfortunately, being found and stopped by his invincible childhood sweetheart, his escape plan was over before it started.

"Well, it's very accurate. Mei, you are already very popular now." White Lotus squinted her eyes. The girls of the Starwing Knights and his childhood sweethearts... well, there were a lot of rivals.

Nevertheless, all of them would eventually become losers.

White Lotus had seen the future.

"I really don't know what this mysterious prediction is for, is this really a prediction of the future?" Red Lotus didn't believe the mysterious augur's prediction at all.

She only believed her sister's predictions!

If the calculations were wrong, it was absolutely not White Lotus' fault, but because there wasn't sufficient information.

In a word, White Lotus wouldn't be wrong, if she was wrong, it must be the world's fault!

"Hum... no matter how many enemies there are, I'll burn them all..." Golden Crow Princess was a little jealous and made a terrifying speech. If one looked carefully, one could see flames burning in the deep side of her golden ruby like pupils.

"Well... It was just a love divination, it was just a divination..." Yun Xi was sweating.

As he racked his brains trying to change the topic, a familiar aura rose into the sky and even formed a red pillar of light.

"This is... someone is leveling up?" White Lotus and Red Lotus raised their heads together, looking at the red pillar of light rising into the sky.

"It's not a common person!" Red Lotus clearly felt the power contained in this pillar of light.

It was powerful and even gave her an enigmatic feeling.

"In that direction, it's... The Battle God's Championship Contest!" White Lotus pinched her finger and calculated.

"Today is indeed the day of the qualifying competition of the Battle God's Championship Contest."

"Roar!" Next to the pillar of light, another powerful, steel-like aura burst out.

"Looks like the qualifying competition is interesting."

"Why don't you go and have a look?" White Lotus showed a mysterious smile towards Yun Xi.

"Maybe you can meet some people you know there."

Yun Xi nodded. He didn't know many people. Who would take part in the qualifying competition of the Battle God's Championship Contest?"

Hua Huo?

He hadn't seen her lately. Did she go to take part in the qualifying competition of the Battle God's Championship Contest?"

As the largest Martial Arts Championship Contest in the endless god's domains, the battles on the championship contest were far more fierce than ordinary people's imagination. There were thousands of battles every day in different god's domains.

The qualifying competition was a stage for the newcomers of the Battle God's Championship Contest. Many of the strongest players had come to the fore in this stage and become world-famous masters step by step.

From the mortal rank to the hero rank, any contestant could join in the qualifying contest. After winning enough matches, they could take part in the ranking competition.

Of course, legend ranked beings didn't need to participate in the qualifying competition, they could directly go to take part in the ranking competition, and they would absolutely not encounter any hero ranked opponents.

Whether it was the qualifying competition or the ranking competition, nothing was dependent on race or origin, but only on strength.

As the seven towers' witnessed, the two sides gambled on all they had. As long as there were the projections of the towers, there must be the entrance of the Battle God's Championship Contest.

Originally, White Lotus Sword Domain was not qualified to apply for the entrance of the Battle God's Championship Contest.

However, the invincible Battle God was from this sword domain, therefore, the Battle God's Championship Contest was naturally opening to this small sword domain.

However, the contestants from the White Lotus Sword Domain weren't too strong, most of them were only at the mortal rank, there were rarely the battles between hero ranked contestants.

Today, an exception appeared.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! " The tremendous sound was still echoing in the sky. More and more people had been attracted by the rising pillar of light and flocked to the Battle God's Championship Contest.

At this moment, in the Battle God's Championship Contest, two figures were confronting each other.

There was a great difference between the two people.

One side was a giant man who was nearly 2.5 meters tall and had strange reddish skin and lion-like hair.

The giant man had huge locks on his shoulders and neck, and his hands were wearing a pair of steel gloves up to half meters thick, which made him look like a giant beast armed with teeth.

The lines of his skin gave people an unnatural feeling of roughness, which looked like the dyed red skin of a fierce beast. His eyes were shining brilliantly, which accorded with all people's imagination of the word "strong".

"He is from the Northern God's Domain, the disciple of the 'Red Steel Genre'. He should have a part of the bloodline of some giant. As far as I know, the redder the skins of the members of the 'Red Steel Genre' are, and the heavier their restraints are, the stronger their strength will be." Red Lotus saw through the giant man's identity and bloodline at a glance.

It was not surprising to guess his identity, because the characteristics of the members of the "Red Steel Genre" were too obvious. They were all over two meters tall and wore heavy restraints. Unless they were facing the critical moment of life and death, they would never take off the restraints.

For them, fighting with restraints was as easy as breathing, and it was an extremely cruel method of austerity.

As for the red skin, it was said that it was because of their special secret skill. They needed to change the structure of the skin to dissipate heat.

The name of "Red Steel" came from their appearance and fighting style.

"The goal of their genre is to acquire the gift of God, Rigid Body."

"Rigid Body?" Yun Xi recalled the two god-like talents Teacher Casina told him: Rigid Body and Soft Body.

Yun Xi himself had Soft Body, just like his teacher Casina. He was very suitable for Casina's "Battle God Genre".

This was the first time he saw a hero ranked person who had Rigid Body.

"Isn't Rigid Body innate?" Yun Xi's Soft Body was from the blessing of Hydra, so he didn't understand how rare it was. In addition, he had also acquired the Diamond Body from Mu Mu's seed, so he had little knowledge of god like talents.

"How can that be possible? Even among real giants, Rigid Body is an extremely rare bloodline. This giant man has only a part of the bloodline of a giant, the probability of being born with Rigid Body is basically zero for him." Red Lotus shook her head and looked at Yun Xi with contempt.

"The ultimate goal of the Red Steel Genre is to condense Rigid Body from day to day. The reason for wearing those huge restraints and metal boxers is not for defense, but for oppressing their own bodies, pushing the potential of their flesh and blood to the limit."

"All the masters of this genre are regular visitors of the Battle God's Championship Contest. As long as you took part in the Battle God's Championship Contest, you would meet their members sooner or later."

"But, I didn't expect that his opponent would be..." Red Lotus and White Lotus looked at the figure whose height wasn't even taller than the giant man's waist.

"Yes, no wonder I haven't seen her these days. She came to the qualifying competition!" Yun Xi looked at the girl standing opposite the giant man with a broken sword in her hand.

She had calm eyes, slender body, black and white robe. Her appearance was slightly different today, but there was no doubt that she was the deputy leader of the Starwing Knights: Xiao Cao.

At this moment, her body was wrapped with a faint red light, which was exactly the same as the red pillar of light rising into the sky just now.

Undoubtedly, she was the person who just leveled up to the hero rank.

Over the past few days, Xiao Cao had not been defeated even once in the competitions at the mortal rank, finally, she met this Red Steel master who happened to pass here.

Even though the hero ranked giant man had suppressed his own rank to the mortal rank, however, just with the purest physical strength, the giant man called "Red Stone" had forced Xiao Cao to despair.

Then, it was the scene Yun Xi, Red Lotus and White Lotus saw just now.

After being pushed into despair, Xiao Cao broke through the boundaries between the mortal rank and the hero rank, releasing her amazing potential.

At this moment, although her sword had long been broken, her aura was strong enough to let Red Stone burst out his real strength.

"Hiss! Ga!"

"Hiss! Ga!"

Feeling the tremendous pressure, Red Stone twisted his neck, and the muscles all over his body trembled.

It's not fear, it's excitement!

Just like the motto of the Red Steel Genre, only those who cross the real horror of life and death are entitled to peep into the mystery of Rigid Body.

"Puff! Ha!" He was using the basic secret skill of the Red Steel Genre: "Lava Breathing".

"Lava Breathing", "Lava Skin" and "Blood of Red Steel" were the three core secrets in the practice of the Red Steel Genre, and they were closely related and inherited in one continuous line.

Only by practicing all three secrets to the limit, were they able to approach and open the door of "Rigid Body".

Red Stone had practiced "Lava Skin" and "Blood of Red steel" to the limit, but his practice of "Lava Breathing" was still in its infancy, this was the reason why he went to the Eastern God's Domain and took part in the Battle God's Championship Contest.

"Kah! Kah! Kah! " The extreme heat of his skin almost burned the huge locks that Red Stone wore, especially the huge steel gloves, they were even emitting bursts of white smoke from them.

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