Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 538

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Chapter 538: The Choice of the Future




It wasn't just her delusion. She clenched her fists and did nothing, she could feel that there was a heat flow bursting out in her body. It was like a tiny tender leaf stubbornly drilled out from the frozen ground. It was changing something.

"Something that shouldn't appear has come."

"There should be no hope."

"If you are deceived by this, there is no remedy."

"Girl, what you see is not a hope, but a trap!"

"Liar, liar, liar!"

"Go away, go away, go away, go away!"

The birds were so noisy today that they looked like little girls who had been robbed of their beloved toys.

"It's a miracle... the miracle appears..." Robin looked up and looked again at the black-haired maid.

The more she observed, the more remarkable the maid was.

Her long black hair looked as if it was with an incredible charm, any person would be addicted at a glance.

She had a perfect, quiet and gentle face, just standing there, she exuded a sense of elegance and mystery.

Even the unknown ornaments hanging on the two sides of her hair looked very attractive.

Hey, wait a minute!

Sun-like smile?

Perfect long hair?

Beautiful jewelry like ornaments?

This... Isn't she... Comparing the age of the black-haired maid with that of the golden-haired princess beside her, it seemed that Robin had found some truth.

Was it her that the robins predicted?

Why didn't I notice it at first?

Age of sixteen.

Perfect black hair.

Warm smile.

The black-haired maid was clearly closer to the robin's prediction than the golden-haired princess.

"The princess above all princesses...the Prince above all princes..." Looking at Yun Xi, Robin imagined him in a man's suit for a moment.

Compared with the golden-haired princess who looked only seven or eight years old, it was obvious that the black-haired maid was closer to the image of a prince if she wore a man's clothes.

So, from the very beginning, she had mistaken her goal.

The biggest suspect who killed the disciple of Heaven Road's Palace was her!

More or less, she could imagine the reason. That disciple of Heaven Road's Palace had a bad reputation actually. There were rumors that his relationship with his animal friend, the green hippo, was somewhat abnormal.

It was not surprising to know that a person whose mind had been distorted to make many mistakes.

"Well, is there anything else?" Being looked at by Robin with a complicated, confused and even suspicious look, Yun Xi felt himself like a criminal.

They just pulled each other's hands, but he could interpret a thousand different meanings from her eyes.

We meet for the first time today, right?

However, her adaptability to his seed seemed remarkable.

From Yun Xi's point of view, the seed of life that had just been planted seemed to have taken root and sprouted, trying to expand inside her body.

It seemed that the small seed was stubbornly resisting some unknown power, and because of this, the potential of this seed had been maximized, and the power transmitted to Yun Xi was unexpectedly strong.

Moreover, unlike all the members of the Starwing Knights, the power of the mysterious augur carried a tinge of cold, which was incompatible with the warm breath of the members of the Starwing Knights.

Yun Xi didn't realize that this was actually the power of curse from the nightmare world, the power that could kill anyone without a sign.

To Robin, she could find no way to resist the nightmare power, but to Yun Xi, it was of no use at all. His body was blessed by the stars, as the Starchild, it couldn't do any harm to him.

At this moment, the resuscitation of Robin's heartbeat was also due to this.

The curse that mankind absolutely couldn't bear was dispelled by the seed Yun Xi planted for her.

That was what the bloody birds were dissatisfied with.

Their hard-won toy, their vehicle used to travel in the real world was stolen!

"You... Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that the future is doomed?"

Robin gazed at Yun Xi's eyes and asked in an unquestionable voice.

The answer would determine the rest of her life.

"Fate... it can be changed..." Yun Xi never doubted this.

It was in order to change his fate, change the future that he would inevitably be torn to pieces by his four ex-girlfriends, so that he could constantly strive in the past and would continue to strive for it in the future.

Fate is something that can be changed. This was Yun Xi's persistence, and also the only thing left in his blank memory of his previous life.

"I... believe in fate... and believe in future... Looking at Yun Xi, Robin smiled and made a decision that would change her life.

If what she saw in that future really had a tiny possibility to come true.

She would be desperate to catch up and strive for this.

"Your future... it's extraordinary..."

"Prophecy... Maybe it doesn't work for you..."

"Even so... I still want to tell you... Please treat the girl who likes you well."

"Never, never be too rude."

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