Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 537

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Chapter 537: Recovered Heartbeat

It's strange, what's wrong with my body?

Since she returned from the nightmare world and merged with the robins, she had never felt so light.

After leaving the nightmare world with robins, she had cursed her fate countless times.

Why is it me?

Why did I survive, but had to face the fate that was worse than death?

How unjust this fate is!

Why did I have to choose Blood Stamen!

There was no other reason, it was simply because apart from Blood Stamen, there was no place for her in any corner of the world.

How many nights did she open her eyes and think everything was just a nightmare?

But she could never go back.

It was her destiny to accept the robin's power, to coexist with the robin, to walk in the endless god's domains with blood and killing.

The Robin was killed, instinctively chasing the breath of death, and as the robins' hist, she had witnessed endless death over and over again.

As she watched death, the aura of the abyss in her body gradually eroded her body and mind.

She was living, but unable to enjoy the beauty of life, she even began to regret that she had accepted the robins and returned from the nightmare world.

"Why is it now?" Feeling the strange beating of her heart, Robin was at a loss, like a lost child.

Her heartbeat, at the day she came back from the nightmare world, was only about half of the speed compared to other people.

This was price she must pay, if not with the robins, she would have died long ago.

However, as the weaker part of the partners, her body was not strong enough to resist the robins' power. Every time she witnesses death, her body was closer to the robins.

Initially, she was not aware of this, thinking that she could still be in the human world like normal people.

Soon, she found that her sense of existence was getting lower and lower. Many times she had completed the tasks, even the publishers of the tasks forgot what she looked like.

It was like a deepening nightmare, she found that the cost of reversing life and death was almost unbearable.

Ironically, everyone thought that this was because of her murderous secret skill, "the Unfortunate Prophecy of the Robin", and called her "a once in a thousand years genius".

The lower her heart rate and sense of existence were, the higher her ranking in the Ten Leaves Alliance was.

When her heartbeat reduced to one-third of common heart rate, she entered the top 100 list of the killers of the Ten Leaves Alliance.

When her heartbeat reduced to one-fifth of common heart rate, she entered the top 100 list of the killers of the Eastern God's Domain.

The last time, she killed a poet, and at that time, her heart rate reduced to one-tenth.

The poet was just a mortal, but his admirers even contained legend ranked females.

No one could find any trace of murder from his death, because he died in a duel with his rival.

Unfortunately, the blessing of fate left him this time, because Robin was looking at him, witnessing the duel.

After that, Robin's ranking immediately raised to top 10 on the list of killers.

Robin's power was increasing as she witnessed death.

The death of the poet brought Robin a stronger and more desperate power.

Robin had a presentiment that if she continued to witness death, one day her heart would stop beating completely, and her blood would coagulate in her body, she would be in a state of neither dying nor living.

Ah, yes, she should have known it a long time ago, because that was the price of the robins' power.

That day, when she fell into the pool of blood, looking up at the sky that didn't belong to human beings, and praying to all existences who could hear her voice.

"God, Buddha, even if you are a devil, I don't want to die, as long as I can live, I will pay the price."

God didn't respond to her, nor did Buddha hear her voice. Only the bloody birds came and wandered on her body.

At that time, she was actually dead, but her soul was still wandering around her body, unwilling to leave, looking at the hole through her chest and crying.

The bloody birds saw her soul, asked her, and tempted her,

"Do you want to continue living?"

"Do you want to see the world again?"

"Then accept us, accept our strength, our desire, our journey."

"Who killed the robin? It's sparrows, sparrows!"

"Take us to find sparrows, revenge, revenge, revenge!"

"Only blood can bring us rest."

She promised, with nothing, that she had no choice but these robins.

From then on, a girl who had dreamed of sunshine disappeared.

A blood robin was born.

"Dong!" "Dong!" "Dong!" What was this feeling of obtaining a long forgotten treasure?

"My voice..." Little by little, she obtained the heartbeat she once had again. The girl cried with joy.

Just the sound of her heartbeat had brought her infinite hope.

Perhaps, I really have an opportunity to meet a different future?

Even though I have gone this far and to this extent, do I still have a chance to obtain happiness?

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