Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 536

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Chapter 536: Unfortunate Girl

"Woo..." The poor little rabbit was still being bullied and emitted lovely sounds in the room, as if her mouth was blocked by something.

Outside the door, Robin licked the ice-cream softly.

As for Hua Yue, she quietly released the holy beetle from her bodice...

"Chirp! Chirp!" The sound of cicadas echoed around this small shrine, the temperature seemed to be getting hotter.

(Such a peaceful future...)

(Is it true... is this the future I longed for in my heart?)

(The guardian of the balance, the observer of all things, the watcher at the end of the hourglass of time, is it my delusion that distorted the result of divination and let me see such a future?)

(Can I really get such a future after being surrounded by robins?)

Standing next to herself in the future, Robin fell into deep thought.

(The future... can be changed...)

(But... such a future...)

She took a last glance at the herself sitting in the shattered shrine, blushing and licking the sweet ice cream. A complex expression appeared on Robin's face, and her body began to disappear little by little in this summer-like fantastic future.

Will such a future really come true?

With a trace of expectation and a trace of confusion, Robin finished the love divination.

"What's the result?" Yun Xi looked carefully at the mysterious augur in front of him.

Will his future with Hua Huo be happy?

"Are you asking about your future with your childhood sweetheart?" Robin, who had not yet fully awakened from the sweet and shameful future, looked at the black-haired maid with a subtle forced smile.

"Yes." Yun Xi gazed at the mysterious augur's face with expectations. From Mei'er's judgment, this was a talented, strong augur.

If she hadn't observed part of his future, she would not have been injured. Therefore, it was his gift to help her use a seed.

"I think... You're going to become popular in the future..." Robin tried to think over her sentences.

She wasn't just popular, but had captured everyone's heart in the future she just saw!

Even she herself was one of the victims.

No, I won't let this future come true!

She indeed enjoyed this peaceful and sweet future with close friends, but she had no intention of joining the Starwing Knights, and even be bullied like the little rabbit in the room in the future.

Well, she had decided to stay away from shrines from now on! She would never fall into the black-haired maid’s hands!

As for the maid’s poor childhood sweetheart, based on what she saw in the future, her childhood sweetheart was destined to be a loser!

"This is... is it true?" Seeing the mysterious augur hesitating in front of him, Yun Xi blushed.

Become popular... isn't this what happened in those days when "Mei" practiced the "Closed Mouth Zen"? Isn't it what happened when I was playing Star Go on the Starry Sky Chessboard?

"Yes... watch out... Don't be too reckless..." Robin found her heart was beating faster and faster, more than usual.

What happened? What happened to my body?

Just by holding the maid's hand and feeling each other's body temperature, something invisible jumped in Robin's chest.

It seemed that both her body and heart were making cheers.

"You are dying! You are dying! You are dying!"

"When you look at the abyss, the abyss is looking at you too. You can't look back, girl!"

"Warning, warning, the grave is in front of you, the grave is in front of you!"

"Red alert! Red alert! Red alert!"

The birds on Robin's shoulders cried desperately. They covered their eyes with their wings, as if they could not bear to look directly at the tragedy that would happen next.

What's wrong with me?

Feeling her heart beating faster and faster, Robin recalled the scene she saw in the shrine. Her cheeks became hotter and hotter.

The tender sobbing voice, the small white feet, and the helpless appearance lingered in her mind.

For a moment, she imagined that she had experienced something similar.

It was clear that that future hadn't happened at all, but everything was so vivid in front of her eyes.

Between her lips and tongue, there was still the lingering flavor of ice cream, and even the sweat was about to flow down from her forehead.

"Who killed the robin?"

"Sparrows, sparrows, damn sparrows!"

"She is already helpless!"

Noticing the abnormal state in Robin's body, the birds of the nightmare world whined together.

The symptoms of "Mei Poisoning" had started!

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