Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 535

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Chapter 535: Robin's Confusion

A sweet and pitiful voice was echoing in the narrow room of the shrine.

It wasn't the future she wanted to see!

Why would she see such a ridiculous, unreasonable future, like a sweet dream of a warm summer fantasy?

The blood Robin didn't belong in this world.

Bearing the unfortunate curse, Robin's hands had been contaminated with countless beings blood, because she was one of the top ten killers of the Ten Leaves Alliance.

She had assassinated numerous people.

Even her name "Bloody Robin" had become a taboo in the dark world.

(This future... such a future... it won't be my future...)

(My future... my future... How could it be so happy?)

The Robin in the real world gazed at the Robin in this future, who was peeping through the door at the sexual scene in the room and didn't even notice that the ice cream had melted in her hand.

Gazing at herself, she showed a sad look on her face.

Sometime, the divination would let her see an insane future that would never happen.

Undoubtedly, this future was one of the futures that had nearly zero chances of happening.

This was not so much a future as a delusion.

"Ah... whoa... not there... no..."

"Woo... woo..." The bullied little rabbit emitted a voice which could make all men feel pity and thrilled.

No, not only men, but also women.

The Robin in this future bit off the remaining melted ice cream. She couldn't help but emit a strange voice from her mouth, and her body feebly leaned against the wall.

"Little Robin... oh... " A familiar voice rang in Robin's ear, and then became silent for an instant.

Beside the Robin in this future, the leader of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue looked at the door which had opened a gap and quietly listened to the voice from inside of the room. Her face turned red little by little.

It looked as if time had stagnated for this moment.

Only the lovely whisper of the little rabbit in the room was still telling about her misfortune, or luck if you would.

"..." Hua Yue closed her eyes. Her shoulders trembled slightly, and then she sighed quietly.

"Little Robin... don't tell anyone about this secret."

"This... It's not Mei's fault... as the leader of the Starwing Knights, I am also responsible."

It was her responsibility to keep the biggest secret of the Starwing Knights.

Well, it seemed that this secret would be disclosed sooner or later.

(She knows about it, and she may have found it more than once.)

(Are they all aware of this?)

Looking at this scene, the Robin in the real world was dumbfounded.

How much tolerance do you have for this black-haired maid named Mei? Is she really just a maid?

"You just joined the Starwing Knights not long ago... Maybe you still don't understand it..." Sitting quietly beside Robin, Hua Yue took out her ice cream and handed over it to Robin, as if she was planning to use this as a hush money.

"We and Mei... we have a special relationship."

"Starwing Knights", The Robin in the real world instantly remembered this name.

Is this the organization I joined in this future I see?

This name was very strange, didn't the whole of the knights have even a single male?

The Robin in this future licked her ice-cream which was about to melt completely, then licked the new ice-cream from Hua Yue. Her ears rose back quietly and listened to the sweet words of the summer.

Neither the Heaven Road's Palace nor the Ten Leaves Alliance would teach this kind of knowledge.

"Little rabbit... she is the most special one..."

"She's very good-natured... so she doesn't refuse Mei every time..."

"So... If this happens again... Would you please help me to cover it up?"

"Anyway, you are one of the strongest hero ranked members of the Starwing Knights."

(I'm just one of the strongest...)

(In that case, the Starwing Knights has more than one hero ranked members, and it's obvious that it's just a newly established knight...)

From the point of view of a killer, the Robin in the real world gave a high rating to the Starwing Knights.

However, why did I join the Starwing Knights?

I'm a killer of the Ten Leaves Alliance and a member of the Heaven Road's Palace. I just came to the White Lotus Sword Domain to perform an assassination mission.

Why would I join this strange Starwing Knights and become so familiar with this golden-haired girl and the little rabbit in the room?

After merging with robins, she had become a moving disaster. Most people around her would naturally meet misfortune.

How could such a girl have any close friends?

If she is really my friend in this future, shouldn't I keep my distance from her?

She knew that she would only bring misfortune to her friends.

"Well, I'll keep it secret."

"Actually... I was also accidentally..." The Robin in this future muttered and mumbled and even blushed.

(Gee? Accidentally? What happened accidentally?)

(Hello, Hello! What happened to this me in this future?)

"Oh my... you... Mei..." Hua Yue rubbed her forehead and began to take out a small notebook, updating the list of "Mei Poisoning" in the Starwing Knights.

Her holy beetle didn't record it, so it must’ve happened at a place she didn't know about.

Essentially, once Mei put her hand to the members of the Starwing Knights, none of them could escape.

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