Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 534

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Chapter 534: Ice Cream and the Little Rabbit

"It's too hot..." The sun shone through the shadows of the tree, casting light spots on the ground of the small shrine. Even though she was hiding under the shady stairs that weren't exposed to the sun, Robin couldn't stand the intense heat.

Normally, she would take off the bright red cloak at this time. After all, it was summer and she wasn't in the desert.

Unfortunately, Robin really couldn't take it off. In a sense, this cloak was actually a part of her body and a carrier of the robin's soul. It was equivalent to her eternally bound soul equipment, it was her god weapon "Blood Robin's Cloak".

Of course, it was still possible to take off this equipment for a short time, but she had no other clothes except the necessary underwear.

No matter how hot it was, she couldn't accept only wearing her underwear in front of others, which was too embarrassing for her.

"Little Robin, is Mei there?"

Robin felt like she had heard this question more than once today.

This time, it was a girl wearing platinum armor. Her breastplate engraved with sacred cross lines that stood tall on the front of her breastplate, making people feel hot and seductive.

"She's supposed to be taking a bath. I saw her walking into the bathroom." Answering this question, Robin suddenly felt as if she should take a bath too.

"Thank you. Here you are." Hua Yue handed Robin an ice cream, which she had just bought.

"Ice cream!" Robin grabbed it without saying anything and licked the luxurious goods in the hot sunshine with her little tongue.

(Such peace... )

(Such a leisurely scene...)

Robin looked at her defenseless, cheerful future self, showing a deep doubtful expression on her face.

I'm entangled by the robin and destined to be unfortunate. How can I show such a smile in this future?

Why did the rabbit-eared girl and the knight girl accept her and talk to her in such a natural way?

What happened one year later? What made me take off my disguise?

What happened to the assassination target I chose?

Numerous questions emerged in Robin's mind, but she couldn't find answers from her future self, who just walked into the small shrine while sucking the ice cream in her mouth.

Before she had taken a few steps, she suddenly stopped and cocked her ears.

(The Robin in the real world opened her eyes wide, because this posture meant that her future self was entering her unique combat posture!)

"Die! Die! Die!" The bloody birds sprang up with their wings and made the cry of blood that only Robin could hear.

"You can't see, you can't listen!"

"If you look, you'll rot your eyes, if you listen, you'll rot your ears!"

"Close your eyes and cover your ears. There are terrible monsters, and people who see monsters will be eaten by them!"

It seemed that the future Robin also heard this voice, she hesitated for a while, but eventually walked to the shrine.

In the guest room of the shrine, there was a small room with the fragrance of green herbs, and there was a hushing voice that could make people blush.

"I... I'm going to have to make medicine, Mei..."

"Ah... Ah!"

Robin looked quietly through the crack in the door. The rabbit-eared girl who had just been carrying a basket had been pressed into the corner of the wall.

Her snow-white skin was covered with drops of fragrant sweat, her scattered black hair draped over her shoulders, her delicate face showed both excitement and fatigue. Her cheeks were glittering and ruddy, her mouth slightly open, and her discombobulated eyes were immersed in a chaotic pleasure.

Her white and delicate feet had been grasped by someone, and on her delicate skin, there were several shallow scratch marks. Her delicate toes stretched straight, and the light in the room glistened on her lovely, rabbit-like toes, reflecting an attractive glow.

Apparently, she was being forced by someone, but her red face was full of contented joy. Her beautiful eyes gazed at the man who took off her shoes and socks and kneaded her delicate, fragrant feet.

(Why? It's her!)

(Mei...) Robin looked at the black-haired maid in surprise. She never thought that it would be like this.

"Ah... whoa... I'm not ready for it yet..." Lu Lu's eyes closed shyly, and her delicate nose was covered with sweat. Her attractive lips were gasping with a faint fragrance.

"Uh... Uh... Ah... Uh... Uh... Uh... Ah... Uh... Um... Um... Uh... Uh... Uh... Um... Hey..."

With all sorts of gentle, sexual cries, the little rabbit Lu Lu's body exuded a soft and moist charming luster.

(What the hell is this future?)

(Why am I, a top-class killer, shamelessly peeping at such a scene? What's wrong with the world?)

Looking at the scene in front of her, Robin felt that her world outlook was collapsing.

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