Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 544

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Chapter 544: Crushing the Earth

Push the opponent down with force!

This was the goal of the Red Steel Genre, this was the "strength" they pursued.

The ultimate goal was to practice the body to the limit, reproducing the "Rigid Body".

It was one of the Red Steel Genre's secret skill called "Smashing the Ground". The principle was to absorb the opponent by magnetic force, suppress the opponent by gravity field, then throw the opponent to the sky, and finally catch the opponent in the air to launch a lethal blow towards the earth.

The most terrible thing about this tactic was that even if you knew exactly what was going to happen, you just couldn't avoid it.

It was extremely difficult to get rid of this set of combo attacks for anyone during the period when the master of the Red Steel Genre was still using the three secret skills.

On the stage of the Battle God's Championship Contest, even those who were very fast and flexible would end up in tragedy once they were captured by the magnetic field.

Those who thought that those "red giants" were just monsters who used brute force were all punched to death by them.

In the dust, Red Stone's right fist pounded heavily on a seemingly ordinary iron sword.

Did she block my attack? Red Stone looked at Xiao Cao in his gravity field in surprise.

As a high-level fighting skill of the Red Steel Genre, it was a secret skill combining by three secret skills, "Magnetic Attraction", "Gravity Release" and "Ground Crushing".

Most hero ranked people wouldn't adapt to this distorted gravity when they first encountered the restraint of ten times gravity.

Ten times of gravity wouldn't just make the muscles suffer ten times pressure, including the most vulnerable human retinal nerve, internal organs, body fluid would suffer tremendous damage.

For ordinary people, even a doubling of gravity could cause instantaneous death.

The reason why Red Stone can withstand ten times the pressure of gravity was that his three secret skills, "Lava Breathing", "Lava Skin" and "Blood of Red Steel" were all powerful secret skills related to body strengthening.

Even so, Red Stone began to adapt from the most basic double gravity. From the mortal rank to the hero rank, after experiencing many life-or-death crises, his body finally adapted to the ten times gravity, and successfully mastered the secret skill, "Smashing the Ground".

Don't underestimate this secret skill. Although it only smashed a big hole on the ground, that was because the ground of the Battle God's Championship Contest was made of obsidian.

Without a god weapon, only very few hero ranked people could break the ground of the Battle God's Championship Contest.

If Red Stone used this secret skill outside the stage of the Battle God's Championship Contest, it could even cause a small earthquake.

Without the help of any god weapon, many 5th and 6th ranked people couldn't cause this damage.

After all, not everyone could strengthen their bodies at all times like the disciples of the Red Steel Genre. They didn't even remove the gravity field when they were sleeping.

At the fourth rank, Red Stone had defeated countless hero ranked people using this secret skill, "Smashing the Ground".

However, this wasn't the end of his attack!

Why wasn't this secret skill called "Magnetic Throwing", but "Smashing the Ground"?

Because the most terrible attack would actually begin after the opponent was hit on the ground!

"Crush the earth!" Red Stone roared, and his right fist turned into a huge palm, and his whole body seemed to have risen a little bit, reaching three meters tall.

On his red skin, there were lava vapors rising and numerous blood vessels appeared on his body, making him look like a demon coming out of the volcano.

Ten times gravity field! Compression!

Turn around the magnetic field!

The most terrible attack of "Smashing the Ground" had begun!

Most of Red Stone's opponents would have been defeated when they were thrown to the ground. Only the strongest opponent whose body could quickly adapt to the ten times gravity field would make Red Stone have to launch this attack.

"Boom!" If the fall just now was as dull as a heavy hammer, then the "Smashing the Ground" now was like the bombardment of numerous heavy hammers on the ground.

Compared with the astonishing shot just now, the attack this moment wasn't so powerful but was several times more terrible.

In order to strengthen the body to the limit, Red Stone had already run all the three secret skills to the limit, and even then was fresh blood flowing out of his ears.

The running time of the three secret skills, which could last for five minutes originally, was also rapidly shortened by the use of this skill.

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" The whole of the space of the Battle God's Championship Contest was trembling, and a shrill voice was emitted. The stage of the Battle God's Championship Contest had never suffered such violent destruction since its construction was completed.

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