Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 526

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Chapter 526: Robins And Yun Que (2)

"Clap! Clap!!" Robin clapped her hands gently.

"Welcome to the road of blood, young bird, do you think of your new code?"

Obsidian took a deep breath. Once you choose the Blood Stamen, you need to choose a brand new code to declare your separation from your identity when you were still a mortal.

According to the Convention of the Ten Leaves Alliance, this code is mostly related to birds.

At present, the code name of the strongest killer of the Ten Leaves Alliance was "God Phoenix". No one had ever seen his/her real body, no one knew his/her deeds, he/she just appeared and became the strongest killer.

"My new code name will be... Yun Que (skylark)."

Why did I choose this code? Originally, I was planned to be called "Black Feather" once I reached the hero rank.

Perhaps it was for the memory of that person.

"Yun Hai (cloud sea)" and "Yun Que (skylark)", the two people who once went hand in hand, but ultimately slid past each other

"Yun Que... I didn't expect you would choose that master's name as your code name."

"Well, congratulations, from now on, you are the new Blood Stamen of the Ten Leaves Alliance."

"As a witness, I declare that from now on, your code name is Yun Que."

"A lark in the sky, a sad bird."

Robin gazed at Obsidian who had announced her new code. Her bloody cloak caressed the bloodstone in the base, modifying Obsidian's code name.

Choosing the road of Blood Stamens meant that she could never go back.

A blood-colored key appeared on the bright red stone and automatically locked Obsidian's body.

"For whom is the door of blood opened?"

"Are you, you or you?"

"Birds in nightmares have no wings."

"There is no hope for those who give up the Golden Branch and the Jade Leaves."

As if cursed, the key made a mockery sound, as if telling Obsidian that her choice was totally wrong.

Those who chose Blood Stamen would no longer have the possibility of returning to the world under the sun, but would continue to fall deeper and deeper into the darkness, unable to turn back.

"I know..." Obsidian reached out her hand and grasped the blood-red key.

Once she decided something, she would never regret it.

No pain, no gain. She believed that this was the price she must pay.

"Another fool."

"Unfortunately, there are so many fools in the world."

"Those who open this door are ready to go to hell."

"Only blood can witness the highest crown!"

The moment Obsidian grabbed the blood-red key, countless lights of blood interlaced, covering her tiny body, and then took her away.

The road of blood trial has begun.

Those who chose Blood Stamen would get the strength they desire from this road, but at the same time, they would pay a huge price.

"The same choice... The road of Blood Stamen is not easy to follow." After Obsidian was taken away by the blood-red key, Robin shrugged her shoulders and began to weave the outline of the target this time.

Birds flew over Robin's head and sang ominous nursery rhymes.

"He's there, he's here, he's in many places, but he's never seen himself."

"Why, why, why is he so careful, why nobody can see him, clearly he is here."

"He has a sun-like smile, he has jewel-like long hair, he has pearl-like beautiful jewelry, he is beautiful and lovely, he is the princess above all princesses, he is the prince above all princes."

"Oh, poor princess, his life is destined to be calamitous."

"Oh, poor prince, he always wants to run away from the wedding."

"He can't run away, he can't run away, he can't run away. He'll have a bloody ending, and nobody can save him."

Robin frowned and looked at the description of the target in her note.

This was her killing magic "The Unfortunate Prophecy of the Robin". The killed robin was full of hatred for the world, in order to revenge the sparrow who killed it, it created this magic.

According to the robin's prophecy, she could weave a rough outline of the target, and even lock the target's position, so that the death curse would be completed silently.

However, the target this time was just too strange.

In the task she received, the target was a 16-year-old boy who killed a disciple of the Heaven's Road Palace.

However, how could it be possible that a sixteen-year-old boy had a sun-like smile, jewel-like long hair, and pearl-like beautiful jewelry?

The princess above all princesses, the prince above all princes, what does this mean?

Moreover, according to the prophecy, even if Robin did nothing, this unlucky boy wouldn't live long.

Robin's prophecy could only bring misery, it would never bring happiness to people.

Like her, she was cursed by her fate. She once yearned for the bright world of Golden Branches and Jade Leaves, but finally, she stepped onto the road of Blood Stamen.

Robin brought her strength and glory.

At the same time, it was blood, it was killing.

"Well, it's time to go."

"Let me see where the prince is and who he is."

Pushing open the door in the ruins, the original bloody cloak suddenly unfolded, revealing the seemingly plain face.

However, if any people looked at her at this time, they would find that her glittering, translucent, jewel-like pupils gave them a feeling of strangeness.

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