Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 527

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Chapter 527: The Beginning of the Assassination

Yun Xi stopped and looked at the bright red figure coming out of the corner of the street.

Looking at her plain face, apart from a few blue-backed red-breasted birds on her shoulders, he could hardly find any unique features from her appearance.

Yun Xi didn't know why he suddenly noticed this woman. Although the red cloak was slightly conspicuous, she didn't have any other special features.

Her height was average, her shoulder width was average, her chest was average, her face was average.

All of her features were ordinary. However, only her eyes were full of color, like a pair of gemstones lost deep in the water.

Perhaps it was because all the other features were average which made her eyes become particularly noticeable?

"The princess above all princesses, the prince above all princes." Robin stopped at a corner of the street and gazed at the target.

She wore golden and red gorgeous clothes, her hair was like golden sun, her gorgeous hair ornaments reflected golden lights, and her face was apparently beyond the standard of mortals.

Robin's prophecy didn't give her the exact location of the target, but gave her a general scope and characteristics, which needed her to find the right target herself.

At this moment, that answer was clear.

Indeed, this target could be called the princess above all princesses and the prince above all princes. Although she looked too young, but referring to some races whose children's physical development was particularly slow, it seemed that "sixteen years old" was acceptable.

The most important thing was, no one in the range of Robin's prophecy was more like the "sun" than this target.

At this age, the concept of gender was also vague, it was hard to determine whether the target was a girl or a boy in lovely clothes.

So, is this boy (girl) the target she must kill?

She felt that there was something wrong. Originally, Heaven's Road Palace used a special method to trace the location of the target, but they failed halfway for some unknown reason, so this task was posted to the Ten Leaves Alliance.

Indeed, the target in the task was a 16 years old boy who could defeat a 3rd ranked green hippo, so the boy may have reached the hero rank.

Has she reached the hero rank? Robin frowned and looked at Golden Crow Princess.

She was not sure about the accuracy of the information. It seemed that there were some mistakes in the information submitted by Heaven's Road Palace.

It was hard to describe that feeling, the girl looked as if she even lacked the strength to truss up a chicken, but when Robin looked at her, she felt an overwhelming sense of pressure.

Perhaps, she hadn't obtained that kind of power, but when she grew up in the future, she would inevitably become unimaginably strong!

Moreover, even now, it was almost impossible to assassinate her. Robin could clearly feel that there was some very powerful force that was protecting this golden-haired girl and the maid beside her.

How did the disciple of the Heaven's Road Palace provoke such a person? It was not surprising that he was killed by her.

If she hadn't taken this task, no one in the Ten Leaves Alliance would have been able to accomplish it.

She would use her secret skill, "the Unfortunate Prophecy of the Robin", which had never failed before.

The mode of this secret skill was a mystery, and many people who published tasks were reluctant to pay her because in their eyes, the death of the targets had zero relationships with her.

Almost all the targets killed by Robin were killed by accidents.

An invincible general died of the king's suspicion.

A wise counselor died from the jealousy of his colleagues.

A romantic poet died in a duel with his rival.

All of them died in accidents, therefore, nobody could prove that their death was because of Robin.

Her secret skill was too strange and beyond the imaginations of ordinary people.

Over time, even other killers kept away from Robin, and the name of "Blood Robin" had become a taboo in all of the dark world of assassins.

"The Unfortunate Prophecy of the Robin" was such a terrifying secret skill for assassinating, and her code name "Robin" was from the Robins on her shoulders.

"How to kill the target?" Robin asked the birds on her shoulders.

Her assassination had entered the second stage.

"He's there. He wants to be a bird and fly freely in the sky."

"He wants to be a fish and swims happily in the ocean."

"Why, why? He can go everywhere, but he can't go anywhere?"

"Is it a conspiracy or an invisible chain that binds him?"

Robins sang melancholy songs on her shoulders.

"Go, go, become his wings, become his tail, fly together with him, swim together with him."

"Then, watch him fall down, fall down, fall down fiercely!"

"In that case, he will surely die."

Robin hesitated for a moment. This prediction was slightly strange, but she believed the birds more than anyone else.

Only misery was true.

There was no happiness in this world for her, so as long as she approached any person, the person would inevitably take a wrong turn into a miserable life.

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