Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 525

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Chapter 525: Robin And Yun Que

Even in the daylight, there were places where the sun couldn't shine.

As long as there were people, there would be darkness, there would be places where sunshine couldn't reach.

Even in such a busy festival, there was still such a quiet place, as if it had been forgotten by the world.

"Fireworks, festivals, celebrations."

Wrapped in a dark cloak, her body almost completely merged with the shadows under the eaves. The elf girl watched the fireworks exploding in the sky. She just paused a little and walked into the ruins.

"Obsidian, open the door." Speaking out her code name, the dark elf girl opened the door hidden in the ruins, only a few people could open the door in all of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

This was the secret stronghold set up by the Ten Leaves Alliance, which provided logistical supplies and intelligence for the elites of the Ten Leaves Alliance.

Originally, White Lotus Sword Domain was not qualified to let the Ten Leaves Alliance set up a stronghold, but because of the existence of a certain someone, White Lotus Sword Domain had become special.

The magic door hidden in the ruins was only opened by those who were stained with blood.

Behind the door was an open hall, which didn't exist anywhere in the ruins. Only those who could open the door could get here and disappear completely from the White Lotus Sword Domain if necessary.

However, what slightly surprised the dark elf girl was that there was another person here this time.

The person wore a scarlet cloak, like being dyed red by blood, emitting an ominous odor. Several blue-backed and red-breasted birds perched on the red cloak and emitted a faint red light from time to time.

When Obsidian stepped into the stronghold, the birds seemed to wake up and spread their wings around the figure covered by the bright red cloak, making a crisp and melodious song.

It was a cruel, tragic, cold ballad, which was spoken by these birds in a melodious and beautiful voice.

Who killed Cock Robin?

I, said the Sparrow,

with my bow and arrow,

I killed Cock Robin.

Who saw her die?

I, said the Fly,

with my little eye,

I saw her die.

Who caught her blood?

I, said the Fish,

with my little dish,

I caught her blood.

Who'll make the shroud?

I, said the Beetle,

with my thread and needle,

I'll make the shroud.

Who'll dig her grave?

I, said the Owl,

with my little trowel,

I'll dig her grave.

Who'll be the parson?

I, said the Rook,

with my little book,

I'll be the parson.

Who'll be the clerk?

I, said the Lark,

if it's not in the dark,

I'll be the clerk.

Who'll carry the link?

I, said the Linnet,

I'll fetch it in a minute,

I'll carry the link.

Who'll be chief mourner?

I, said the Dove,

I mourn for my love,

I'll be chief mourner.

Who'll carry the coffin?

I, said the Kite,

if it's not through the night,

I'll carry the coffin.

Who'll bear the pall?

We, said the Wren,

both the cock and the hen,

We'll bear the pall.

Who'll sing a psalm?

I, said the Thrush,

as she sat on a bush,

I'll sing a psalm.

Who'll toll the bell?

I, said the Bull,

because I can pull,

I'll toll the bell.

All the birds of the air

fell a-sighing and a-sobbing,

when they heard the bell toll

for poor Cock Robin.

Notice: notice to all people concerned,

next time in Bird Court,

The sparrow will be judged.

"Blood Robin, the tenth hero ranked person in the Eastern God's Domain," said Obsidian in a solemn tone, looking at the figure with her back to herself, surrounded by birds.

The Ten Leaves Alliance had countless hero ranked killers, Obsidian clearly knew what "one of the top 10 killers" meant.

How could such a hero ranked killer come to such a remote sword domain?

"Black Obsidian, the 1st killer in the mortal rank, whose success rate of missions is 100%." The figure in the red cloak smiled softly.

"But that's the past. Have you reached the hero rank now?"

"Then you should make a choice."

"Golden Branch, Jade Leaves, or Blood Stamen?"

"..." Obsidian was silent for a moment. She didn't expect that it would happen so soon. Originally, she thought she would make this choice after she returned to Western God's Domain.

The killers of the Ten Leaves Alliance didn't have any restrictions before they reached the hero rank, and once they reached the hero rank, they would have to make their own choices.

Basically, choosing Golden Branch could be regarded as giving up the identity of an assassin. The Ten Leaves Alliance would arrange a perfect identity for you to appear in the sun.

This identity could be a princess, prince, or the heir of a rich family, becoming the spokesman of the Ten Leaves Alliance in the bright world under the sun.

Golden Branch represented endless light, wealth, and living far from the battlefield. Many killers trained by the Ten Leaves Alliance were eager to leave the darkness and eventually become a Golden Branch.

Choosing Jade Leaves also meant that you give up one's identity as an assassin, becoming a core member of the Ten Leaves Alliance, pledging allegiance to the Supreme Ten Leaves.

Only those who had become Jade Leaves would gain 100% confidence in the Ten Leaves Alliance, becoming members of the real Ten Leaves Alliance and be taught various powerful secret skills by the alliance.

Among the killers trained by the Ten Leaves Alliance, more than 60% of them would choose to become a Golden Branch, and about 30% of them would choose to be a Jade Leaves.

It was precisely because of this special mechanism, that the Ten Leaves Alliance had great influence on both the bright side and the dark side of the world. It was one of the few super organizations in the endless god's domains.

Only a small number of killers would choose the third way: Blood Stamen.

This road represented endless killing and blood. Only the most determined or abnormal person would choose this road.

Golden Branch was the glorious road.

Jade Leaves was the way of order.

Blood Stamen was the way of killing.

"I... Choose... Blood Stamen."

She didn't hesitate when she said it. From the moment she wore the crown of sin in the Water God's World and drew out the sword of blood, she had naturally given up being a Golden Branch or Jade Leaves member.

She couldn't be a good person.

The justice she held needed to be protected by a stronger force!

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