Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 524

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Chapter 524: The Name of the Star Go Master

"The Sky Tower!"

"The Master of Star Go!"

"The Master of Star Go achieved 100 victories in a row and defeated all legend ranked opponents!"

One message after another came from the Sky Tower. The myth Yun Xi created on the chessboard finally turned into a huge tsunami-like impact, spreading throughout the endless worlds that were connected by all the star bridges.

The reason why it wasn't announced immediately was that this achievement needed to be recognized by all seven towers. Only after being examined and verified many times, would it be officially announced throughout the endless god's domains.

Today was the day when the title "The Master of Star Go" was unanimously recognized by the seven towers and announced to everyone.

Most mysteriously, even now, no one knew his true identity, everyone only knew his code name on the Starry Sky Chessboard, "A Cloud In the Sky".

However, this wouldn't prevent the seven towers from giving him notification of the highest glory in the endless god's domains.

"The Master of Star Go! Someone actually achieved such a title!" Even Red Lotus, who knew nothing about Star Go, knew how difficult it was to be a formal Star Go player, not to mention to be called "the Master of Star Go".

"I heard that he was a hermit before he appeared in front of the public."

"This time, there was also a cyber god, Alpha who achieved 70 victories in a row on the Starry Sky Chessboard, but she was also defeated by the Master of Star Go!" White Lotus exclaimed with respect.

White Lotus also played Star Go, so she had known this news early. Anyone who liked to play Star Go had knew about the miracle created by "A Cloud in the Sky" before the first bell.

"Because of him, the Starry Sky Chessboard was finally officially opened to players, and the integral rule also changed."

"The Master of Star Go is the only chess player above 10 star points, only the chess players who have earned 10 star points can challenge him."

Watching White Lotus' excited face while she was talking, Yun Xi had a kind of delusion as if he had been separated from the world.

He just went to play the chess game, why did the seven towers make such an announcement for him?

Isn't Star Go just a simple and easy-to-understand game?

"Mei... You are awesome..." Golden Crow Princess was probably the only person who knew that Yun Xi was the Master of Star Go here, who was summoned by him on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

"No... I just had a bit of good luck... My teacher thought that I have a talent, so I went there..." Up to now, Yun Xi still thought that it was arranged by Casina for him to play on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Without Casina's identity, he was not even qualified to enter the Sky Tower, let alone play chess on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

"Well, where did you go?" White Lotus asked with curiosity.

"That's, I and Mei did this and that, beat down our opponents like this and that!"

Golden Crow Princess waved her little hand happily as if she had returned to the moment she first met Yun Xi on the chessboard.

"It was a game. It was a simple game." Yun Xi quickly said.

"Well, it was a very interesting game. Mei is the best." Golden Crow Princess took Yun Xi's hand with a happy look.

"How about playing that game with me next time, Mei?" White Lotus smiled at Yun Xi, which made Yun Xi sweat profusely.

He felt as if her gentle eyes had seen through everything. Imagination, it must be just my imagination!



"Crack! Crack! "Crack!"

In the sky, different colored fireworks began to burst out one after another.

Not only in the White Lotus Sword Domain, but all over the god's domains, there were also innumerable people who spontaneously set off fireworks for the Master of Star Go.

Especially in the area covered by the Sky Tower, all god's domains had fallen into a festival-like fever, just as last time, the bell of the seven towers echoed for Casina the Battle God.

For ordinary people, it was a rare big event to hear the bell of the seven towers.

When Casina was awarded the title "Battle God", many famous families' ancestors were still babies.

In the Water God's Fantasy Island, Casina and Orfina were sneaking into the basement of the Water God temple, trying to find Hydra's poisonous wine.

They also heard the announcement, and they were also shocked by it.

"The Master of Star Go! So someone can actually take the title of that difficult game!"

"Hiccup... That damn place is full of the trajectories of stars... I won never go there even if I die!" In her human form, Orfina was laying down in Casina's arms. The drunken two looked like a pair of good sisters in this situation.

"I have the same feeling, I won't play Star Go in my life, even if it's at Orfina's request!" The drunken Battle God, Casina raised the poisonous wine in her hand and said so.

In the haze of drunkenness, Casina always felt as if she had forgotten something.

Well, what is it?

Out of the dessert store, Yun Xi found that the birth of the Master of Star Go was more shocking than he had imagined.

Almost all the streets were in some kind of indescribable fanaticism. One after another, stores opened their doors and displayed all kinds of delicacies and drinks without reservation.

"Free, free, all free!"

"In order to celebrate the birth of the Star Go Master, all the drinks and food today are free!"

"Come here, come here! Roast lamb, roast cattle, roast camel! All free to eat!"

This was the loudest cry that could be heard. The businessmen who always fought over the smallest trifles all became generous today.

"Once in a thousand years! I didn't expect to hear the bell of the seven towers once in my lifetime."

"Which legend ranked person is he? It's amazing!"

"Hurry up, today is absolutely a day of luck, it's a good day to have a baby."

"Star Go, I will also let my children learn Star Go!"

What Yun Xi saw and heard now was only a small corner in the sword tip area of the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

He could never imagine what the title "Master of Star Go" represented for the Sky Sword God's Domain.

At this moment, many people stayed awake all night just to study his steps on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

When he strolled around the streets, countless wise men who had white hair, including many gods.

"Tengen! Tengen! Tengen!"

"Both Cyber Elf Alpha and the Master of Star Go placed their first chess piece onto tengen. Is it really the best move?"

"I must figure out the secret behind it!"

In the past, no one paid attention to tengen, but now, all chess players went crazy for it.

The God of Wisdom.

Orfina the Ruby Dragon.

Black Mage.

Duke Rome.

Maha Mystery.

Even Cyber Elf Alpha herself was studying it, and they were surprised by the terrible power of "Starburst" every time.

After watching the duel between Cyber Elf Alpha and A Cloud in the Sky, after witnessing the terrible "Starburst", looking back on the Master of Star Go's games before, even his common moves became mysterious in their eyes.

"It was so arrogant of me to think that I had an advantage and could even defeat the Master of Star Go." Black Mage sighed.

The Master of Star Go really had a good temper. He could actually patiently play the game with me.

"Casina, Casina, Casina! Why don't you tell me!" Orfina rolled on the ground, acting like a spoiled child.

"In the results of the 377,632 calculations, my winning probability is always zero."

Looking at the calculation results in front of her, Alpha's clear eyes were filled with sorrow.

She had evolved all the quadrant computers and upgraded her calculator program, but no matter how she calculated, her winning probability was still zero.

"This terrible talent... Why had I never heard of it?"

"At the end, which legend ranked god he is? Is he a primitive God of the ancient Eastern God's Domain?"

"A Cloud in the Sky, what's the meaning of this name?"

"Is his true body a cloud?"

Overnight, the name of the Master of Star Go resounded through the endless god's domains.

"Teacher Casina, this joke is just to big..." Looking at the streets and the fireworks exploding in the sky, Yun Xi's eyes became empty as if he had become a great monk.

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