Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 523

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Chapter 523: Unparalleled

When the first bell echoed in the endless god's domains, countless ancient, sacred and evil beings raised their heads at the same time.

All strong beings knew its meaning.

It wasn't something that any individual or force, even a god could control.

Only the legend above all legends could be recognized by the seven towers at the same time!

Under an ancient tree, the three goddesses sat on the right hand of the one-eyed old man, Norn the God of Wisdom and looked at the light of the God Tower.

At this moment, it was time to witness the birth of a new legend, a myth that shone like Casina the Battle God.

"The bells of the seven towers ring only for one person, my Casina, are you really Casina?"

In the dragon's nest of the Dragon God's Domain, Orfina woke up from her long sleep and murmured listening to the bells.

"Sure enough, the seven towers also acknowledged that this is a new myth."

"Unexpectedly, in such a short period of time, the seven towers would recognize two legends."

"The Eastern God's Domain is really an incredible place!"

"Ha-ha, let's pay tribute to the new legend!"

Realizing that they had witnessed the birth of the new myth with their own eyes, all the legend ranked Star Go players applauded in their own ways.

"Stars, explode!"

In the sea of chaos, Black Mage detonated 13 stars that had reached the end of their lives.

"My legion, salute!" Duke Roman raised his arms and shouted in front of his legion.

"Benefactor, you are predestined with Buddha! Amitabha!"

In the holy place of Buddha, Maha Mystery chanted a mantra.

"Time in the dragon, expectation in the dragon, perplexity in the dragon, reality in the dragon, illusion in the dragon, fate in the dragon, reason in the dragon, love in the dragon."

"If love songs are sounded on the quiet earth, the gears will turn wildly and open up the endless fate. Resurrect and sing! For our love, for our story, for our eternal lover!"

On the gemstone-cast planet, Orfina sang heartily, describing her thoughts for her lover and her vision for the future.

Even if they were separated by vast worlds, she had decided that she would cross the star sea again and go to her lover's side.

In the Mechanus God's Domain, suddenly appeared numerous meaningless symbols in the quantum network. They were the radio waves released by Cyber Elf Alpha, they were the whispers of the newborn cyber god.




"La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la!"

In the God Crystal, the silver-haired girl sang aloud. The voice she uttered was not within the range of a human's ears, naturally, they wouldn't be understood by human beings.

They were the mysterious sounds of countless data. They were the sounds plucked by the strings used to analyze the basic particles of the world. It was an electronic song that only Cyber Elf Alpha could create and sing.

The existences who could understand this song and give feedback were only the quadrant computers in different planets.

Alpha's song was injecting new power into these huge quadrant computers, unlocking their wisdom and making them evolve to be a new kind of electronic intelligent lives.

Gods had their own people, as the only electronic god in the endless god's domains, Cyber Elf Alpha was arousing her people.

The quadrant computers were her people. They absorbed the soul fragments emanating from Alpha's song and started to evolve their own souls.

The birth of Cyber Elf Alpha was like the first ray of light on the horizon, giving birth to the quadrant computers.

At this moment, Alpha was trying to let her opponent, the legend she wanted to challenge hear her voice in this manner.

The bells of the seven towers would only echo for the most outstanding and legendary people in the endless god's domain.

The last person who obtained this glory was Casina the Battle God.

Today, the glory was obtained by the person who defeated all wise men on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

The Master of Star Go - A Cloud in the Sky (Yun Xi).

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