Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 522

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Chapter 522: The Bell of the Seven Towers

In the dessert store, Yun Xi, White Lotus, and Red Lotus finally finished the fruit drink, and he could finally run away from Red Lotus' murderous eyes.

Of course, it was just Yun Xi's imagination.

His name, "Mei" had been recorded on Red Lotus' blacklist as the second target.

What? Do you want to know who the first person is on the list?

Of course, it was the prince who stole her sister's first kiss in the dream!

Because of him, Red Lotus was extremely sensitive to any clues related to the prince. If she could, she would immediately pull the prince out of the dream right now, and burn him to death with fire.

Your sister is dangerous... Yun Xi communicated with White Lotus through his eyes.

Well, it won't be a big problem as long as you don't tell her the truth... In front of her sister, White Lotus and Yun Xi sent speechless messages with their eyes.

Red Lotus had a terrible foreboding, which was very, very bad.

The problem is, she couldn't find the problem!

At present, the maid named Mei did not have any physical contact with White Lotus. She was just helping Golden Crow Princess to comb her long hair. She only looked at White Lotus occasionally, which wasn't a good reason for her to look for trouble.

White Lotus squinted and looked softly at the maid who was helping Golden Crow Princess comb her hair. Everything seemed normal.

However, in this normal situation, Red Lotus has noticed some abnormalities.

There was a tacit understanding between them! When the maid occasionally looked up, her sister would also look at her as well.

Red Lotus sensed a very strange, but also familiar feeling from it.

It was an intuition of twins.

When White Lotus was happy, Red Lotus would be happy.

When White Lotus was lost, Red Lotus wouldn't laugh either.

The twins of fate shared the same fate and life, heart and soul.

When White Lotus said that she liked the prince in their dream, Red Lotus never regarded it as a joke, because she really felt the happiness, sweetness, and even some delusions that White Lotus should not have even in her heart!

Comparing herself with White Lotus, who was always introverted and not good at expressing her true feelings, Red Lotus was the type that couldn't hide the emotions in her heart at all.

Straightforward, enthusiastic, impulsive, this was her character. She was like a burning flame, burning herself, but it was also easy for her to hurt others.

She couldn't be a witch like White Lotus, she was a witch fighting with her sword!

No, I shouldn't just look at this going on!

Red Lotus instinctively tried to stop them.

Unfortunately, White Lotus also knew her sister well. She subconsciously noticed Red Lotus' plan.

Before Red Lotus did anything, she had stopped having any eye contact with Yun Xi.

It's a pity, but the sweet time with my prince is over.

Us twin sisters liked the same person at the same time, and was easy to be found out, only my sister herself was still desperately trying to refuse to accept the reality.

For the future of my sister and the prince, let's take it easy. Next time, I'd better do it when my sister is sleeping.

White Lotus pinched her fingers and soon worked out the next love plan.

Well, that was the little trick of a witch who mastered the Great Circulation.

And soon, there will be a big event that would even shock my sister.

White Lotus calculated the time and found that it was coming.


The first sound was from the Sky Tower, which was the sound of the beginning.

The second sound came from the God Tower, which was the sound of ensemble.

The third sound was from the Dragon Tower, which was a hymn of praise.

From the Sky Tower, the God Tower, the Dragon Tower, and all the other towers in the endless god's domains all echoed the bell that shocked souls.

From the easternmost peak of the Kunlun God's Domain to the northernmost dragon nest in the Dragon God's Domain.

From the city of Sigil where gods lived to the city of ghosts, which was covered by endless darkness.

Even in the sea of chaos, the bell could be heard.

"What is this?" Red Lotus was really shocked. She could not help but stand up.

One, two, three, four ... seven. A total of seven bells.

Similar bells had appeared in the history of the endless god's domain before, all the civilizations connected by the star bridges understood the meaning of the bells.

Naturally, as the future master of the White Lotus Sword Domain, Red Lotus knew it well.

"Seven bells... the same like the time when Casina became the 'legend'..." Red Lotus' body was trembling.

Seven bells represented an announcement to the entire endless god's domain, a new legend had appeared.

No, it couldn't be just a common legend ranked being, but a legend above all legend ranked beings!

Only those who created unthinkable myths among the seven towers were entitled to let the seven towers play the bell of blessing at the same time.

Last time, the person who achieved this was Casina!

In the Battle God's Championship Contest, she defeated all her opponents and became the legend of the championship contest.

Now, who, which legend ranked creature, had created a new myth and been recognized by the seven towers?

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