Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 521

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Chapter 521: The Future Can Be Changed

"Hum!" Red Lotus stared at Yun Xi as if she was a big gray wolf who was looking at a little white rabbit.

Yun Xi kept silent and tried to ignore Red Lotus' eyes.

"Ah!" Red Lotus sipped the drink and continued to threaten Yun Xi with her evil eyes.

Yun Xi still kept silent and tried to show his goodwill with a smile.

"Crack!" Red Lotus almost bit off the straw. She raised her eyebrows like an angry dragon.

You're not Hua Huo, you are just a maid!

Why does White Lotus think so much of you? She not only let you attend our precious sacrificial ceremony, but also invited you to share the fruit drink with her.

Even I myself had never come here with White Lotus and shared the same cup of dessert in such an embarrassing way!

I'm so envious of you... No, it's so uninteresting!

If you can understand what I'm thinking through my eyes, you'd better quickly release the straw and immediately disappear for me!

Yun Xi showed a bitter smile, he really wanted to immediately disappear from here, running away from this witch who was staring at him with killing intention in her eyes.

Unfortunately, this wasn't something he could make a decision on.

If he said that he wanted to leave, White Lotus wouldn't allow it, and more importantly, Golden Crow Princess who was curious about his palm print wouldn't allow it either.

Oh, I really want to become a fish and swim in the vast sea, or turn into a bird, flying in the endless sky.

For the first time, Yun Xi found that "freedom" was such a luxurious right.

"Um... Um... " After studying Yun Xi's palm print, Golden Crow Princess showed a very satisfied smile on her face.

"Great god, you know 'physiognomy'?"

White Lotus looks at Golden Crow Princess' smiling face with curiosity.

"No, but Mei's hands are beautiful, soft and comfortable."

Golden Crow Princess didn't hide her mind at all.

Her little face turned red because of excitement, looking like a pink apple.

"Oh, of course, it's very soft..." White Lotus narrowed her eyes and wasn't sure whether Golden Crow Princess was joking or taking it seriously.

She had used her secret skill, the Great Circulation to predict her future with the prince many times, but all she got, was no accurate result every time.

Mortals followed a fixed trajectory of life, therefore, it was easy to predict their future using the Great Circulation.

Hero ranked beings had the ability to modify their own trajectory of life. It was very difficult to predict their futures. The accuracy rate of her Great Circulation was only about 30%.

As for the legend ranked beings, basically no one can predict their future, unless it was a legend ranked being who had the same ability as Ouroboros.

Unfortunately, till now the only well-known hero ranked prophet was Ouroboros, and every time it predicted the future, it would be unable to predict again for many years.

The fact that the Great Circulation couldn't figure out the future of the prince only meant one thing, that the fate of the prince was far beyond any people's imagination.

Every time she used the Great Circulation, she could see distinct futures.

In the first future she had seen, the prince would become the owner of a small bread store and give up his childhood, marrying three or four girls in the small town, having a lot of children with them.

And this was also the commonest and most deceptive future.

In the second future, it seemed that at the age of eighteen, he would meet a miss of a rich family and fall in love with her at first sight. After that, he would give up his childhood sweethearts and leave the small town, and then get involved in the inheritance dispute of a country and become the lover of a queen.

Incidentally, this queen was now the leader of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue.

In the third future, he would be lost in the mountains and then accidentally meet a girl who had just awakened her fighting talent. He would join the team formed by the girl and becomes an excellent supporter. Finally, he and the girl would get married and travel around the world.

The girl who saved the prince in the third future was now also in the Starwing Knights. Her name was Xiao Cao.

White Lotus had calculated thirty-seven different futures. It could be said that every girl of Starwing Knights had a special relationship in their future with the prince.

In these futures, the prince's identity was constantly changing, but there was only one thing unchanged.

Amongst all the futures, the prince would marry more than one girl.

Amongst all the futures, his invincible childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo would become a loser, she would be knocked out of the competition even before the competition began.

Finally, no matter which future it was, she and her sister didn't even appear once.

Judging from this, White Lotus guessed that these futures may have existed in the past, but they must all be over now.

From the moment they and the prince met in the dark forest, the wheel of fate had been turned to a completely different direction.

It also meant that the futures she observed were just the futures that existed in the past.

When the twin witches and the prince encountered each other, their futures had been forever changed.

No, maybe even earlier, their fate had been connected with the prince.

The more White Lotus observed the prince, the more threads of fate she could find that were being projected from all directions of the vast sky, twining around the prince.

This also led to a result that anyone who wanted to predict the prince's fate couldn't get the right answer.

No one, not even a god, could figure out all his threads of fate.

Well, is this also a talent of the prince?

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