Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 520

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Chapter 520: Dessert Time

"This..." Red Lotus looked at her smiling sister in astonishment as if she was a complete stranger.

When did her sister, White Lotus, become so enthusiastic? Her eyes were filled with a satisfied and happy smile!

Where is her shy, timid sister, the sister who always hid behind her?

"Mei, let's drink together." White Lotus gave Yun Xi one of the straws and said with a tempting breath.

"Uh..." Yun Xi wanted to say "no", but somehow when he looked at White Lotus' eyes, he couldn't say anything.

I'm just thirsty, just thirsty. I just ate too much bread and need to drink water. Yun Xi blushed hinting at himself and approached the fruit drink.

In front of his eyes, was White Lotus' delicate face. They were so close that Yun Xi could even feel the breath from White Lotus' nose.

Which is sweeter, the banana dessert or White Lotus? It was really a question that was hard to answer.

Red Lotus looked at her sister who shared the same cup of fruit drink with Yun Xi and felt a strong sense of loss.

From their childhood, she and White Lotus had never been separated for a second because of the invisible threads on their hands.

They learned together, practiced together, bathed together, helped each other change clothes, and even fell asleep together.

White Lotus and Red Lotus were inseparable, the relationship between them was closer than any sisters.

"Oh, is this really delicious?" Golden Crow Princess watched them with curiosity.

"Great God, if you like it, try it." White Lotus recommended this drink that could increase her friendship with her.

Yes, isn't drinking from the same cup of dessert the best interpretation of friendship?

"Good!" Golden Crow Princess stood on her chair, laid her hands on the table, opened her little cherry mouth, and held the straw with expectation.

Compared with Golden Crow Princess' tiny body, the table and chair in this dessert store were a little too big, which made Golden Crow Princess' behavior more lovely.

Well, this feeling was like going shopping with your little daughter and buying her food?

If only there wasn't the big sister who was staring at him in a hostile manner, everything would be better.

"Yummy!" After half a cup of banana dessert, Golden Crow Princess satisfactorily returned to her sitting position and tilted her little feet with a happy look on her face.

"You are welcome." White Lotus said in a natural tone.

"Wait, wait a minute! I... I'm thirsty too!" For the first time, Red Lotus lied in front of White Lotus, and her heartbeat was so strong that she felt that such a lie would be exposed at once.

"Sister, drink." White Lotus didn't reveal her sister's clumsy lie and smiled, handing Red Lotus her straw.

"Coo! Coo! Goo! " Red Lotus took White Lotus' place and stared at the maid sitting on the other side, sipping the cold and refreshing fruit drink.

"Don't rush, sister." White Lotus chuckled. For the first time, she saw that her sister was so anxious and jealous.

"If my sister can't drink it up, can you drink with me again?"

Hearing White Lotus's voice, Red Lotus's eyes suddenly became serious and she began to sip the remaining half of the fruit drink more diligently.

Are you kidding me? How can I let you be so intimate with White Lotus again?

Even if the god could permit this happening, as a sister, I will never permit it!

Yun Xi looked at Red Lotus and felt a little nervous.

Unlike White Lotus, Red Lotus was a dangerous person whose combat power wasn't even inferior to Hua Huo in the dream trial.

If White Lotus was a pure and flawless flower, then Red Lotus was absolutely a flame that could burn the sky and heaven.

The personality of the two people seemed to be the same as their names, containing distinct characteristics.

However, apart from these, Red Lotus and White Lotus were exactly the same.

Yes, after such close observation, Yun Xi was surprised to find that Red Lotus and White Lotus were the same, just like the front and back of a mirror.

If it wasn't because their clothes were in different colors, Yun Xi was not confident that he could distinguish them.

"One more straw, please." Just as Red Lotus sipped, White Lotus used her hidden weapon: asking for the third straw!

"All right." The waiter smiled and quickly brought the third straw, which made Red Lotus's mind totally go blank.

"Sip! Sip! Sip!"

In the quiet dessert store, White Lotus' face was filled with a cheerful smile. She enjoys the special three-person dessert together with her sister Red Lotus and Yun Xi.

In the scene reflected by the ice shaking in the goblet, the three people's expressions were different.

Yun Xi was distressed, surprised, and finally helpless.

Red Lotus was shocked and distressed, she wanted to say something but didn't dare say it, she wanted to give up but couldn't give up. Finally, she could only surrender and accept the fact.

Undoubtedly, there was only one winner in the end.

White Lotus.

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