Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 519

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Chapter 519: A Date with the God (3)

"Oh, my!"

Looking at the people kneeling on the ground densely around them, Red Lotus was embarrassed.

They were indeed witches, but they were not the witches of gods.

The Witch Palace treated all gods equally and "traded" with gods in the sacrificial ceremony, however, they didn't believe in any gods.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of ordinary people couldn't distinguish this.

Witches are the girls who serve the gods.

Witches, equals spokespersons for the gods and they have incredible divine power, which is what witches were in the eyes of most ordinary people. Coupled with the fact that several legend ranked witches were themselves gods, and this impression was made even more exacerbated.

However, the legend ranked god witches were just exceptions. They were as rare as the hair of a phoenix and the horns of a giraffe in the history of witches.

Most witches could only live in reduced circumstances, collecting resources and increased their power via holding the sacrificial ceremony.

As the "Yang Witch" of the twin witches, the most powerful Witch of Battle in the White Lotus Sword Domain, it was easy for Red Lotus to eliminate her enemies. However, she had no clue when dealing with this kind of problem.

"Well, everyone, repeat after me." White Lotus obviously had a richer experience on dealing with these kinds of affairs.

"A mount needs not be high; it becomes noted when on it fairies dwell."

"A body of water needs not be deep; it would be ensouled, if a dragon makes it its resting whereabouts."

"White Lotus is nowhere, it's right in our hearts."

The old people kneeling on the ground repeated White Lotus's words devoutly, and their eyes become brighter and brighter and their spirits were getting better and better.

"Eh..." Yun Xi blinked his eyes and watched the aura spreading quietly between White Lotus and Red Lotus' hands.

Undoubtedly, this was a high ranked witch skill, which could silently influence all the people around them, it dispelled the darkness in their bodies and sprinkled morning dew like aura from their hands.

"Um... That's good..." Biting the bread into her mouth, Golden Crow Princess praised them.

Recalling the information he had seen in the Twin Witches' Seed, Yun Xi understood what secret skill they were using.

White Lotus Holy Land.

White Lotus Holy Land could bless all people within a range of 10 kilometers, which was a unique skill of the twin witches.

After appeasing the believers, White Lotus smiled at Yun Xi and then cast another spell. The four people disappeared on the street in an instant.

"Thank you, Lord White Lotus!"

"Thank you, Your Highness Red Lotus!"

"Long live our twin witches!"

The people who were cured by the White Lotus Holy Land spontaneously shouted the twin witches' names. If there was no accident, what happened here would soon spread throughout the entire White Lotus Sword Domain in a few days and become the people's topic of conversation.

Several streets away, White Lotus once again cast the spell she had just used, sitting with her sister Red Lotus, Golden Crow Princess and Yun Xi in a dessert shop.

When it came to dating girls, it’s a must do, to come to a dessert store.

"I really can't stand that." After experiencing the incident just now, Red Lotus's attitude toward Yun Xi was more or less softened.

"Are witches popular?" Golden Crow Princess looked curiously at the twin witches who had just been worshipped as gods.

"They should be... It was just too much." Red Lotus nodded first, then shook her head.

No matter how much people worshiped them, the situation just now was a bit abnormal, as if people had believed in her and White Lotus as real gods.

They were only sixteen years old, and when they saw the old people kneeling down to them, they could barely accept it.

"We are not gods. We should not be worshipped like that. I always feel sorry for everyone."

"Sister, you are too serious... They don't really expect us to satisfy their desires, they just need a ray of hope."

"As long as there is a glimmer of hope, no matter how slim and impossible that hope is, they will trust it and can create miracles."

"Compared with real miracles, 'hope' is actually the greatest reliance people have."

"Absolute despair is the most terrible thing."

White Lotus ordered the desserts and explained why she accepted people's worship.

"White Lotus, maybe you can really become a god someday." While enjoying the cold juice, Golden Crow Princess praised White Lotus.

Gods weren't omnipotent, even the West Queen, the creator of the Kunlun God's Domain had her own troubles.

"We witches pursue the power of gods and communicate with them, but we don't have to be gods."

"God witch is a career from which human beings learn to understand and communicate with gods."

"Well, here's my banana milk, Mei. Let's enjoy it together." White Lotus suddenly changed the topic and put a large glass of fruit drink decorated with ice in front of Yun Xi, without giving him any chance to refuse.

"Well, there's only one cup..." Big drops of sweat fell on his forehead as he watched the goblet that was three times bigger than the common goblet.

"But there are two straws!" White Lotus smiled like a child, pointing to a curly straw on the side of the goblet.

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