Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 516

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Chapter 516: Gifts From Golden Sun Crow

The Persian God's Domain was one of the few god's domains whose gods survived the Twilight of the Gods.

Above the god's domain, in the kingdom of god, dressed in white silk robes, devout girls knelt under the Sun God's statue, praying devoutly.

There were twelve similar squares, and in the center of each square, there was a wheel of the sun. If one combined the twelve squares together, one would find that they formed a huge wheel of the sun.

This was the Sun God, Hura's kingdom of god. He didn't need the strength of faith from his believers, therefore, his statue wasn't in human form.

As a Sunwalker, he didn't need to show his human form to his believers, because he was the supreme god, he was the light, he was the only truth in the entire Persian God's Domain.

When Hura was defeated in the White Lotus Sword Domain, all the praying girls heard an angry roar.


"Why do you have two SN-Drives?"

"Young sun of Kunlun God's Domain!"

"We win!" Phoenix waved her wings and soared into the sky together with the golden-red bird.

The earth and sky were both shattered, only Lilibet was left, picking up the mess as usual.

As she brandished her ice-blue sword, the world gradually recovered from the destruction caused by the two Sunwalkers and three SN-Drives.

However, even the power of the guardian of the Sky Sword God's Domain couldn't completely dispel the terrible powers of the two Sunwalkers.

The reconstructed earth was still a world filled with magma everywhere, more than tens of millions of light and fire spirits cheering and dancing in the sky and on the ground.

Have we won?

Looking at his body turning into a golden-red bird again, Yun Xi still didn't believe his eyes.

Golden Sun Crow and he really defeated the Ancient Sun God! Even though it was obviously only a projection, it was undoubtedly a strong legend ranked projection!

If he didn't see the precious gem in the mouth of the golden-red bird, he might have thought that he was dreaming.

On the burning earth, the Door of Dusk, which once disappeared opened again.

"What do you want?" When Yun Xi gazed at the Door of Dusk, Golden Sun Crow asked.

Speaking of this, she remembered that she came for the sacrificial ceremony.

Fortunately, the White Lotus Sword Domain wasn't too far away from the Kunlun God's Domain, so she could come here with her true body, and Hura had to descend into this void using a projection, which was the greatest advantage she had in this war.

In the end, Hura failed to liberate the second SN-Drive before he was defeated. He didn't have sufficient god power to summon the second SN-Drive from the Persian God's Domain to the battlefield.

Ultimately, Yun Xi was correct. Two SN-Drives are stronger than one SN-Drive.

"I... What do I want?" Yun Xi repeated the question and was somewhat puzzled.

"This is a sacrificial ceremony, and you are a member in the ceremony. Moreover, you helped me defeat my greatest opponent."

"According to the rules of the sacrificial ceremony, I can fulfill your wish."

"I can give you the best sword skills, or the best Seeds of Bloodline. As long as you want something, I can find it and give it to you."

She wasn't joking. As a princess of the Kunlun God's Domain, the youngest daughter of the West Queen, as long as she asked, countless fantastic creatures would rush forward and present their most valuable treasures to her.

Yun Xi finally realized that the golden-red bird wasn't an ordinary being.

The distance between him and her was actually more distant than the countless stars.

At this moment, he just used her strength to enter the realm of the legend rank, which was not his own strength.

The victory of defeating the Sun God made him feel highly flattered.

The fact was, he wasn't Casina the Battle God nor Golden Sun Crow. His rank was still far away from the legend rank.

So, what do I need? Yun Xi carefully considered.

He didn't lack sword skills, he had the Sky Flying Sword, Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword, and the greatsword maid's legacy were all great sword skills that were beyond mere mortals' imagination.

The Seeds of Bloodline were also not too valuable to him. He had the star system, and the girls of the Starwing Knights could provide him with rich experiences of practice. Moreover, he himself was actually the Starchild, he didn't really need any other bloodlines.

Oh, I know what I want.

The Crane Wing Twin Swords were very good, however, after witnessing the power of god weapons, he began to look forward to having a real god weapon belonging to himself.

He was now only a step away from being a hero ranked swordsman. After he reached the fourth rank, he would be able to develop his own god weapon.

Sunwalker was so terrible that even if the golden-red bird accidentally released its own power, it may have destroyed the world.

However, there was one thing that Yun Xi really wanted to have.

If he could use it well, maybe it could help him to forge his own god weapon.

"If possible... I want..." Yun Xi said sheepishly.

"You only want that? Is that all?" Golden Sun Crow didn't expect that "that" was what Yun Xi wanted. Her golden-red feathers drifted down quietly, and for a while, she was at a loss.

"Well, that's all right."

"It's what I want most."

"Is that really all right?"

"Thank you. That's all right. I like it very much."

In their spiritual communion, Yun Xi obtained the treasures he wanted, which was absolutely impossible to appear in the White Lotus Sword Domain.

The Door of Dusk opened, and the golden-red bird turned into a golden flame, flying above the Altar of Deity.

"I bestow the blessing of the sun on you." Just like Hura the Sun God recently, Golden Sun Crow was in an extremely good mood. She granted the twin witches her blessings and gave them gifts at the same time.

Red Lotus got a golden feather.

The feather merged into her Red Lotus Holy Sword, and the sword was thoroughly sublimated, possessing the attribute of the sun fire.

White Lotus got a golden gem, which contained the power of a real sun.

As for Yun Xi, in addition to obtaining the golden-red bird's blessing, he also got the gift he wanted, a furnace the size of a palm.

This was what Yun Xi wanted, a SN-Drive (sealed)!

Although it was actually made by himself, it was impossible for him to use it in the real world, so he had to ask Golden Sun Crow to seal it up and turn it into a palm-sized furnace.

It was probably the most precious gift he had ever obtained, so he really felt a little embarrassed when Golden Sun Crow gave it to him.

"I'm glad to have come here. If there is a chance, you can summon me next time."

"Remember, my name is Golden Sun Crow, the sun above the thirty-three heavens!" After the deal was completed, Golden Sun Crow looked very happy.

To her, it was a natural thing to give Yun Xi the SN-Drive. After all, it didn't belong to her from the very beginning, since Yun Xi helped her create it.

Moreover, Yun Xi only took away one of the SN-Drives, he also left one for her.

Isn't this the so-called love token... the young Golden Sun Crow almost flew up with pleasure.

If Yun Xi knew what she was thinking, he would only think that she read too much into it. The SN-Drives were priceless treasures, why would he take them both?

The remaining SN-Drive, of course, belonged to Golden Sun Crow. He was the one who took the most advantage.

"Sister, our luck is really good." Looking at the enthusiastic Golden Sun Crow, White Lotus felt as if she was dreaming.

"Yeah, the gods this time are very kind. We are very lucky." Although Red Lotus didn't know why it wasn't the Sun God who stepped over the Door of Dusk, she had a feeling that she shouldn't look into it seriously.

At any rate, the golden-red bird's power wasn't inferior to the Sun God, and she was generous and talkative too.

However, Mei's luck was really bad, she only obtained a very common furnace.

Anyway, she was lucky enough to obtain Golden Sun Crow's blessing.

When Mei suddenly disappeared on the altar at that time, Red Lotus thought that there was something wrong in the sacrificial ceremony and she had just been eaten by an unknown monster.

"Great god, you can transform into the human form and stay in this mortal world for a day. However, you can only move around the altar in the range of ten kilometers. Do you have any plans?"

"I can stay here for a whole day?" Golden Sun Crow remembered that there was indeed such a rule in the ceremony.

After the god signed the contract with the witches in the sacrificial ceremony, the god could stay in the mortal world for a day.

If it was an evil god who deceived the witches and went across the Door of Dusk, it would become the most dangerous day. Because for 24 hours, the witches had no way to drive the evil god away.

This time, there were indeed fake gods who tried to get in here, unfortunately, they had all been found by Hura the Sun God and barbecued by him.

They were also the only consolation prize Hura had after being defeated by Yun Xi and Golden Sun Crow. After all, most fake and evil gods lurked in the Abyss, it wasn't easy to catch them.

"Well, what can I do in a day?"

Naturally, the newborn Golden Sun Crow had no common sense. She looked at Yun Xi with curiosity in her golden pupils.

"That... A lot of things..." Yun Xi looked at the golden-red bird, having a headache.

What should I do? Does anyone have the experience to deal with a golden-red bird?

Hey, the god really likes her! Red Lotus looked at Mei and Golden Sun Crow in surprise.

Most gods summoned by witches, apart from the necessary responses after accepting the sacrifices, wouldn't say a word to the witches.

Essentially, gods and witches were not equal at all. Apart from the few legend ranked witches, gods wouldn't take a glance at any other witches.

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