Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 517

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Chapter 517: A Date with the God (1)

"Why don't you go on a date?" White Lotus made an unusual proposal to Golden Sun Crow with a bright smile on her face.

"What?!" Red Lotus looked at her sister in astonishment, as if she had never known her sister, White Lotus before.

How can it be possible that my sister is so alive?!

As the witch who could master the Great Circulation, White Lotus didn't really believe in any gods, why was she suddenly so enthusiastic about the golden-red bird?

"Mei, let's go out on a date together."

"It's rare to date with a god. It would be an event that could be recorded in the history of the White Lotus Sword Domain!" White Lotus squinted at Yun Xi, who was as bewildered as Red Lotus.

Yun Xi tried to blink his eyes, suggesting that he had no experience in doing such things.

White Lotus smiled and nodded, indicating that she knew it.

However, it had been decided!

"Oh, oh, I'll try this date! It must be interesting!" Golden Sun Crow who waved her wings and was very satisfied with White Lotus's proposal.

What? What should I do now?

Going on a date with a god... Yun Xi had never heard of such a thing! He watched White Lotus' fingertips draw a mysterious rune in the air, and then Golden Sun Crow's body transformed into a human.

Transforming the incarnation of gods into human shape was also one of the unique secret skills the witches had. No matter how special the gods were, if they agreed to a contract with the witch, they could temporarily stay in the human world for a day.

Because Golden Sun Crow was essentially still an unborn fantastic creature, her human form was a young girl about 7 or 8 years old, whose height wasn't taller than Yun Xi's waist.

Even so, her appearance had proved that she had great potential to be a beauty in the future.

This could be confirmed by the eyes of the people who passed by them on the street.

She wore golden red clothes that was gorgeous, had a beautiful oval face, tall nose, small red cherry lips, and bright eyes as if there were flames burning in her pupils.

Rings wrapped with golden wires drooped on both sides of her cheek, raising her beautiful eyebrows, she looked very proud.

On her back, a pair of small golden wings stretched out with jeweled decorations on them, which were actually the blessings and protection the West Queen cast for her daughter.

At this moment, the human-shaped Golden Sun Crow was holding Yun Xi's hand, strolling around on the streets.

White Lotus and Red Lotus cast a special magic of witches on themselves, making their bodies become invisible in ordinary people's eyes.

In the eyes of the people on the street, they could only see Yun Xi and a little girl holding each other's hand, strolling on the street.

Looking down on the Golden Crow Princess, Yun Xi could clearly see her moving, slender neck. His face blushed and he quickly turned away.

Undoubtedly, when the little Golden Crow Princess grew up, she would surely become an absolute beauty, but now she was still too young.

To be honest, Yun Xi even felt a little guilty when he remembered that he just asked for a priceless SN-Drive from this little girl.

He felt as if he just deceived an ignorant child and robbed her of her treasure.

Is that really good? Yun Xi? Aren't you a gentleman? Yun Xi questioned himself in his heart.

How would a gentleman deceive a young girl?

"My SN-Drive... Is the furnace easy to use?" After touching Yun Xi's hand for a while, Golden Crow Princess suddenly asked.

"That is, of course... it's very useful..." Taking out the furnace, Yun Xi skillfully lit the fire and toasted a piece of bread on the furnace. After a while, the bread emitted a pleasant smell.

As he expected, the bread toasted on the furnace (sealed SN-Drive) would naturally contain the taste of the sun.

Well, probably there wouldn't be any bread oven in the world better than this one. Of course, he would also use it to forge his first god weapon in the future. Long live the furnace!

"Gu..." Looking at Yun Xi eating the toasted bread, Golden Crow Princess couldn't help but swallow.

It looks delicious.

What's that soft, fragrant, golden food?

Why isn't the information about this food in my inherited memory?

"Do you want to eat some?" Yun Xi tore off a piece of bread and handed it over to her. Probably in the endless god's domain, only he would use an SN-Drive to toast bread.

"Yes!" Golden Crow Princess smiled and grabbed the piece of bread from Yun Xi's hand. She bit it in a very rude way.

WOW! It's delicious. It's delicious! It wasn’t only because of the power of the sun inside it, but also because it was the first time she ate food in her life.

The bread itself was a piece of high quality, hero ranked bread, after being toasted on the furnace, even Yun Xi himself was surprised and satisfied with its taste.

Unfortunately, Hua Huo wasn't here. I really want to share this bread with her.

Yun Xi couldn't help but miss his childhood sweetheart.

"Is it really so delicious? Can you give me a piece of bread too??" Looking at their pleased expression, White Lotus also felt curious and wanted to taste it.

"Well, it's just a loaf of bread, how delicious can it be?" Red Lotus disdained.

"All right." Yun Xi tore off a piece of bread. He hesitated for a moment, then divided it into two pieces and handed them to White Lotus and Red Lotus respectively.

The simple action let White Lotus' eyes suddenly become gentle.

My prince, you do understand.

That's right.

Only in this way, is the correct answer.

"Well, bread is bread, I don't believe that it can contain other tastes." Red Lotus bit this piece of bread viciously as if she was biting a person.

Incredibly, the taste on the tip of her tongue was a taste she had never tasted in her life.

Yun Xi was actually the only hero ranked Baker in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, therefore, what Red Lotus tasted was the best bread in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

Moreover, this piece of bread was toasted on the furnace, it had naturally contained a trace of the power of the sun.

Even though it was just a tiny bit of the power of the sun, it had made the hero ranked bread become more delicious. So much so, that it was even beyond Yun Xi's imagination.

"Ah-hoo!" Red Lotus gorged, almost biting her tongue.

Why, why is this bread so delicious?

Is it really bread?

None of the bread she had ever tasted was as delicious as this piece of bread.

No, none of the foods she had ever tasted was as delicious as this piece of bread!

Red Lotus didn't like this maid, however, she couldn't deny that Mei's bread was so delicious that she wanted to cry.

She couldn't outrage her conscience and say that it wasn't delicious!

"Delicious..." Red Lotus finally had to make her own comment honestly.

"It's delicious! It's delicious!" Compared with Red Lotus, Golden Crow Princess's response was the most straightforward.

In contrast to her sister, White Lotus nibbled the piece of bread bit by bit, letting the sweet and delicious taste spread out in her mouth, and then slowly entered her throat.

Ah, it's great to find another advantage my prince has!

My prince's handmade bread is really wonderful!

"Don't worry, there's still a lot of bread." Looking at White Lotus, Red Lotus, and Golden Crow Princess, Yun Xi was a little embarrassed.

He really didn't put anything strange in his bread. Why did all three of them look at him with such desire in their eyes, as if they were puppies waiting to be fed?

Taking out a loaf of bread again, Yun Xi skillfully toasted the bread on the furnace.

Just now, it was only his first time using the furnace. His control of the furnace was more or less immature and the temperature wasn't the best.

This time, he had become more skilled in the use of the furnace.

As a result, the smell of the toasted bread spilled out this time. Not only White Lotus, Red Lotus and the Golden Crow Princess smelt it, but also the people on the street smelt it.

"What is the sweet smell?" A businessman sniffed.

His name was Li Yun, and he swore that although he had traveled around the entire Sky Sword God's Domain, and as a big businessman, he was even qualified to enjoy the royal banquet in the Great Xia Sword Domain, this was still the first time he smelt such an unusual aroma.

Taking a gentle breath, his body could clearly feel the incredible warmth contained in the smell.

Not only Li Yun, but also all the people on the street and in the stores smelt this irresistible fragrance.

Without exception, everyone was captivated by the smell and could not help drooling.

"This... What's the scent? Are there any food stores selling this kind of delicacy?"

"No, absolutely not. If there was such a food store, it would have been famous a long time ago!"

"Is it a new food store which opened today? Is it advertising?"

"No, I guess it's a chef who is publicizing his latest works."

Soon, someone discovered the source of the aroma.

It wasn't a new food store, nor a chef who temporarily set up a stall on the street.

"Ah, over there!"

"It's from that maid... the thing in her hands..."

"Wait, bread?"

"Uh..." Yun Xi looked at the people flocking to him in embarrassment.

Wait! What is this situation now?

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