Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 515

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Chapter 515: The Duel Between Two Suns (3)

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

I was summoned to the battlefield by this unknown golden-red bird, and this golden-red bird was summoned by me...

Yun Xi felt regret. Why did he play so recklessly on the Starry Sky Chessboard? Why did he summon it into the game?

However, there was no medicine for regret in the world.

It was impossible for him to leave now.

What would he become if they were defeated? Looking at the plasma bubbles under his feet, he didn't dare to imagine it.

Even if it was a hero ranked being who fell into the plasma bubbles, he or she would be instantly evaporated, not to mention ordinary people.

This was the power of the Sun God!

So, what can I do now?

I can only imagine!

He didn't know how he fought in his previous life, he could only imagine what the legend ranked power should be.

When was his closest moment to the legend ranked power?

Undoubtedly, it was when he was on the Starry Sky Chessboard, playing with Cyber Elf Alpha.

Cyber Elf Alpha was the only legend ranked being he had ever defeated, although he just defeated her in a game.

The power the golden-red bird wanted, was not the “he in the real world, but the he on the Starry Sky Chessboard!”

In the real world, Yun Xi was just a hero ranked Baker, which was not even qualified to be cannon fodder here.

On the Starry Sky Chessboard, he was "the Master of Star Go"! He was the invincible legend!

Only on the Starry Sky Chessboard, he had the power to defeat a legend ranked being.

"I... am a legend." Being pushed to the limit, Yun Xi could only exert his infinite imagination and hint at himself.

"You... are a legend..." In response to Yun Xi's voice, the young golden-red bird began to increase its strength and merge with Yun Xi, just as she fought side by side with him on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

"I am... the light... " Yun Xi closes his eyes, recalling the glorious moments on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

"I am... the light... " Behind the golden-red bird, numerous golden feathers floated down, giving off a bursts of blazing sunshine.

What's going on? Hura watched in astonishment as the golden-red bird flew higher and higher into the sky.

Not right, it's not right!

It's just a newborn fantastic creature, how could her power rise at such an incredible rate?

She is just a baby bird who hadn't obtained her own SN-Drive yet!

How could she understand, and even master the power of the real sun?

"I am... a myth..." Yun Xi's eyes gradually become dim.

"I am... a myth... The golden-red bird continued to weave the fantasy belonging to Yun Xi and her.

Impossible! Impossible! The secret of the sun is a rule that needs to be learned for thousands of years, how can you master it now?

What is it? What is helping her?

Hura couldn't believe his eyes.

In his eyes, the golden-red baby bird was growing at a miraculous rate, like a baby who suddenly become a pretty young girl overnight.

"I am... the sun..." Recalling the battles on the Starry Sky Chessboard, Yun Xi suddenly opened his eyes and declared the truth that only Sunwalkers could say.

"I am... the sun..." The golden-red bird repeated the sentence cheerfully.

Yes, this was what she was expecting and waiting for.

For this, she crossed countless worlds and came here to meet him.

Endless golden-red flames burst out with glowing lights and surrounded Yun Xi's body. The golden-red bird disappeared, instead, a figure with golden-red wings appeared.

Brand-new SN-Drives were placed on both sides of the wings of this figure, emitting the aura of the eternal blazing sun.

At that instant, the same words echoed in their ears.

Everything rises to welcome you.

Praise you, the only light! You will rise to the top of the world's sky.

You rise, you shine, you take away the darkness upon the earth.

You are the king of all gods and the lord of all things.

Everything comes because of you, everything becomes sacred because of you.

From your wings, the sky and the sea are interlaced.

The holy temple is glorified by your name, and you will become a legend in legends.

We come from you and are holy because of you. You will wear your holy crown on the clouds and take the throne.

You are the source of all life, and you have crossed the river of time.

Praise you, my lord, for your life will wake up from your slumber, and you will be immortal for thousands of years, now and forever.

It was an ode to the sun, to the Sunwalkers. It was the worship of all living beings who believe in the sun.

"You... created a SN-Drive by yourself..." Listening to this familiar ode, Hura realized that the newborn golden-red bird had become a new Sunwalker, just like himself!

It's not understandable. It's totally unreasonable!

The creation of a SN-Drive was an enormous project, no matter how talented a Sunwalker was, it was impossible to become one within such a short time.

Moreover, it didn't just create one, it just created two!

Two SN-Drives!

Did he just witness the birth of the most talented Sunwalker in the universe just now?

Opening his eyes, Yun Xi could clearly feel the endless power of fire in his body and the pair of SN-Drives on his shoulders.

He felt like he was dreaming.

Why can I succeed in such a simple way?

He just imagined the power of the sun, but he really knew nothing about the nature of the sun.

He simply imagined what he would look like if he could transform into a sun. It seemed that there was some force in the dark that helped him weave the rules of the sun, and even told him the ranks of the golden-red bird and Hura the Sun God.

Sunwalker was one of the most powerful careers in the endless god's domains.

Now, he was also a Sunwalker.

Undoubtedly, he had zero knowledge about the sun, which wouldn't be taught in the Sword Palace.

However, he naturally understood the inside structure of the SN-Drive. If it wasn't because the golden-red bird's power could only create two SN-Drives at this moment, he felt that he could make more SN-Drives.

Thank you, great stars!

Apparently, the great stars helped him again.

After that, Yun Xi started to make the god weapon that Sunwalkers could use.

For Sunwalkers, they didn't need any material, because they themselves were the best materials.

Hura Azda's Sun Disk was made in this way, and the god weapon Yun Xi was going to make would also be made in this way.

"Tell me... Your name..." While driving the two SN-Drives to make the god weapon, Yun Xi asked for the unknown fantastic creature's name.

"I... have no name yet..." This question really baffled the mysterious fantastic creature.

Of course, she had no name, because her true body was still an egg. She wasn't born yet.

If Yun Xi hadn't summoned her onto the Starry Sky Chessboard, she would’ve be born after thousands of years.

Now she was in a fantastic state, existing in theory, but not really existing, like a cat in a box, before anyone observed it, no one would know if it was alive or dead, and Yun Xi was the one who found her and observed her.

"Well, I'll give you a name. You have beautiful golden wings, and you are a sun."

"Then, I will call you Golden Sun Crow." Yun Xi casually gave it a name.

At the same time, an exquisite god weapon was shaping in his hands. Although he could use it one time on the battlefield, Yun Xi still played all his imagination into it, casting it into the most gorgeous posture.

"Golden Sun Crow... This name... very good..."

"So... my name will be... Golden Sun Crow..."

"The sun above the thirty-three heavens!" The mysterious fantastic creature was very satisfied with this name.

"Well, then we have to win!" Yun Xi said and had no other choice.

If he won, he could survive.

If he lost, he would be burned to ashes.

Well, it's better to win!

Sorry, Sun God. We summoned you, but now I have to drive you away!

The god weapon of the Sunwalker was forged!

It was a golden-red bow with a black bowstring. If one looked at it carefully, one would find that the black on the bowstring was formed by numerous black particles.

Unlike Hura's Sun Disk, Yun Xi's god weapon was purely a temporary one-off weapon made for this battle.

Because he refined it from Golden Sun Crow's power, he named it "Destroyer of the Sun Crow".

After the bow was formed, Yun Xi shot an arrow at Hura without hesitation.

A gentle vibration dispersed at Yun Xi's fingertips.

It wasn't the vibration of sound, nor the vibration of light and flame.

It was the vibration of the world's string!

A golden arrow shooting out from the bow.

The first shot of the Destroyer of the Golden Crow!

The arrow opened its golden-red wings, instantly detonating on Hura's Sun Disk.

The next moment, a loud sound echoed through the entire battlefield!

Numerous golden-red flames burst out from the center of the solar flare, billions of light and fire spirits flew together. The land under their feet completely disappeared under the impact, not even leaving a speck of dust.

"Its power is too exaggerated..." Even Yun Xi himself was frightened by the arrow’s terrible power.

The entire battlefield was created by Hura's god power, even the solar flare took a long time to melt the ground.

However, a single arrow from the bow had completely destroyed the battlefield.

If it wasn't because Lilibet was maintaining the boundaries of the battlefield, the impact would’ve even affected the White Lotus Sword Domain below.

This was the power of the sun.

Once again, Yun Xi realized how unreasonable the power of the legend rank was. No wonder that people in the endless god's domains would regard legend ranked beings as gods.

The hero rank symbolized mankind's longing for extraordinary power.

The legend rank was the strongest imagination of human beings for immortality and supremacy over all things.

At this moment, what Yun Xi used is the power of the legend rank. It seemed that Golden Sun Crow hadn't understood how to use her power, so she gave Yun Xi all control of her power.

In fact, Yun Xi himself was very guilty, because he also didn't know how to use the legend ranked power.

Well, at least, we have 2 SN-Drives. Two is better than one, isn't it?

With this idea, he once again pulled open the bowstring.

The string of the world trembled again. It was the cry of the world, it was the declaration of the Sunwalker's power.

The second shot of the Destroyer of the Golden Crow!

"Solar flare, exploding!" Facing the provocation launched by the new sun, Hura launched his strongest counter-attack!

With the Sun Disk rotating at a high-speed in his hand, the SN-Drives inside it, emitted an incredibly high temperature. A series of fusion phenomena appeared around Hura. The boiling sea of plasma bubbles emitted hundreds of millions of light spirits, a bolt of lightning which was not inferior to the golden arrow blasted off.

As a result of the collision of the two god weapons, there was an unprecedentedly huge distortion in the center of the battlefield. The high temperature over one million degrees had turned into numerous brilliant light curtains, intertwining together like a seven-colored rainbow.

For a moment, neither of the combatants, Hura and Yun Xi, could see anything on the battlefield.

The next second they lost their sight, they both made their choices.

Hura predicted that Yun Xi would inevitably shoot a third arrow. Therefore, his Sun Disk continued to compress and condense the power of the solar flare, ready for the next round of bombardment with the new sun.

In this respect, there is no doubt that Hura had the upper hand. Even though he couldn't understand why the golden-red bird could construct a pair of SN-Drives so quickly, he still had an advantage in terms of his control of his power.

Probably, after the twelfth round of the bombardment between the arrow and the lightning, Hura could launch a counterattack.

After calculating the consumption of the SN-Drive, Hura showed a winning smile.

On the other hand, Yun Xi had never thought about the consumption of the SN-Drives.

After all, he had zero knowledge about how to use the legend ranked power.

In fact, the reason why he shot Hura was simple, because he wanted to test the power of the bow.

And now, he was very satisfied with its power.

When Yun Xi lost his sight, Yun Xi made a choice quickly.

The bow instantly split and became a pair of golden-red double swords.

Yes, from the very beginning, the bow was designed to be able to be disassembled, which was inspired by Yun Que's weapon.

An archer who doesn't understand close quarters fighting, isn't a good archer.

Moreover, Yun Xi was not an archer, but a swordsman!

Holding the twin swords in his hands, Yun Xi rushed to Hura and the skill of the Sky Flying Sword naturally emerged in his mind.

Yun Xi instinctively realized that the Sky Flying Sword he used now was no longer the same as in the past. It was more unrestrained and fierce.

Perhaps this was the real Sky Flying Sword.

Only the creatures who could fly freely in the sky could use this sword skill properly.

Hura opened his eyes wide in astonishment.

Isn't your god weapon a golden bow?

Why are you holding twin swords now?!

Are you really an archer?!

Yun Xi didn't think so much. He was not an archer anyway!

Like the first ray of an aurora in the sky, Yun Xi had rushed to Hura, whose Sun Disk was still compressing and condensing the power of the solar flare.

Brandishing the twin swords, he launched the strongest attack he just mastered.

Without a chance to fight back, Hura, who made a huge mistake in prediction, was torn apart, cut apart and shattered.

Numerous golden-red fires exploded and spread out as if a real sun just erupted. The Sun God, Hura uttered a hysterical cry,

"I’ll remember you! Don't think it's over!"

"Young sun of Kunlun God's Domain!"


The entire battlefield couldn't be sustained at last.

The solar flare exploded!

The solar flare, which had just evolved into tens of millions of degrees of temperature, was detonated in advance, transformed into a huge light pillar and rushed into the endless void, then dispersed by an ice-blue sword.

The golden-red bird flew happily to the sky, celebrating its victory.

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