Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 504

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Chapter 504: Ablution

"Why do I have a feeling that my skin is really smooth today?" Red Lotus stretched herself out and looked at her sister with a pleasant look.

"Of course, my sister has the best skin!" White Lotus squinted and smiled.

"Very well, I'm in a perfect condition! Let's start the second stage of the sacrificial ceremony!" Affirming that she was in an unprecedented good condition, Red Lotus immediately turned her attention to the sacrificial ceremony.

The sacrificial ceremony could be divided into three stages.

The start, sacrifice.

The core, invite gods.

The end, send the god away.

The first stage was the easiest and safest, as long as the sacrifices were appropriate. There was almost no record of failure in the first stage.

The second stage was the most important. It determined what kind of gods would respond to the ceremony. It could be said that the success of the sacrificial ceremony depended on the second stage.

No one would dare to say with certainty that the being that responded to the ceremony was a friendly god or an uncontrollable monster, because the gods and fantastic creatures who would notice the ceremony were random.

The success or failure of the second stage also determined the outcome of the third stage.

It was easy to summon a god, but would be extremely difficult to send the god away. If they summoned a distorted monster, to accomplish the third stage would become an impossible task.

Most of the deaths in the sacrificial ceremonies occurred in the second stage and the third stages.

"Boom! Boom! " Under the waterfall, the twin sisters prayed together in the morning, adjusting their bodies and minds for the most perfect state.

"Hum?" Suddenly, Red Lotus realized something was wrong.

No, it wasn't something bad, but something so good that made her feel incredible.

Her synchronization rate with the Red Lotus Holy Sword was increasing strikingly!

50%, 51%, 52%, 53%... Usually, it would take her a month to increase 1% or 2% synchronization rate with the Red Lotus Holy Sword, but now, under the waterfall, she could clearly feel that the connection between the Red Lotus Holy Sword and herself was becoming closer and closer.

As if something lurking in her body had been released, her body naturally emitted the same aura as the Red Lotus Holy Sword.

There were even golden sparks flying out from the Red Lotus Holy Sword, floating around her body.

"It's strange, what's going on today?" Red Lotus gazed at the Red Lotus Holy Sword in confusion.

Every inch of her skin emitted scorching temperatures, but none of the heat had spilled out.

From her soul to her body, she was immersed in a sense of extreme excitement, like a flaming fire, releasing her unbridled joy.

"White Lotus, I seem to have had an epiphany!" Red Lotus smiled, opening her eyes wide in surprise. She didn't expect that the so-called "epiphany" in Buddhism would happen to herself.

"Sister, your body is enlightened." White Lotus naturally knew what had happened to her sister and began to regret it.

If she had known it earlier, she would have changed her position on the bed last night.

It must be because of my prince! If he took off my clothes last night instead of my sister's, I would be the one whose body was enlightened today!

"Yes, that's the so-called epiphany, enlightenment!" Naturally, Red Lotus knew nothing about what had happened to her last night. She only felt that her heart was beating violently, her chest and her whole body were burning as if they had turned into flames.

This feeling is too wonderful!

"I want to be stronger!" Red Lotus looked up and announced, "For White Lotus, I want to be as strong as Casina the Battle God!"

"Sister, what if I say that you can become stronger if you fell in love with the prince?" White Lotus squinted, asking in a casual tone.

"The prince? That jerk?" Remembering the prince who kissed her sister in the dream and ran away after that, Red Lotus bristled with anger in an instant.

"This joke is not funny at all."

"If it's true, I'd cut him into pieces right away, pieces that can be used to feed fish!" Red Lotus raised her sword and said the sentence again.

"The prince must die!"

A pair of dark red flame wings extended from behind Red Lotus, the sparks on Red Lotus' sword flew up, and eventually gathered together and turned into a huge column of light, evaporating the huge waterfall instantly.

For ten seconds, not even a drop of water fell down from the waterfall!

Red Lotus' sword cut off the water flow of the whole waterfall and created a deep red torrent of flame above the waterfall, which looked as if a volcano just erupted.

"Ah... there is still a long way to go..." Looking at her sister's angry appearance and the flaming wings behind her, White Lotus felt that she still had to keep the thing last night a secret.

My prince is probably no match of my sister now, and even I can't stop my sister if she went crazy.

Nevertheless, it doesn't matter. My sister's body is still very honest. As I guessed, her body will never refuse my prince.

For us, my prince is special, because he represents the glory of hope.

Because my sister was close to the light of hope last night, she could become stronger today.

Sooner or later, my sister will understand.

So, wait a little longer, my prince.

My sister and I will come to you and become your wings!

"Yawn!" Yun Xi suddenly shivered and sneezed on the roof of the Witch Palace.

"It's cold." Although it was a perfectly sunny day, Yun Xi still felt as if he was a lost person wandering in the fog, unable to find the way forward.

"Master, you don't need to be afraid. After all, you have had so many girlfriends, it doesn't matter if you have more! Just like stepping on boats, if you stepped on two boats, you may fall into the water. However, if there are countless boats that have been strung together by countless steel wires, you can walk on the boats as though walking upon the flat ground." Mei'er encouraged her master, after all, it was a great mission entrusted to her by the stars.

"Who said it?" Yun Xi always thought Mei'er's words were unreliable.

"Balance in all things," said Mei'er with a mysterious smile.

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted, this was your favorite quotation in your past life, master!"

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