Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 505

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Chapter 505: A Duel Caused by a Gem

Actually, I shouldn't have come here.

Looking at the Altar of Deity, Yun Xi sighed.

To be honest, he had an ominous presentiment and really wanted to leave as soon as possible. Unfortunately, once the sacrificial ceremony started, it could never be stopped, otherwise, the witches would be cursed.

That was the reason why he didn't run away from the Witch Palace after he had actually gained his freedom again.

White Lotus' gentle eyes were firmer than any shackles, locking Yun Xi's heart tightly.

She believed that her prince would never leave before they successfully accomplished the sacrificial ceremony.

She was right.

Yun Xi wouldn't look at Red Lotus and White Lotus being cursed because of him, so he had to stay and wait for the coming of the evening.

At dusk, it was the critical point between day and night, the time that devils and evils appeared, and the time that humans and gods could meet. In ancient times, witches called this time "devil's time".

The sacrifice in the first stage was to open a virtual Door of Dusk, so that the gods could pass through and descend into the real world from the void.

On the silent Altar of Deity, Yun Xi held Red Lotus' hand in his left hand and White Lotus' hand in his right hand, and because the twin witches were born inseparable, they also held each other's hands. They sat in a circle in the middle of the Altar of Deity, waiting for the arrival of dusk.

As time went by, White Lotus became slightly surprised and uneasy, because she didn't see any sign that the first stage of the ceremony had been accomplished. None of the gods or fantastic creatures in the void appeared in front of the other side of the Door of Dusk, which was about to open!

Is there something wrong?

According to her experience, she should be able to vaguely feel the aura of the god on the other side of the Door of Dusk now. However, there was nothing standing on the other side of the door!

Red Lotus also felt confused, but her confusion wasn't related to the sacrificial ceremony. She just felt that her sister, White Lotus' palm was becoming hotter than usual.

No, not only her sister, it seemed that her own palm was also becoming hotter and hotter. It seemed that the circle formed by the three people formed a strange aura field, which combined the three people's auras together.

There was something that was happening in the circle. The three people's breathing and heartbeats were synchronizing.

Aura Resonance... Is it because of my prince... White Lotus guessed. Unlike her sister, she knew what it meant.

On the contrary, Yun Xi still knew nothing about what was happening. In fact, from the very beginning, he had had an uneasy feeling and always felt that something was wrong in the sacrificial ceremony.

In fact, he guessed right.

A great war was taking place in the void above the White Lotus Sword Domain!

"I am an Ancient God, a Sunwalker, Hura Azda! My soldiers, obey my orders and fight for me!" The Sunwalker with a dog-headed mask on his face raised the scepter in his hand. In the blink of an eye, millions of sand soldiers came out of the void and marched toward the battlefield in an orderly line.

Their opponent was an immortal bird flying in the sky, whose existence itself was already a disaster to the world. Just a few sparks on her beautiful tail feathers fell to the ground, and this had ignited and burned hundreds of sand soldiers into ashes.

Phoenix, the immortal bird, the fantastic creature who represented for immortality.

Hura Azda, the Sunwalker, the king of the desert, and the god of billions of mortals.

They were the first couple who noticed the sacrifice offered by the twin witches, and the first couple who fought for it!

"I saw it first, I saw it first!" Phoenix swooped and spat out a deep red fireball from her mouth, bombarding Hura Azda's sand soldier army.

"Boom!" Over 100,000 sand soldiers were totally evaporated under Phoenix's attack. As a mushroom cloud rose to the sky, a large part of the sand soldier army was eliminated in an instant.

"Phoenix, the sacrifice is mine!" As a rare Sunwalker, the King of Desert, and an Ancient God, Hura Azda seldom responded to any prayer or call from humans.

The reason was simple, because humans couldn't offer him any sacrifices that could let him feel interested in. Even a top level fire-type ruby couldn't get him to take a glance at it.

As a Sunwalker, he was a natural destroyer, no matter where he went, endless flame storms would naturally emerge and swallow the world. And during the process, countless gemstones would naturally form and condense.

To put it bluntly, all Sunwalkers were kings with endless wealth. They could make the top level magic gemstones themselves. Moreover, they were also the strongest beings in the endless god's domains.

Common gemstones were meaningless to them, only the stones that contained a god’s power, for example, a Kryolite could draw their attention.

However, a Kryolite could only slightly draw their attention, but none of them would respond to a call just for a Kryolite. If the summoner didn’t offer up hundreds of Kryolites, it wasn't possible to summon a Sunwalker.

However, it was different this time!

When the twin witches started the sacrificial ceremony, Hura Azda instantly noticed the sacrifice and realized how valuable it was.

At a great cost, he passed through countless worlds and finally arrived at this place on time.

It was hard to describe the strong temptation of the sacrifice was for him. After becoming a Sunwalker, he had almost forgotten the feeling of palpitating with excitement.

How long has it been since the last time I had this feeling?

I want it! I want it! Even if I have to sacrifice millions of my subordinates, I must obtain it!

At the moment he arrived here, he instantly noticed Phoenix, who just reached this same place a moment ago. Without hesitation, he immediately closed the space passage and enclosed this area in the void using his god power, forcing Phoenix to fight with him before she could access the Door of Dusk!

Hereby, the war between a god and a fantastic creature began!

This was a war of gods. Whether it was Phoenix or Hura, the time of their lives was far longer than the history of the endless god's domains. Even the aftermath of their battle was enough to destroy all of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Above the battlefield, an ice-blue figure was staring coldly at the duel between the god and the fantastic creature.

She was the ruler, the witness, and the guardian of the Sky Sword God's Domain. Her presence represented that the duel between them had been recognized by the Sky Sword God's Domain, and was under surveillance of them.

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