Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 503

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Chapter 503: Prince's Sadness

Yun Xi was completely speechless. It was not his fault!

He was just a fake prince, however, the twin witches were even more exalted than any princess in the mortal world!

It was just a chance encounter in the trial world, why did it lead to this?

Great stars, can you tell me how to deal with this kind of thing?

"Isn't it easy, master? That's where the goal is." Mei'er's voice quietly appeared in Yun Xi's ears, as if she was saying a thing that was as natural as "Why climb the mountain? Because it’s there!"

"I can't deal with the twin witches. It's too dangerous to get in touch with them." Yun Xi shook his head. In his heart, he was still surprised by the truth that White Lotus fell in love with him at first sight.

Hua Huo once told him how dangerous the twin witches were.

"Little Xi, the most dangerous people in the White Lotus Sword Domain is not the White Lotus Sword Master, but the twin witches."

"If they cooperate with each together, I'm not sure if I can beat them down. Probably in the whole of the White Lotus Sword Domain, they are the strongest under the legend rank."

This was the first time for Yun Xi hearing that Hua Huo was praising someone.

It was hard to imagine that even Hua Huo would praise the twin witches, which was full evidence that the twin witches were far stronger than their appearances.

If their enemies regarded them as common hero ranked witches, they would definitely regret their ignorance.

After really touching the realm of the hero rank, Yun Xi realized what a powerful ability "flying" was. The twin witches could fly in the sky when they were together, which was a super strong ability that most hero ranked beings dreamed of.

Judging from Yun Xi's current power, even Red Lotus could kill him alone, not to mention to fight against the twin witches together.

Even if White Lotus really liked him and wouldn’t do anything, Red Lotus was still a strong enemy.

"Master, you have defeated a lot of legend ranked beings on the Starry Sky Chessboard, why are you still afraid of the twin witches? They are just at the hero rank!" Mei'er felt confused.

"That... I thought that the Starry Sky Chessboard was just a game..." After recalling his achievement on the Starry Sky Chessboard, even Yun Xi himself was dumbfounded.

It was a truth that he had defeated a lot of legend ranked beings in the game, however, he was in the real world now! It wasn't even possible for him to sit as equals at the same table with any legend ranked people in the real world!

Now, although he was already a hero ranked Baker now, his combat power hadn't reached the hero rank. After all, it was impossible to defeat any person by holding a loaf of bread in his hand!

"Prince, it's time. Please go out and wait for us outside." Looking at Yun Xi's face, White Lotus realized that her prince hadn't really understood her love.

Never mind, "love" can't be proved by "speaking".

She would use her actions to make the prince understand that her love for him was definitely not just "saying" so.

At dawn, Yun Xi snuck out of the twin witches' bedroom.

"Oh, precious fresh air!" Smelling the fresh air, Yun Xi was relieved and even wanted to shout in the Witch Palace,

"Love is dear, freedom is dearer!"

It was too dangerous to stay with the twin witches on the bed. If Red Lotus woke up, he would definitely be killed.

"Master, why are you so afraid of the twin witches?"

"Speaking of danger, your childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo is apparently more dangerous!" Mei'er didn't understand Yun Xi's fear.

"Mei'er, Hua Huo is different from Red Lotus and White Lotus."

"If Hua Huo gets angry, I can soothe her with bread. Her anger comes and goes quickly. As long as I stay with her, her anger will soon disappear." Yun Xi had had rich experience dealing with his childhood sweetheart.

No matter how angry Hua Huo was, he was confident that he could comfort her.

But, Red Lotus was different. She would definitely draw out her sword if she found anything strange. Yun Xi never wanted to provoke such an enemy in his life.

"If Red Lotus knew my real identity, she wouldn’t stop chasing me before I'm torn to pieces."

"She is totally different from White Lotus!"

Mei'er thought for awhile and drew a conclusion,

"That is to say, putting Red Lotus aside, that you like White Lotus, don’t you?"

"..." Yun Xi didn't say a word.

If it was only White Lotus one person, the cute, sweet girl who regarded him as her prince, would he fall in love with her?

It wasn't difficult to figure out the answer, however, Yun Xi couldn't say it out loud.

Because that was impossible.

Red Lotus and White Lotus were the twins of fate that could never be separated.

The invisible thread wrapped around their hands had forever connected their destiny together.

Eating, drinking, sleeping, fighting, even falling in love, getting married, they couldn't leave each other.

"Curse... Is that what White Lotus tried to tell me?" Yun Xi seemed to understand why White Lotus would look at him with longing.

Perhaps what she had been waiting for was just a person who could accept her and Red Lotus and treat them like princesses.

"Prince... But I'm not the prince you imagined..." Yun Xi sighed.

They were real princesses.

However, he wasn't a prince, he was the Starchild who may run away at any time.

Once his true identity is revealed, his four terrifying ex-girlfriends would not let him keep enjoying his peaceful life.

Moreover, he still remembered that the twin witches were also candidate Apostles of one of his ex-girlfriends!

It was equal to looking for his own death if he dared to fall in love with them!

This was probably the saddest thing in the world. The encounter between him and them was doomed to be a tragedy.

It was clear that the relationship between them was prey and hunters, how did it get this far along?

Great stars, tell me, why did you let them become the Sleeping Beauty in the dark forest?

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