Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 490

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Chapter 490: Another

In the sky, Mei sat on the roof of the girls' dorm with her bare feet, looking up into the star-studded sky.

There were several star roads amongst the endless stars, connecting together with the Sky Tower. They were the marks of the endless god's domains, the star bridges that connected countless worlds.

Because of the star bridges, the vast world of the stars could exist, people in different sword domains could interact with each other.

"Awwoo!" Mei ate the last pig trotter, contentedly laying down on the roof.

Unlike her sister, Star Thunder, who couldn't fall to sleep if she didn't sleep on the bed, Star Fire could sleep anywhere, which was a habit that was inherited from her mother.

The soft star lights shone on her body, looking warm and peaceful.

After playing all day, Star Fire was indeed tired. She quickly went off to dreamland.

An amber beetle landed on the stone figure in the cortile of the girls' dorm, monitoring the girls' dorm, and saw Mei (Star Fire)'s graceless sleeping posture.

After a while, Hua Yue in her white nightclothes appeared. Looking at Mei who slept on the roof without vigilance, she couldn't help but rub her temples.

"Mei, Mei, don't sleep in this place."

"Mei... wake up... you will catch a cold..."

Unfortunately, no matter what Hua Yue said, Mei still didn't wake up. She turned over and kept sleeping.

"Well, this..." Hua Yue was groomed to be an aristocratic miss, she never faced such a tough person like Mei was now.

She was completely indifferent to whatever Hua Yue did!

Finally, Hua Yue had to pick her up and carry her to her room.

"Goo..." It seemed that the smell of Hua Yue activated the instinct memory of Yun Xi's body, his body naturally stretched out two hands and grasped Hua Yue's big, soft, full breasts. Hua Yue's body shivered and she almost fell from the roof.

Did you do that on purpose, Mei?! Looking at Mei in her arms, whose eyes were still closed with an innocent look on her face, Hua Yue angrily pinched her face.

The smooth handfeel made Hua Yue's face turn red. Suddenly, she felt an incredible joy from it, she couldn't help but pinch Mei's face over and over again.

"Woof..." Star Fire almost exposed her true identity in her sleep. Her hands grasped tightly on Hua Yue's breasts as if they were having a competition.

Undoubtedly, it was an unfair competition. Hua Yue didn't have any advantage from the beginning.

When she finally walked into Mei's room, even her feet became limp.

Apparently, the damages from "pinching face" and "rubbing breasts" weren't at the same level!

To make it worse, as time went by, Mei (Star Fire) was becoming more and more skillful!

Undoubtedly, it was the godlike talent Yun Xi's body had mastered after marrying over a million brides in the Water God's World.

Even though his body just did it instinctively, it wasn't something that Hua Yue could resist.

As a result, Hua Yue suddenly found that her nightclothes disappeared.

She didn't only become naked but also was laying on Mei's bed, being rubbed by Mei as if she was a naked white lamb.

"No, no..."

"I... I'm a knight... I must follow the creed of the knight..." Hua Yue's voice became lower and lower as her face became redder and redder.


Mei skillfully stretched out her tongue and licked the tops of the plump fruits.


Hua Yue did her best to resist, however, her struggle was destined to be useless.

This was Mei's room, no matter what she did here, no one would know about it!


Mei wasn't being moved. To be precise, the body was moving following its instincts, Star Fire was still sleeping.


Hua Yue gazed at Mei with an imploring look.

She was following in the footsteps of Mei Lan, Ling Ling, and Lulu.

People always repeated the same mistake.

Nothing is new under the sun.


Hua Yue didn't behave better than Mei Lan and Ling Ling in the face of Mei's "attack".


Hua Yue bit her golden hair and endured. She only hoped that Mei would stop after a while.


Will Mei let go of the lamb that has fallen into her hands?

The truth was cruel, because Mei's body was moving following its instinct, and the body didn't have any intellect!

Therefore, Hua Yue suffered all the things Mei Lan and Ling Ling experienced last night, and because she was alone, she would face a double experience!

Snow white sheet, cluttered golden hair, empty pupils, sweat all over her body. From her toes to her ears, Hua Yue's body was stained with Mei's body odor.

After Lulu, Ling Ling, and Mei Lan, another member of the Starwing Knights, the leader of the Starwing Knights, had also fallen and fell into Mei's hands.

"Mei poisoning" was still spreading.

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