Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 489

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Chapter 489: Under the Sunset Shine

Looking at Mei's happy smile when she was eating, Hua Yue felt as if her heart had melted.

Mei's spoiled look only belonged to her! It was a treasure that only she could see!

Because she could see Mei's cute expression, she decided to forgive the prince's poor performance. How could there be any third ranked hooligans in any corner of the world? Please, be more professional the next time!

Only this kind of silly rural prince would think that his plan of "The Hero Saves the Beauty" really worked. In Hua Yue's eyes, Mei paid more attention to the pig trotter in her hand than the prince.

Oh, I can barely restrain myself! Why is Mei so cute today?

In order to restrain her impulse of hugging Mei in her arms, Hua Yue did her best to rein in her desire.

Oh, no! I don't have enough money! Looking at the dishes piled up on the table, Qumran felt a faint daze. Apart from the Black Dragon Lance and the black obsidian armor, he was as poor as a church mouse, does he need to sell them to pay for the food?

"Sigh, can't you do anything right? That's all for today, we have accomplished the first and the second goals."

"Qumran, perform the final plan!" Looking at Qumran's impatient look, Childe San Quan sighed in his heart.

Even though it had transformed from a black demon dog to a human prince, essentially, he was still an idiot! He would expose himself if he stayed here any longer.

Hit and run, this was also the secret of pursuing. As a man, he must be patient!

The prince still needed to learn a lot of things!

"Mei, did you get enough?" Hua Yue couldn't help but laugh when she saw Qumran running away embarrassedly.

What an interesting entertainment! I didn't expect that Mei could be so charming. Look, this prince from a rural area was totally charmed by her.

It seemed that "Mei poisoning" was spreading!

"..." Mei (Star Fire) even licked the dish clean, she didn't even leave a drop of juice in it!

She was very satisfied, in her eyes, it was all due to Hua Yue.

As for that prince just now, did he come to invite me to dinner?

"Ok, our next destination is the seashore." Hua Yue carefully helped Mei wipe her mouth, then she held Mei's hand, walked along the street and arrived at the boundary of the sword tip area.

A magic ward was protecting this place, separating the sword tip area and the sword body area.

The ward was so powerful that it was visible to the naked eye. It was a partially transparent amber-colored wall, connecting with the leylines of the entire White Lotus Sword Domain. It was a literally the final bulwark of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

The ward here was the same as the shield of the Sword Palace, it was a perfect compounded magic circle, if necessary, it could even be strengthened by the power of the Sky Tower.

It was also one of the heritages Yun Hai the Sword Master left for the White Lotus Sword Domain. It could even block the attacks from legend ranked enemies.

Apart from the White Lotus Secret Treasure, it was also one of the reasons that attracted talented disciples for the Sword Palace.

However, in front of Mei's authority, this final bulwark was meaningless.

Mei just stood in front of the wall, it naturally opened a crack for her, straightly leading to the seashore.

"Mei, your authority..." Looking at the final bulwark easily opened a crack, Hua Yue was shocked.

In fact, she only wanted to go to the embankment, watching the sea from a distance. She didn't expect that Mei could actually walk into the ward without any difficulty.

In her memory, only one person, or rather to say, one floating ship had this authority.

The sixth Sky Sword, Casina the Battle God's floating ship, the Sands of Time.

Lost in thought, Hua Yue vaguely understood something.

Walking along the seashore, they could smell the fresh sea air, looking at seagulls flying freely in the sky. Compared to the 50 meters tall walls in the sword handle area, the seashore beside the boundary of the sword tip area was peaceful and delightful.

"Mei, let's run!" Hua Yue smiled. She took off her socks and stepped on the white sands, leaving a line of footprints behind her.

Mei (Star Fire) also took off her socks and stepped onto Hua Yue's footprints playfully.

Blue sea, green waves, and white sand beach. Hua Yue and Mei held each other's hands, walking together under the sunset.

Without warning, Mei ran to the sea and kicked the water with her feet.

"Ah!" Hua Yue's body got wet and she felt both funny and annoyed.

Mei is too wayward today as if she just became a naughty little devil.

"Hey!" Hua Yue couldn't stand it. Her feet also kicked the sea water and wet Mei's body.

Unlike Hua Yue's white dress, Mei was wearing the black maid uniform, even if she got wet, Hua Yue couldn't see anything.

Hua Yue was still the one who suffered losses. Through the wet white dress, the outline of her underwear was exposed.

Mei (Star Fire) and Hua Yue played. They almost forgot the passage of time until the sun almost dipped below the horizon.

"Mei, am I very cunning?"

The golden sunlight reflected on Hua Yue's golden hair. Because her hair was wet, the originally golden curled hair had become smooth now, like golden tassels.

She carefully held Mei's body in her arms, their figures overlapped under the sunset.

"I did this to you before others also noticed this."

"Sure enough, I can't be a perfect knight. I’m sorry, my ancestor of the White Golden Rose."

Hua Yue lightly kissed Mei's soft lips. This time, it wasn't a sneak attack from Mei but she willingly did it.

Pleasant taste, the saline taste of the sea water.

Mei, I love you... even if you are really... I love you forever.

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