Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 491

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Chapter 491: The Witch's Pray in the Morning (1)

Clear water came tumbling down from tens of meters above her, and the droplets splashed like pearls with a clear and pleasant sound.

A large area of water mist covered the surrounding area in the range of 100 meters, making the pool under the waterfall like a dreamland, showing light and empty atmosphere.

Red Lotus was sitting under the waterfall, on an ancient rock which stood out in the air. She silently felt the scouring of the water flowing over her skin, and prayed in the morning.

Her red witch clothes had long been wet, vaguely revealing part of the snow-white outline of her skin.

"Boom! Boom! " The water bombarded Red Lotus's body in waves at a high speed and splashed all over the sky.

"Everything is changeable..."

"Everything should return..."

"Only the sword will be forever..."

"Truth is true..."

"Flames of heavens..."

"Burns up the world..."

In front of Red Lotus, only the divine weapon, Red Lotus Holy Sword, which was inherited from generation to generation by the witches in White Lotus Sword Domain, emitted bright red light. All the water flows disappeared when they approached this divine weapon, not even a trace of steam could spill out into the air.

The high temperature was horrible enough to burn mountains and boil the sea, but the Red Lotus Holy Sword suspended in front of Red Lotus in silence didn't even transfer the slightest iota of heat.

The huge waterfall was meeting an invisible hole, in front of the Red Lotus Holy Sword, all water disappeared completely without any traces.

The history of the witches in White Lotus Sword Domain could be traced back to the era of Yun Hai the Sword Master. Normally, every generation of witches were the guardians of the White Lotus Secret Treasure. They were responsible for protecting and guarding the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Without exception, all witches were at the hero rank, and all of them were born in the White Lotus Sword Domain. They would never leave this sword domain in their lifetime.

The current master of the White Lotus Sword Domain had studied in three sword domains when he was young, and he even once had the opportunity to enter a higher rank. Just because of his bad luck, he became frustrated and returned to his hometown, holding the position of the master of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Relatively speaking, none of the witches ever left White Lotus Sword Domain. They inherited the history of witches from generation to generation and guarded the White Lotus Sword Domain.

It could be said that the witches who guarded the White Lotus Secret Treasure were actually the real masters of White Lotus Sword Domain.

Only because the White Lotus Sword Domain needed a channel to communicate with the outside world, so it must have a spokesman that stood for the White Lotus Sword Domain.

White Lotus Sword Master was such a spokesman. He was responsible for all kinds of foreign affairs of the White Lotus Sword Domain and when necessary, he would go to other sword domains on behalf of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

No matter what happened, witches could never leave the White Lotus Sword Domain. Even if the sword domain was going to be destroyed, they would face the end of the sword domain without hesitation.

In this sense, the inheritance of witches was the real highest power of the White Lotus Sword Domain, but not the replacement of the master of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Red Lotus and White Lotus were the next witches of the White Lotus Sword Domain. Moreover, they were rare twin witches, even in the history of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Whether it was Red Lotus or White Lotus, their talent was at the highest level in history.

If it wasn't because that in order to complete the inheritance ceremony of the witches, they had to accomplish a special achievement, they would have been qualified to replace the old White Lotus Sword Master to be the supreme rulers of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

There was no need to doubt their strength, they were excellent hero ranked twin witches that even Hua Huo was profuse in praise about.

Even the current White Lotus Sword Master, who had attained the sixth rank, hadn't seen the door of the legendary rank, while Red Lotus had long been recognized by her god weapon, Red Lotus Holy Sword, and her sword talent was strong enough to be able to be compared with Hua Huo.

Even amongst all beings of all races in the endless god's domains, Red Lotus and White Lotus were rare geniuses born with godlike talents.

A god weapon wouldn't choose a weak person to be its master.

Red Lotus was such a person who was qualified to be recognized directly by Red Lotus Holy Sword.

She was born with the right to challenge the legend rank.

If she was the only witch in this generation, the old White Lotus Sword Master could have already retired.

And this was the problem, she was not alone.

One of the rules of the inheritance ceremony of witches was irrevocable.

To be the god witch, she must accomplish the inheritance ceremony of a god weapon.

Red Lotus Holy Sword was Red Lotus' god weapon.

The problem was her sister, White Lotus. She should have inherited another god weapon, but an accident happened, she made a piece of equipment called Star and Moon Ring herself!

The god weapon White Lotus gave up inheriting was called Green Lotus Throne, which wasn't inferior to Red Lotus Holy Sword at all.

It wasn't difficult for White Lotus to obtain the recognition of that god weapon. Theoretically, as long as they were the god weapons of witches, White Lotus could inherit them with ease.

However, White Lotus refused to inherit the Green Lotus Throne, nor any other god weapons of witches.

As long as she nodded her head, any god weapon would be her possession. Over 99% of hero ranked beings would do their best to obtain such an opportunity, however, White Lotus just turned a blind eye to it, which shocked the entire Sword Palace.

Red Lotus also did not understand why White Lotus was so insistent that she did not inherit any of the god weapons of witches. Until she put on "that thing", she finally realized what her sister wanted.

"No, absolutely not."

"The prince absolutely does not exist, he was just a person in your dream!"

"White Lotus, you can't make mistakes!"

"No man is good in this world!"

After being washed by the rushing water of the waterfall, Red Lotus sincerely prayed that her sister would sober up from the unrealistic dream of the prince.