Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Yun Xi's Outbreak

"Hee hee, things became interesting." Stone Soldier Number Two carried his big sword, carelessly walking toward Yun Xi.

Compared to Yun Xi, who was covered in bumps and bruises while holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, Stone Soldier Number Two was in a much better state.

Most of the time Yun Xi was killed by the three stone soldiers. They were the biggest factor that caused Yun Xi's deaths.

In regards to the boys and girls of noble families who were at the 1st rank or just entered the 2nd rank in the common army, they were super elites. Every one of them was able to threaten Yun Xi's life alone.

In principle, Yun Xi had Hua Huo's seed. He shouldn't be driven to the last ditch by them.

If it were a fair battle, the winning percentage of Yun Xi against any of them would be more than 90%.

Unfortunately, fairness wasn't a thing that existed in the world. Yun Xi already knew it when he faced the star trials the first time.

If it was about talent or combat intuition, after obtaining Hua Huo's seed, he also obtained a huge advantage.

However, they had a greater advantage than him.

The biggest reason that caused his death every time: Equipment.

Yes. The reason why Yun Xi was killed by the three people was because their equipment was way better than his.

Stone Soldier Number One had a pair of whirling swords. Stone Soldier Number Two had a big sword. Stone Soldier Number Three had a Snake Bone Soft Sword. They were all weapons of the best quality, which were made by using special methods, and even had a few special abilities.

Mortals couldn't use hero-ranked weapons, so their weapons still weren't beyond the limit of the Mortal rank. However, they were still three masterpieces of skilled craftsmen.

It seemed that the whirling twin swords Stone Soldier Number One owned had a special magnetism. No matter where he threw it to, it would eventually fly back to its owner.

The big sword Stone Soldier Number Two owned weighed up to over a 100 kg. It was a heavy weapon that was only fit for people who were born with superhuman strength.

The Snake Bones Soft Sword Stone Soldier Number Three owned was the most terrible and fatal evil sword among the three weapons. It even possessed a few abilities that normally only hero-ranked weapons had. At the very moment he brandished his sword, it could cheat its enemy's sight and spatial sense.

But as for Yun Xi, he had only a newbie sword, a newbie cloth armor, and a newbie wooden shield.

The three people all had swords that fitted them the most, they had experienced the best education since their childhoods and their power was also all better than Yun Xi's.

Yun Xi could only defeat them by using his talent and his 3rd-ranked combat intuition.

Unfortunately, at the Mortal rank, weapons and equipments were more important than Yun Xi's imagination.

This was the impassable wide gap among ordinary people and Childes. It was the largest factor that couldn't be surpassed by talent.

At the Mortal rank, children of noble families had craftsmen specially making weapons for them, plus they could learn their families' sword skills. Compared to common swordsmen who were at the same rank as them, they had overwhelming advantages.

Yun Xi didn't know where the three top-level stone soldiers were from and who they were, but after experiencing battles again and again, he had clearly touched the limit that common swordsmen could reach.

Weapons were really important.

The first time, Yun Xi began to think more seriously about this point, what common swordsmen lacked most...

"You can't kill the dragon without good weapons and equipment". This was a proverb from the Western God's Domain. It implicitly told young boys who wanted to become strong, that they shouldn't ignore the importance of equipment - even if they were super geniuses.

Good equipment could play an extremely important role in battle. Those Childes who had received the best education knew it clearer than anyone.

In that case, even though Yun Xi had killed twenty-seven stone soldiers, in the eyes of the three top-level stone soldiers, he was still just so-so.

"Pa!" Yun Xi threw away his shield, though it had protected him countless times during the battle and held his sword with one hand.

I know it. You have better weapons than me and received a better education than me. You were born with everything.

Perhaps this is just a game in your eyes. A game of chicken, a game that was named as "slaughter".

But I tell you, you are wrong!

You know nothing about true talent!

Your biggest mistake was just sitting by and watching me kill the twenty-seven stone soldiers who could originally help you!

One fighting against thirty and one fighting against three were two totally different situations!

Quicksilver Motion!

Giving up defence and using the skill of Flying Swallow Sword to its limit!

The first attack of the hovering swallow!

"Hee ha!" Stone Soldier Two tensed his muscles. He held his heavy sword and made a whirlwind slash.

"Hee!" Stone Soldier Number One threw out his whirling twin swords from his hands. The twin swords dropped from the sky from a weird angle.

"Buzz!" The Snake Bones Soft Sword suddenly quivered in the hands of Stone Soldier Number Three. It was like a viper that darted out from the grass, biting at the hovering swallow.

In their eyes, Yun Xi's Flying Swallow Sword was the only move they thought that could threaten them. However, after observing him for so long, they had found the weakness of the flying swallow.

The Viper's Bite that Stone Soldier Number Three understood was faster than the flying swallow.

"Who told you that I can only use the Flying Swallow Sword?!"

The first attack of flying swallow was not completed, because Yun Xi proactively broke it.

You were my first target!

Nine cold sword lights flashed. It was way more swift, violent, and deadly than the Snake Bones Soft Sword.

Attack the weakest one. Though Stone Soldier Number Three had the weirdest sword skill and the fastest speed among all the three top-level stone soldiers, but he was still at the 2nd rank. He was the weakest one among all the three people.

In order to pursue speed, he must weaken his defence. From the beginning, Yun Xi was aiming at Stone Soldier Number Three, because his threat was the biggest and his weakness was also very conspicuous.

"Chi! Chi! Chi!" With the noise of wind and the noise of blood dropped down, before the smile disappeared from the corner of Stone Soldier Number Three's mouth, his body had been cut into two by Yun Xi.

As a price, one of Yun Xi's hands was chopped down by the whirling sword from the side.

"Even if I have only one hand, you still can't beat me down!" Why had Yun Xi left them to the end? Not only because they were the strongest, but also because they were the most stupid.

They knew nothing about true talent.

The sword was dancing. This time, Yun Xi finally used the complete Flying Swallow Triple Attack.

Stone Soldier Number Two looked very shocked. He put the heavy sword in front of himself, trying to block Yun Xi's critical slash.

You can't block my attack!

The first attack chopped on the left part of the heavy sword.

The second attack chopped on the right part of the heavy sword.

The last attack was as elegant as the flying swallow, chopping down Stone Soldier Number Two's head.

Your greatest weakness was that you don't know the horror between life and death!

After going beyond the limit of oneself, humans could have an outbreak of incredible potential that is even greater and beyond their own imagination!

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