Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Kill!

"How is this possible!" As the only Stone Soldier left standing, Stone Soldier Number One looked incredulously at Yun Xi who had lost one of his arms and was stained with blood.

He remembered that three seconds ago, they still had an overwhelming advantage because the human body had its limit.

After killing twenty-seven stone soldiers - though there were just some trash fish or cannon fodders in their eyes - he should already be very tired.

After seeing the brat's miserable appearance, the three people played the hunter game with ease, preparing to slaughter this unenlightened kid with the most terrible method.

"Your biggest arrogant mistake was to give up your numerical superiority." Yun Xi gasped. Though he had lost one of his arms, his eyes were still bright.

The biggest difference between the first star trial and the newbie trial was that the number of his enemies grew by leaps.

One versus one with Hua Huo's seed, as a 1st ranked warrior, Yun Xi could even kill 3rd-ranked monsters like the fierce green hippo.

One versus thirty, though Yun Xi already reached the 2nd rank, he had already been killed three hundred times by the stone soldiers, who were also at the 2nd rank.

By using the bloody reality, the stars were teaching Yun Xi what the true battlefield was like.

Here, no one would have a one-on-one fight with you. If you had to face over thirty enemies, flesh and blood could do nothing.

Maybe when Hua Huo was still at the 2nd rank, she could kill the thirty people by herself with ease, but that didn't mean Yun Xi could do the same.

He wasn't Hua Huo. Even though his combat awareness had reached the 3rd rank, his body didn't. He needed to adjust his body and try again and again, suffering attacks by using his own flesh and blood, in order to figure out what the weapons were, the battle skills, and attack habits of the thirty stone soldiers.

Every death let Yun Xi gain a deeper understanding about the bloody battlefield.

If the Limit Practice in the valley opened the door of the warrior for Yun Xi, then you could say that the formal trial led Yun Xi to finally step on the road behind the door.

After dying for 315 times, Yun Xi finally found the way to success. By using the three top-level stone soldiers' arrogance, he killed the other twenty-seven ordinary stone soldiers.

As higher-level stone soldiers, they owned special legacies. Their biggest shortcoming was their disdain for those ordinary stone soldiers.

They could never imagine that without the twenty-seven ordinary stone soldiers and with only themselves to fight with Yun Xi, what a terrifying strength he could burst out with.

"Dammit..." As his two hands held the whirling sword, streams of sweat dropped from Stone Soldier Number One's forehead.

Why has this dream suddenly changed?

He still remembered that just now, it was still a game to let them slaughter the stupid and overconfident newbie.

However, in an instant, the newbie became a terrifying monster. He'd killed two of the strongest three people!

"No! I'm the strongest!"

"They are just my sidekicks!" As a top-level elite of a noble family, he wouldn't concede defeat.

"You... are scared..." Yun Xi took a deep breath.

"Me? No!" Stone Soldier Number One held his twin swords.

"You beastly kid, you think your talent is enough to support your arrogance?

"You don't understand how many times we are better than you!

"I will let you witness my true power!

"You've lost one of your arms, in that case, do you still think that you can match up to me?"

His twin swords danced in the air. It was a sword skill Yun Xi had never seen. In a flash, he lost the twin swords from his sight.

It was no wonder that he was an elite of a noble family. Yun Xi didn't look down on his opponent's strongest attack.

Quicksilver Motion!

Flying Swallow Triple Attack!

"There you go. It's just the Flying Swallow Attack!" Stone Soldier Number One had realized what Yun Xi's sword skill was.

Flying Swallow Attack was famous for its dexterity and elegance. It needed its practitioners to have a high flexibility and manual dexterity, a secret sword skill that could only be learned by people who had extraordinary talent.

In the air, this sword skill was created by a real swordmaster. When he used this skill, he could cut off space. Besides, it was the key leading to more advanced sword skills.

However, most of the people who were able to master this secret sword skill were girl geniuses who were thirteen or fourteen years old.

Very few Mortal males had the physical flexibility and manual dexterity to learn this sword skill. As time passed, the Flying Swallow Sword nearly became a special sword skill that could only be learned by females.

The whirling twin swords became two crane wing-like light balls. They flew from the left and right, crashing into each other with Yun Xi's Flying Swallow Triple Attack.

The first attack, his Flying Swallow was bounced back by the whirling sword on the left.

The second attack, his Flying Swallow was bounced back by the whirling sword on the right.

His last attack, the secret assassin attack, was also blocked by the crossed two swords.

In the next moment, two swords cut through Yun Xi's body together, giving him a deadly attack.

How awesome was it! It wasn't inferior to the Flying Swallow Sword at all. Yun Xi felt like he was blind as a bat, which meant that his physical strength and mental strength both reached its limits.

Just now, he killed Stone Soldier Number Two and Number Three, he needed to pay for it. Especially the nine sword lights he used to kill the stone soldier who had the Snake Bones Soft Sword. It was the first time that Yun Xi used them. He couldn't control them perfectly yet.

However, he hadn't failed yet!

"Aaaargh!" He didn't think that he had to fear anything.

Since he didn't fall down, it meant that the fight hadn't ended yet, you Childe of a noble family!

"Bang!" Though Yun Xi's body was cut through by the two swords, he didn't hesitate to knock his body on the Stone Soldier Number One's body, and the next was his fierce headbutt attack.

"Ah!" With a piercing scream, Stone Soldier number One, who thought he had achieved victory, toppled to the ground. A bloodstain appeared on his forehead.

I say, you Childes who grew up in a greenhouse, you underestimate the battlefield too much.

Before I was able to do this, I had been killed by you 315 times!

Yun Xi ground his teeth, drawing the sword out of his own body and brandishing it towards him.

The last stone soldier's head flew to the sky. A great deal of blood spurted out of his neck, staining Yun Xi's body, making him dirtier.

However, he was the winner.

Compared to the battle between him and the green hippo, the battle this time was more brutal, desperate, and cruel. However, by relying on the sword talent Hua Huo's seed brought him, and his will of never giving up and collapsing, Yun Xi finally passed the first stage.

In front of the first palace, an enormous number of green souls flew around on the battlefield, as Yun Xi then absorbed them one by one.

By absorbing them, Yun Xi's wounds and awful scars all recovered bit by bit.

The warm bonfire lit up Yun Xi's gritty face. The bloody sword blade was reflected in his eyes.

Finally, he took his first step in the trial of blood and fire.

"The next step is to check my spoils."

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