Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Blood and Death

Kill, kill, kill! Till blood flowed like a stream, till the sky became murky over the bloody earth!

How many times had he died? A hundred times or far more? Yun Xi had forgotten.

Quicksilver Motion, starting!

Zagging and brandishing his sword!

"Chi!" The sword blade cut through the first stone soldier's heart. Its blood sprayed in the air and stained Yun Xi's cloth armor.

The thirteenth!

Flying Swallow, Sixfold Attack!

Continuous Quicksilver Motioning and zagging. It was not the common Flying Swallow Triple Attack, but repeating the first move of The Flying Swallow Attack six times, bursting out the fastest and smoothest attack six times within the shortest time.

One, two, three. As the flying swallow hovered in the air, the stone soldiers it targeted fell down one by one, and out flew their green souls.


With a stunning roaring, Yun Xi had used up his strength. But it was too early to change his posture as a big and tall person jumped down from a high position and cracked Yun Xi's head by using a big stone, tablet-like sword.

Yun Xi's blood winded through the ground. He also kept this guy in his mind.



Under Yun Xi's feet, the giant weapon struck the ground into debris. Yun Xi slipped through the weapon's bombardment and the coordinated attacks of the stone soldiers.

He diverted the four swords from locking onto his heart by lifting his shield up and was going to strike back, when he suddenly felt the back of his head go cold.

Out of his sight from the high above in the sky where it obviously was beyond the reach of a human, a pair of glassy swords flew and hovered in the sky with Yun Xi's blood dripping from its blade.

It was that guy. At that moment where Yun Xi's head fell to the ground, he saw that inconspicuous but hateful enemy.


"Din! Din! Din!" With a stream of the tinkling sounds of weapons, Yun Xi skillfully moved the shield in his hands and blocked all their frontal attacks. Afterwards, he made a backflip and dodged the whirling twin swords that dropped down from the sky.

Flying Swallow Sixfold Attack! By using the collision size of the stone soldiers as his shield, Yun Xi played his ace, the new learned deadly skill.

One, two, three... three stone soldiers' heads were cut off and flew to the sky.

At the next second, a weird and longsword shadow flashed in the crowd. Yun Xi felt his body go cold and his heart stop. Then, only blood red remained in front of his eyes.

Again. It was that person. Out of the corner of Yun Xi's eyes, Yun Xi forced himself to look at that place, making out that person's unmatched and ethereal figure among these stone soldiers.


"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!" Yun Xi's heartbeats made a whooshing sound that echoed in the empty frontage square of the palace.

He had died 135 times.

The main reason, death under siege.

His head was cut off dozens of times; his body was torn to pieces dozens of times; he was trampled to death dozens of times due to the lost of his balance, and he was hacked dozens of times after falling to the ground due to taking an arrow to the knee.

In the past, Yun Xi thought that fighting desperately with the green hippo for 120 times was already the most violent massacre in the world.

Now, he knew that he had made a grave mistake.

He just stepped in the battlefield of his first formal trial and didn't even get through the first level. However, he had already tasted death three times more than during the newbie trial.

"Come on, there are only you three left!" Standing in the middle of a large number of broken arms and wreckage and stepping on a stone soldier's corpse, Yun Xi held his shield and provoked the last three high-level stone soldiers who were rushing out from the first palace.

Yes, the shield. After killing enemies one after another by using Quicksilver Motion and Flying Swallow Sword, his killing record stopped at 17. Finally, Yun Xi remembered that beside the bonfire, there was a shield.

Reality taught him that the three pieces of equipment the stars prepared for him in the trial were all indispensable.

The newbie iron sword wouldn't wear and tear, so he didn't need to worry about if it would be curved in the killing.

The cloth armor didn't have a high defence but it really could reduce deadly injuries and offer him the little necessary defence.

The last one was the shield. Just like the newbie iron sword, the shield also wouldn't wear and tear. At the most critical moment, it could save Yun Xi's life.

Without the shield, Yu Xi wouldn't have been able to kill the twenty-seven stone soldiers. He finally got the opportunity to fight against the last three high-level stone soldiers.

At least till now, this was his best achievement and was also the most difficult challenge in the first level.

Yun Xi clearly remembered that he had been killed by the three high-level stone soldiers at least two hundred times.

In order to distinguish the three high-level soldiers from other common soldiers, Yun Xi marked the three people as Stone Soldier Number One, Number Two, and Number Three.

Stone Soldier Number One's strength was near the upper level of the 2nd rank. He was good at using two swords and had a high speed. His special attack skill was Whirling Two Swords.

He could throw out the two swords and have them return to his hands by themselves. Yun Xi had never seen such a sword skill.

Stone Soldier Number Two was also at the upper level of the 2nd rank. He was mighty and adept at using the heavy sword. His special attack skill was Leaping Attack.

His skill was simple and a little like the green hippo's straight-line attack, but the difference was that he often chose to attack Yun Xi when he was in a hitback motion. His deadly Leaping Attack often made Yun Xi face death directly.

Stone Soldier Number Three was at the mid level of the 2nd rank. He was good at using the snake bone soft sword, which was a pretty rare weapon. His special attack was Spirit Snake's Chaotic Dancing.

He was undoubtedly the weakest one among the three high-level stone soldiers. However, most of the time, it was him that killed Yun Xi because he was the only one who didn't fear Yun Xi's Flying Swallow Sword.

Arguably, it was his Spirit Snake Sword Skill that made Yun Xi learn how to use the shield.

Apart from this, Yun Xi had found the method to kill the other twenty-seven stone soldiers one by one.

In the end, there were only the three strongest high-level stone soldiers that Yun Xi had to deal with, who were so thorny and had completely different properties.

"..." The tallest enemy, Stone Soldier Number Two, mumbled a few words and stood up first.

Compared to Yun Xi, who was covered in bumps and bruises and was too horrible to look at, this burly guy was not harmed at all and was in his best state. The other two people were also in the same state.

They had also experienced those sanguinary battles, but the three people could keep themselves in their best state and weren't killed by Yun Xi even once. This had proved their strength.

They were at a high level, high above the twenty-seven deceased stone soldiers.

Though they were called ‘the childes of noble families’ just like all the other people, they were true elites. The geniuses like Ashen, who had felt complacent just because of their little gifts, were not at the same level with them at all.

They didn't use all their strength. They just coldly looked at Yun Xi killing the stone soldiers and had no worries because they were far weaker than them.

The reason was simple - they all had the strength to kill Yun Xi one on one. They mastered their family's inheritance. Even if Yun Xi learned how to use Quicksilver Motion and Flying Swallow Sword, he still couldn't fight against them.

For them, Yun Xi was just a toy they used to enjoy the feeling of killing.

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