Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 425

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Chapter 425: God Crystal

The mysterious legacy the elves brought was God Crystal.

According to the words of the elves, God Crystal was a legacy of the Era of Gods. Its special properties couldn't be explained by science.

It was both real and virtual, it could be touched but didn't have weight.

Anyone could see it with their eyes, but it wouldn't offer any information to any detecting instruments, as if it was just a phantom image.

Even a god tried to destroy the God Crystal, but returned without accomplishing anything.

The God Crystal wouldn't react to any outside attacks, it just stood there, as if it was waiting for something, also looked like it was sleeping.

If it wasn't because after inputting great amounts of data into it, the God Crystal would give a weak response, even elves wouldn't associate it with the Planet Quadrant Computers in the Mechanus God's Domain.

The God Crystal was both real and virtual and could have infinite data written into it, it perfectly met the requirements of building the final fantasy of the Mechanus God's Domain!

The method the elves used to move it into the Mechanus God's Domain was simple. A lot of legendary ranked elves worked together, moving the entire planet the God Crystal was located on into the Mechanus God's Domain.

This planet, where the God Crystal slept, was the origin and the core of the Alpha Plan.

By using the secret magic of the elf race, people could input data into the God Crystal. After connecting it into the network of the Planet Quadrant Computers, Alpha was born.

Alpha was the only god and belief of the Mechanus God's Domain.

For her birth, the Mechanus God's Domain specially built hundreds of Planet Quadrant Computers. They were all Alpha's subsets.

Only Alpha could unify so many Planet Quadrant Computers together.

After defeating Norn the God of Wisdom and Orfina the Ruby Dragon, everyone believed that the era of Cyber Elf Alpha had come, the era of the Mechanus God's Domain had come!

Science was still the truth of all things, the best tool to explain everything in the world.

With Cyber Elf Alpha, the Mechanus God's Domain would become a legend in the endless god's domains!

The birth of Alpha meant that even mortals could create real miracles.

Of course, more or less, the engineers ignored the God Crystal's unscientific properties.

And the several elves, who lived from the beginning of the Alpha Plan till this day Cyber Elf Alpha was really born, were the real creators of Alpha.

Elves had beautiful faces and perfect bodies, even the river of time didn't leave too many traces on their bodies, but the wisdom and vicissitudes in their beautiful eyes still proved everything.

"Well, I didn't expect that the final opponent wouldn’t be Norn the God of Wisdom."

"Is the final opponent from the Sky Tower in the Eastern God's Domain?"

"We shouldn't underestimate the Sky Tower. At any rate, it was the strongest tower. Fortunately, their West Queen is busy with creating new fantastic creatures, otherwise, the ranking of the Sky Tower won't drop to the bottom."

"Humph, no matter who the opponent is, our Alpha is the strongest!"

As the favorite of the world, elves firmly believed in Alpha.

She was a god who was born from the legacy of the old time.

She was a cyber god that stood for the dawn of a new era.

Combining the power of god with the power of science, she was the most beautiful creation in the world. She was a "truth" that could even give the bright elves hope.

In order to see her birth, the humans in the Mechanus God's Domain had almost invested all the resources in their entire god's domain, and the elves offered their long lives as a tribute. They personally experienced the entire progress. No one would know Alpha better than them.

As long as there were more and more Planet Quadrant Computers, Alpha's computing power would be literally "infinite".

The God Crystal was both "existent" and "nonexistent", it could turn all fantasies into a reality.

According to the investigation of the elves, the God Crystal could reveal distinct properties.

If people worshiped it as an evil god, the darkest and deepest abyss would be born from it.

On the contrary, if kind people prayed to it with hope and light in their heart, the master of glory and holiness would be born from it.

The God Crystal was a legacy from the era of the gods. Essentially, it was a combination of endless gods' soul shards, it was the initial form of a god.

If inputting countless programs and equations into its core, and connecting it with countless Planet Quadrant Computers that were specially made for it, what kind of god would be born from it?

It was Alpha, the newborn cyber god. An unprecedented faith about science was born in the endless god's domains.

The Starry Sky Chessboard was the first place the newborn god chose to announce its coming.

"Boom boom pow!" They were the running sounds of the Planet Quadrant Computers.

"Clap!" "Clap!" Because the Planet Quadrant Computers were running at full power, on the surfaces of the planets, a great number of thunderstorms were forming.

Surrounded by countless thunder and lightning, the newborn god stretched out her hand in the God Crystal, putting down her first chess piece on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

The location was "tengen"!

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