Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 424

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Chapter 424: The Final Fantasy of the Mechanus God's Domain

“Cyber Elf Alpha” vs “A Cloud in the Sky”.

Before the duel started, on the planet where Alpha's true body was, tens of thousands of people surrounded the core of the network of quadrant computers and waited with straining eagerness.

There were silver-haired old men.

There were small goblins.

There were legendary elves.

However, most of them were just common human engineers. Over 90% of them had no talent of superpowers during their lives.

Even in the ancient times, before the Mechanus God's Domain was found and connected to the network of star bridges, the people here had been doing research about the possibility of creating their god, Cyber Elf Alpha.

At that time, the Mechanus God's Domain had another name, "Starship Alliance". The Starship Alliance had controlled several galaxies, and the people there proudly thought that humans had become the master of the universe.

During that time, there were only three Planet Quadrant Computers in the "Starship Alliance", and they were respectively owned by three different forces. People believed that science was almighty and it was a truth above all things.

Nothing couldn't be explained by using science, and nothing couldn't be overcome by using science.

Until it was discovered and connected to the old star bridge network, when elves, giants and all kinds of creatures arrived in this world with curiosity, they finally realized that they were wrong.

The proudest ultimate weapon of Starship Alliance, the "Mecha" with Nucleus Drive was just a toy in the face of true gods.

After resisting for one day, the entire Starship Alliance was wiped out, the master of the core of the alliance, the three Planet Quadrant Computers was changed overnight.

The arrival of gods announced the end of the era of science. The engineers in the Mechanus God's Domain had to admit that science couldn't solve all problems. Science couldn't explain a lot of things, and the definition of science also greatly changed after that.

Legend ranked beings were so strong as if they came from fantasy. Even science couldn't explain their super abilities, they were great beings that could be called "gods".

Cyber Elf Alpha was an ultimate fantasy of the Starship Alliance before the arrival of gods.

It was a hypothesis: if an elf had the infinite computing power, which was sufficient to let it calculate all changes in the universe, could it be "omniscient and omnipotent"?

It was the ultimate fantasy of science, the perfect god in the minds of people before the real gods arrived.

Unfortunately, it was just a hypothesis.

The gods came and the entire Starship Alliance was dissolved. After that, it became a paradise for the engineers all over the Western God's Domain, a shrine of the people who wanted to study the rules of science. Finally, it was renamed "the Mechanus God's Domain".

After all these things, Cyber Elf Alpha was still just a fantasy living on papers.

In order to complete this hypothesis, there must be a core which could connect multiple Planet Quadrant Computers together. However, such a core didn't exist. Theoretically, a Planet Quadrant Computer was already the upper limit of the computing power in the Mechanus God's Domain. If they wanted to pursue stronger computing power, there was only one method.

Computing power could be overlapped by connecting multiple Planet Quadrant Computers together, however, there must be a core to receive and distribute all of the data, apart from that, the core should also be able to find and solve the bugs in the network of Planet Quadrant Computers.

Unfortunately, even in the endless god's domains, the engineers of the Mechanus God's Domain couldn't find any treasure that met the requirements.

From generation to generation, under the hard work of the engineers, the size of Planet Quadrant Computer became bigger and bigger until their computing power became higher than most common legend ranked beings.

Unfortunately, they could only calculate, but didn't have wisdom. Moreover, the upper limit of a Planet Quadrant Computer depended on the size of the planet the computer located, and the energies that could be offered to the computer.

All the engineers had a feeling of fear in their hearts.

If one day, science, which meant the "mechanism" they created reached the limit of physics, when they couldn't let the Planet Quadrant Computers increase their computing powers a bit, would it become the end of "science"?

What should we do when that day comes?

Science could be challenged and reversed, even "gods" could be contained in the theoretical system of science. However, their only fear was "unable to move forward". If that happened, science would lose its infinite possibilities.

After using the knowledge of materials science, mathematics and engineering science to their limit, the Planet Quadrant Computers they built even shocked elves, and even gods were surprised by their performances.

Unfortunately, these Planet Quadrant Computers could only be built in the Mechanus God's Domain, because they were built on the special rules of the Mechanus God's Domain. Once any of them was moved from this god's domain, they would instantly stop running. Otherwise, every god would be willing to build the same thing in their worlds.

Undoubtedly, Planet Quadrant Computer was the pride of the Mechanus God's Domain, the biggest legacy of the Starship Alliance. It was a miracle that all engineers in the endless god's domains would feel interested in.

Only the top engineers felt the crisis.

The strongest advantage of the Mechanus God's Domain was the Planet Quadrant Computers, however, their design theory had already been completed in the era of the Starship Alliance. So many years had passed, they still didn't make any substantial progress.

If the computing power of the Planet Quadrant Computers could only be limited on planets, they couldn't move forward.

Until elves brought the legacy of the Twilight of the Gods, they suddenly saw the light.

From then on, everything became unknown and promising again.

To the engineers and the people who were proposing the limit of science, nothing was more tempting than the "unknown".

"Unknown" means that everything is possible!

The code name "Alpha" stood for the key leading to the "unknown". After that day, they began to create their own god, their Cyber God of the Mechanus God's Domain!

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