Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 426

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Chapter 426: Opening

In the Sky Tower, on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Perform the guess odd or even game. Cyber Elf Alpha won.

In the rule of the game of Go, the player who went first would obtain an absolute advantage, therefore, it was necessary to make some rules to restrict the chess player. However, there wasn’t such a rule in the game of Star Go.

"Sente" or "gote" could only show the difference of different chess players' styles. Orfina the Ruby Dragon liked to attack first, if she couldn't win the guess odd or even game, she would feel gloomy for a while; Norn the God of Wisdom didn't mind "sente" or "gote", if he used "gote", his winning rate would be higher.

As for Yun Xi, because his winning rate was still 100% till now, it really wasn't a problem for him.

Similarly, Cyber Elf Alpha didn't mind it either. At any rate, she would be the winner.

Their duel was being considered by countless legend ranked beings. It would determine the strongest Star Go player.

The number of people who were concentrating on their duel was in the "hundreds of millions". Legend rank stood for the highest will of a god domain, as the stage of the highest wisdom in the endless god's domains, their duel was destined to be recorded and eulogized.

Most people thought that Alpha would be the person who laughed last, after all, she had achieved the unprecedented 7 star points.

Although "A Cloud in the Sky" also gave an incredible performance in the games before, his style wasn't as intimidating as Alpha's, it was difficult to make up your mind to put up stakes on his side.

Just as the alchemists and engineers of the Mechanus God's Domain expected, Cyber Elf Alpha's performance shocked the entire endless god's domains.

"Hum? Tengen?" Yun Xi was surprised.

Cyber Elf Alpha was the first 7 star points chess player he had ever met, no wonder that she was the strongest chess player till now!

She understands the importance of tengen, maybe it will be a tough battle. No, I’ll not be surprised if I lose this time.

Teacher Casina, maybe I can't achieve 100 victories in a row in this game.

Yun Xi sighed and looked at the chessboard, putting his first chess piece nearby tengen.

Cyber Elf Alpha, she is really tough!

In the Mechanus God's Domain, when Yun Xi put down his first chess piece, Alpha suddenly trembled. Countless data flows flashed through her pupils.

"Alpha requires additional computing power!"

"What? The game just began! What is happening?"

"Don’t ask, just do it. Be quick!"

"Understood. Launch the 15th and 16th Planet Quadrant Computers! Start synchronizing the data!"

"Preheating the engines of the 17th and 18th Planet Computers, unlock their dormant states."

"Prepare the 19th and 20th Planet Computers, perform the first power-on test!"

"Boot all satellites!"

Alpha's will was absolute to the engineers in the Mechanus God's Domain. Even though they felt strange, they still performed her orders determinedly.

In a desert star field, one huge building after another rose to the surfaces of the planets, one solar sail after another opened from their folded forms, and one windmill after another opened their fan-bladed wheels.

Hydroelectric power, geothermal power, solar power, wind power... all kinds of automatic power plants ran at full speed.

These Planet Computers could use all kinds of powers as their energy source, this was their special property. Because of these automatic power plants, the computers could calculate even faster than gods.

If converting the energy used to boot a Planet Quadrant Computer to money, the number could let a country instantly bankrupt. And there were hundreds of Planet Quadrant Computers! They were all built for one goal.

Everything is for the great Alpha! This is the final fantasy of the past Starship Alliance, the present Mechanus God's Domain.

Infinite data started to flow inside Alpha's metallic antennas.

"Code name, Cloud."

"Import all the records of the games he has played, and build 130,000 mathematical models for the next 30 rounds."

"He is used to putting his first chess piece onto tengen. When he played with Norn the God of Wisdom and Orfina the Ruby Dragon, he obtained 'sente' and used this method to gain his upper hand advantage."

"Therefore, if I put my chess piece onto tengen first, it will effectively reduce his chance of winning."

"He is good at activating fire-type, wind-type and mixed-type 'ko' on the star map, I should pay attention to his moves in case that he repeats the 'ko' he used to defeat Orfina the Ruby Dragon."

"Decide the place where I should put my second chess piece at. Calculate 10^24 possibilities within 3 seconds."

"Build the new model about his style."

Within a second, Cyber Elf Alpha had calculated over hundreds of millions of times, the mathematical models she built this time were ten times more than what she built when she played with Black Mage and three times more than what she built when she played with Norn the God of Wisdom.

All these were for determining where she should put her second chess piece at!

"Pa!" Yun Xi put down his fourth chess piece and looked at Cyber Elf Alpha in confusion.

This 7 star points chess player is different to any chess player he met before.

After putting down her first chess piece onto tengen, her moves became irresolute.

Since she had occupied tengen, Yun Xi had to take the second best, putting down his chess pieces around tengen.

It didn't have any special meaning, he was just used to putting his chess pieces in the center of the chessboard. At any rate, Star Go was always an interesting game.

To Yun Xi, Star Go was just an easy-to-understand game. No matter where he decided to put his chess piece at, he could always feel the mystery of the orbits of stars.

Tengen was just the simplest method for winning, it wasn't his only option.

Actually, he didn't mind if he put his chess pieces at any place on the board. As long as he played Star Go, he could naturally gain an advantage on the chessboard.

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