Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 383

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Chapter 383: Explain the Tao

"Is he the current White Lotus Sword Master?" Looking at the old man, Yun Xi felt incredible.

In his imagination, the White Lotus Sword Master must be a super strong, magisterial human, whose temperament could conquer everyone.

The sixth rank was the peak of the hero rank. Everyone at this rank was the core of a god's domain.

In the legend, the people at this rank had incredible abilities and their own god weapons. It was said that a sixth ranked being could beat down a hundred fourth ranked beings, although they were all at the hero rank.

However, Yun Xi couldn't feel anything special from this kind old man. At that rank, he didn't look like a human who had the power to remove mountains and fill seas.

"He had recovered his original simplicity. The old master has a good temperament." Hua Huo rarely praised a person, because there weren't too many people in the White Lotus Sword Domain that deserved her evaluation.

She didn't pay attention to the people who were far inferior to her.

"Unfortunately, his life force was severely injured. He can't live more than 30 years and can't fight to his full potential."

"Oh, no wonder that I felt something strange." Yun Xi also noticed it. The traces of time had appeared on the face of the old White Lotus Sword Master.

"Hua Huo, can you win against him?" Yun Xi was curious about that.

"It will be a tough battle in the first ten minutes."

"Ten minutes later, we will match each other."

"Twenty minutes later, he will be in big trouble."

"Thirty minutes later, I can defeat him!"

Even though the old man was the strongest swordsman in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, Hua Huo had confidence in herself.

Oh, I shouldn't take her as a reference!

Yun Xi felt that Hua Huo just became more terrible recently.

Is it my imagination?

In fact, Hua Huo was modest when she said that. If they really had a fight, the old man's body wouldn't be able to support him to fight for ten minutes.

The hero rank was just a joke to her Sky Flying Bloodline.

When the first Sky Flying Bloodline appeared, humans were still in the stage of slash-and-burn cultivation. When they saw the wings in the sky, they would kneel down and treat the figure in the sky as a god.


"Cough, this time, I will explain what the 'Tao of Sword' is."

The White Lotus Sword Master released his aura, covering the entire temple in it.

He had held "Explain the Tao" over ten times. He knew it was important to dominate the scene.

"What's the strongest 'Tao of Sword' in your hearts?"

The old master asked all the disciples in the temple.

"The strongest Tao of Sword should be the will that never yields!" Xia Ling, the previous number one disciple, the princess from the Great Xia Sword Domain stood up and answered.

She was the only genius who had joined the Battle God's Championship Contest in the entire White Lotus Sword Palace.

In the eyes of the public, apart from the twin witches and Hua Huo, her talent was the best.

It’s no accident, she could undoubtedly touch the projection of the White Lotus Secret Treasure in the future.

Looking at her, the old sword master remembered the time when he and his friends went to the Three Holy Sword Domains. During the dark days, the geniuses like her smashed his confidence over and over again.

"The strongest Tao of Sword is the fastest sword! As long as I can kill my enemies before they draw their swords, I'm the strongest!"

Bai Yun said. He was called "Flowing Light Sword", one of the most excellent geniuses who just came back from a high-level sword domain.

"The strongest Tao of Sword can summon countless ghosts and swallow everything." Apparently, only Yin Su, the genius girl from the Ghost Sword Domain could give such an answer.

"The strongest Tao of Sword means endless deaths and blood!" Xie Huanzhen, the "Blood Light Sword" said.

"The strongest Tao of Sword will dominate the world!" It was the answer from Qin Su, the prince of the Great Qin Empire.

The top ten disciples, or to be precise, the previous top ten disciples answered one by one.

Their answers meant the Tao of Sword they believed in.

Finally, only one person hadn't answered yet. Hua Huo, the girl who defeated all the top ten disciples.

"I don't understand the Tao of Sword! I just brandish my sword and kill my enemy." Hua Huo said confidently.

I don't need to understand the Tao of Sword, I will only need to crush all the enemies!

"Ha ha... good... your ideas are all good..."

Looking at the geniuses, the old sword master smiled.

Not everyone could answer his question. Most of the time, the presider of "Explain the Tao" would ask similar questions at the end of their lectures, and only the real geniuses could hear these questions.

They were the hopes of the White Lotus Sword Palace, although most of them wouldn't come back after being blessed by the projection of the secret treasure, however, their learning experience in this sword palace wouldn't disappear.

He was already an old man. The future of the White Lotus Sword Domain could only rely on these young disciples. They would make White Lotus Sword Domain become a middle-level sword domain again!

He had a strong feeling that he didn't need to wait for it too long.

"Your ideas about the Tao of Sword are good, however, do you know what's the Tao of the Sword of Yun Hai the Sword Master?" This time, White Lotus Sword Master was going to tell them a secret, the Tao of Sword of Yun Hai the Sword Master!

"Gee? Yun Hai the Sword Master..." Hua Huo rarely got serious. Even she didn't dare to look down on the secret of Yun Hai the Sword Master!

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