Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 384

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Chapter 384: The Road of the Sword God

Yun Hai.

This name was the biggest pride of the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, because of him, the White Lotus Sword Domain became a middle-level sword domain in the past.

Amongst all the 17 Sky Swords in the entire history of the Sky Sword God's Domain, he was the only Sky Sword from a lower-level sword domain that obtained the title "Deicide".

Even after ten thousand years, the people in the White Lotus Sword Domain wouldn't forget his name.

The books about him were numerous, which could even fill up a hundred book shelves.

Why did so many geniuses come to this remote sword domain from middle-level and even high-level sword domains?

Did they really come to learn the several "poor" sword skills the White Lotus Sword Palace had? Everyone knew that it wasn't possible.

The White Lotus Secret Treasure, to be precise, the projection of the secret treasure was a treasure Sword Master Yun Hai left for the entire sword domain after he became a Sky Sword, it was the only reason that the geniuses like Xia Ling the princess of the Great Xia Empire stayed here.

"The Tao of Sword Master Yun Hai... isn't it his Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword?" Xia Ling was the first who asked. As the previous strongest female swordsman, she knew the White Lotus Sword Domain like the palm of her own hand.

It was said that the legendary White Lotus Secret Treasure was the key that changed Yun Hai's life.

Before Yun Hai was known as a Sky Sword, he was unknown to the public. A lot of people had various guesses about his identity and origin.

Some people said that Yun Hai was a child of god from the Western God's Domain, after touching the secret treasure, his memory of his past life was aroused, so he could be so strong.

Because Sword Master Yun Hai had very good relationships with several mysterious races of the Western God's Domain, this was the mainstream parlance in the Western God's Domain.

Some people said that Yun Hai was a descendant of the Great Xia Empire, he just went to the White Lotus Sword Domain accidentally and found the White Lotus Secret Treasure here, which aroused his bloodline power.

Because Sword Master Yun Hai was entangled with several princesses of the Great Xia Empire, the people in the Eastern God's Domain believed in this point of view, which was even written in a lot of historical books.

There were also a lot of conjectures, such as Yun Hai was actually thousands of years old when he became the Sky Sword, or he was a reincarnation of a living Buddha.

Anyway, almost all the conjectures concluded that he was a super talent, who was born to be a Sky Sword.

"Cough, of course, Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword is his strongest sword skill, however, I guess that you don't know the first sword skill he learned. Am I right?" To be honest, if he didn't find "that thing" accidentally, the old master wouldn't believe that it was what Sword Master Yun Hai first practiced.

"What's the first sword skill Yun Hai learned?"

"Tell us, please!"

"Oh, if it's true, it will change history!"

White Lotus Sword Master coughed and drew out a small diary.

From its yellow cover, apparently, the small diary could be considered as a historical relic.

"March 3, Honeybee* 300, Grass Spirit* 50, Big Grass Spirit* 20."

"March 4, why can't I kill them all? Honeybee* 200, Grass Spirit* 60, Big Grass Spirit* 40."

"March 5, oh, I think I just understood something, keep going. Honeybee* 420, Grass Spirit* 73, Big Grass Spirit* 52."

"March 6, killing spree. Honeybee* 1000, Grass Spirit* 400, Big Grass Spirit* 150."

Listening to the numbers the old White Lotus Sword Master read loud on the stage, the disciples looked at each other in confusion.

Does it have any relationship with Yun Hai the Sky Sword?

"July 5, I finally understood an all-range attack sword skill. Let me try. Honeybee* 3000, Grass Spirit* 1000, Big Grass Spirit* 500."

"August 1, something just changed. I can see the traces. Honeybee’s fly along an 'eight' shape route, the traces of Grass Spirits and Big Grass Spirits are unfixable. Honeybee* 5000, Grass Spirit* 2000, Big Grass Spirit* 1000."

"October 1, set the coordinates of the Honeybee like this, and set the routes of Grass Spirits and Big Grass Spirits like this... this is a quadrant. This is a spatial coordinate."

"Oh, I understand! I have killed ten million Honeybees, a million Grass Spirits and half a million Big Grass Spirits."

"Three years! I can leave this valley now! I will name this sword skill as 'Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword', I think I can defeat that group of green hippos now!"

That was all in the diary. The old master touched his beard and showed a mysterious smile.

If he hadn't seen Yun Hai's personal handwriting before, he wouldn't have found this diary in the used market.

After White Lotus Sword Master announced the master of the diary, it caused a buzz amongst the disciples under the stage.

"It's awesome! Is it Sword Master Yun Hai's practicing experience?"

"Honeybee, Grass Spirit and Big Grass Spirit must be very terrible monsters. Even Yun Hai the Sword Master had to fight three years with them."

"The green hippos must be mutants from hell. It isn't surprising to find new mutants of this race."

"Yes, this is Sword Master Yun Hai's diary. I found it by accident." White Lotus Sword Master sighed with emotion.

"From it, I guess that Sword Master Yun Hai’s Tao of Sword is to brandish his sword a million times. No matter what kind of genius you are, if you want to make yourself something, you must practice yourself hard."

"Your Tao of Sword are all good, you should put your hearts and souls into them!"

The old master realized his mistake in the past. When he was young, he changed his road of sword skill several times, which didn't help him at all but made him achieve nothing. Finally, he could barely enter the sixth rank when he was already an old man.

If I could have been persistent like Sword Master Yun Hai when I was young, everything would be different!

"Perseverance" is also a kind of talent!


"Honeybee, Grass Spirit, Big Grass Spirit, green hippo..." Yun Xi rubbed his forehead under the stage. Just now, some vague memories suddenly appeared inside his head.

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