Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 382

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Chapter 382: White Lotus Sword Master

"Let me play a hundred more rounds again!" Phoenix plucked her feathers again.


On the ground, the most important moment for the new disciples was coming.

"Explain the Tao" is a special tradition of the Eastern God's Domain and an extremely high honor.

"Tao" meant the truth of the universe. It was countless people's dream to be invited to "Explain the Tao". Theoretically, even mortals could explain the truth of the Tao, but they must be a super master about "Tao". If the mortal was going to explain it.

Most of the time, the person who explained the Tao was at the hero rank.

"Explain the Tao" wasn't as simple as giving a lecture, the person who held it must pay for it with a lot of effort. Most masters of mortals could explain the Tao only once in their lives.

The content of the "Explain the Tao" depended on the presider, but it must be very useful to the people who were seeking for the "Tao". Some people even gave away their fortunes for listening a certain master's "Explain the Tao".

This time, the person who held "Explain the Tao" was the current master of the White Lotus Sword Domain, the strongest sixth ranked human in this domain, White Lotus Sword Master.

As White Lotus Sword Master, his name had been forgotten by the public a long time ago.

After the previous master of this sword domain passed away, he succeeded to this position hundreds of years ago. Till the twin witches exploded into prominence, he finally decided to retire.

Today, standing at the familiar stage and looking at the young disciples, he touched his white beard with joy.

As a human, he was already 300 years old. He knew at this age, he was no hope to break into the higher realm, the legend rank, so he only focused on teaching students now.

Maybe there were not too many geniuses who had graduated from the White Lotus Sword Palace, but none of them lost the face of the Sword Palace after leaving.

After Yun Hai the Sword Master left, the White Lotus Sword Domain was gradually restoring glory during his tenure.

The hero rank didn't mean immortal. Just like the heroes in the tales, they would become old and die as time went by. As a strong human at the sixth rank, he suddenly had a presentiment that something was going to happen.

Maybe it meant my death. He thought. 300 years was really a long time for humans.

From the first time he held a sword, to when he followed the footsteps of his predecessors and finally reached the sixth rank, he thought highly of himself, and looked down at his identity of White Lotus Sword Master. He thought that he could step into the higher realm.

The most desirable outcome was to enter the highest sword domain, "the Great Xia Sword Domain". He even planned to take part in the Battle God's Championship Contest after that.

Unfortunately, he didn't accomplish any of his goals.

There were differences between different people and different races.

After entering the hero rank, the gap between different individuals became even wider. Especially the hero ranked beings of rare races, their race characteristics could confer them strong, incredible bonuses. Unless they were a super genius of the sword skill, humans had no chance rivalling them.

Unfortunately, he wasn't a super genius of the sword skills, which he found out when he travelled through the Sky Sword God's Domains.

He was the strongest genius of the White Lotus Sword Domain, however, when he went to a higher sword domain such as the Great Liang or the Great Jin, he found that he was still strong, but wasn't invincible anymore.

He tasted a much painful failure when he and his friend went to the Three Holy Sword Domains.

The Great Zhou, the Great Han and the Great Tang were the oldest three sword domains, and they were also called the "Three Holy Sword Domains". While there, he witnessed what the "real geniuses" were.

Fail! Fail! Fail! He experienced too many failures in the three sword domains. Finally, he realized what the difference was between him and the real geniuses.

The so-called talent of sword skill really existed! No matter how hard he practiced, he couldn't stride across the gap.

His talent was the strongest in the White Lotus Sword Domain, and even in middle-level sword domains, he was entitled to be a founder of a new sect. However, in the Three Holy Sword domains, his talent was just so so.

Maybe he could reach the last rank of the hero rank, the sixth rank after practicing hard for 100 years or 200 years, unfortunately, he had no clue about the possibility of touching the door of the legend rank.

If an ordinary person practiced hard, the person still had a fat chance to enter the hero rank. However, it wasn’t possible to reach the legend rank even after practicing oneself a hundred times harder than before.

There were billions and millions of living beings in the endless god's domains, and most living beings didn't stand any chance to even see a legend rank, not to mention to reach this realm.

Endless years, only a very few people had entered the legend rank in the Sky Sword God's Domain, and all of them were known as "Sky Sword".

A large water curtain flowed down behind the old man, who smiled and turned to look at the twin witches.

They have the possibility to become "Twin Sky Swords".

Maybe in the near future, I can retire and let them inherit my position.

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