Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 381

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Chapter 381: Smiling, girls!

Hua Huo’s jealousy radar launched again!

Locking on the target!

Hua Huo, you are not fighting alone. You are the childhood sweetheart camp's representative, you are Little Xi's strongest childhood sweetheart!

Stake all the glories of childhood sweetheart, I will never concede!

"That sister doesn't like Mumu!" Catching White Lotus's hands, Mumu cowardly looked at Hua Huo, who was staring at her with a killing intention.

"Oh, she is indeed a tough rival." White Lotus agreed. Hua Huo was indeed the strongest enemy stopping her from touching her prince.

Apparently, she and the prince had an extraordinary relationship. It wasn't something that could be formed within a few days.

Their positions, the distance between them, the natural posture of holding each other's hands, and her sharp eyes. She is a strong enemy called a "childhood sweetheart"!

However, I won't lose to her! Most of the time, a "childhood sweetheart" is the pronoun for "loser"!

Compared to the fatalistic encounter between us, "childhood sweetheart" was a way too normal setting, which means that she can't be the person who has the last laugh!

How to describe the end for most childhood sweethearts? It could be described as "We are friends, but we can't be lovers".

Because childhood sweethearts were too close and familiar with each other, which reduced the possibility of enchanted feelings.

The longer they stayed together, the less chance they would fall in love. Unless the "male" couldn't find a better "female" than his childhood sweetheart, otherwise, there weren't many possibilities for his childhood sweetheart.

"Humph. You can only be proud of yourself at this time!" White Lotus smiled confidently. She knew Yun Xi's secret, and regarded him as her prince.

Hua Huo's strong possessiveness of him is her greatest weakness!

Even if they love each other, there is still a big problem, which Hua Huo hasn't realized yet.

She is too pretentious. She has taken the lead, however, it doesn't mean that she has won!

If this was a short-distance race, apparently, she was faster than anyone.

Unfortunately, love wasn't a short-distance race. White Lotus could imagine her expression of regret in the future. She thought that she could control Yun Xi by forcing him to be her maid, unfortunately, it was just her delusion.

Love isn't as simple as one plus one, but a complex multivariate equation!

Instinctively, White Lotus understood that Hua Huo had more than one "rival".

If she rested easy now and thought that she could stop other females from getting close to my prince, she would finally be punished due to this!

"Humph, you are too naive." With a mysterious smile, White Lotus looked at Yun Xi.

Oh, my prince, how can your light be covered by this black maid uniform?

Even if everyone thought that you were a cute girl, it would be useless.

Love is love, it has no relationship with gender. Look at the girls of the Starwing Knights, you are the only sparkling star in their eyes.

I have seen in the future that your silly childhood sweetheart will be crying with regret!


"Tsk-tsk, what a strong enemy!" Hua Huo felt an unknown sense of danger, as if someone just declared war with her.

Mumu? No, it can't be her. Hua Huo looked up at the stage and felt that Red Lotus was the most likely suspect.

Humph, Little Xi does like the girls who are impulsive, because it's my character!

As for White Lotus, she is a good girl. In the Water God's world, she was the first person who advised me to ally with Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword.

Come on! I don't care who you are, because you are doomed to be beaten down by me! I won't lose even if you are a god!

"Humph!" Hua Huo smiled confidently.

"Ho ho." White Lotus showed a mysterious smile.

"White Lotus, you look in a good mood today." Because she saw so many excellent new disciples, Red Lotus smiled happily.

"Hey hey!" Mumu also smiled after seeing Yun Xi's smile.

"..." Looking around, Mei'er shrugged her shoulder and decided to train her Star Spirit Team for a while.

Anyway, my master has had so many girlfriends, it won't hurt him if he has a few more girlfriends, right?

Go ahead!


On the Sky Tower above the White Lotus Sword Palace, Phoenix was distressed.

"Daughter, lover, or enemy, which one is the right answer?"

Closing her eyes, she plucked her feathers and counted.

"If it's an odd number, I'm his daughter; if it's an even number, I'm his lover."

"One, two, three, four... seventeen. It's an odd number! Daughter?" She scratched on the body of the Sky Tower.

She had repeated this hundreds of times. She was proud of her Augury, unfortunately, after predicting hundreds of times, she found that 33% of the answers were "daughter", 33% of the answers were "lover", and 33% of the answers were "enemies". Her Augury was totally useless!

"Whoa! What can I do? Ouroboros, help me!" Phoenix almost went crazy.

Unfortunately, Ouroboros was hiding in Hydra's palace and worried if any of her creditors would find her. She couldn't give Phoenix any help now!

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