Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 380

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Chapter 380: The War in the Past

Yun Xi doesn't know how many people's fates he had changed in the past.

The first "leaf" of the Ten Leaves Alliance, the girl who slept in the temple of gods from her birth and could only hear desperate sighs all days, showed a happy smile because of him.

The child of the Void God Church, the "anomaly" that was born in the last grave of the endless void, smiled happily when he hugged her and stroked her head.

Yes, they were very "common" daily lives to ordinary people. This was the world Yun Xi was living in.

However, they were "abnormal".

The Sky Flying Bloodline was a bloodline of god, however, its owners were doomed to be lonely all their lives.

Even though she had the strongest "absolute" power in the world, even though she could obtain anything in the world as long as she opened her wings, however, she would become the biggest misfortune once she broke the constraint of her flesh and blood.

The first leaf of the Ten Leaves Alliance was doomed to be the sacrifice in the mist, the most unfortunate child.

The princess of the Golden Family was the last princess in the ruin of gods. There was no way for her to break free from this path since her birth.

The last hope of the Void God Church, the last hope of all void gods, however, she was also a delicate child.

They had different names and came to the small town using different fake identities.

They came for her Sky Flying Bloodline, because it was "special" to the entire Western God's Domain.

Eventually, they all became his childhood sweethearts, his friends, and tried to be his lover.

They were "imperfect", they were "abnormal", so they were eager for the "mediocrity" who stretched out his hands to them. He was the last hope in Pandora's Box.

Because of him, the miserable girls encountered each other. Although they never spoke it out, they spontaneously gathered around him and formed a strange circle.

From the beginning to the end, only Yun Xi didn't know what was hiding in the seemingly normal small town.

The small town was their paradise, where they could forget all troubles and sorrows.

When Yun Xi chose to leave his paradise and went to a brand new world, their paradise was ended, and they went onto their different roads of life again.

The first leaf of the Ten Leaves Alliance, El'phyllis, went to join the ten leaves parliament of the alliance.

The sleeping golden princess, Milei, had to shoulder her responsibility, to revive the glory of the gods and become a veritable Princess of God.

The youngest child of the void gods, Ye Li, had to return to the grave in the endless void to overhaul herself.

Only Hua Huo, the free, strong, willful Sky Flying Bloodline didn't listen to any force, and could stay beside him of her own will.

She never thought that she was common. She firmly believed that she could change the miserable fate of the Sky Flying Bloodline.

Nothing should be doomed in the world.

Even the trace of stars could be changed. Isn't that right?

Hua Huo believed that her summer could never be ended!

I have defeated almost all strong enemies, how can I concede to this little girl from nowhere?

As an enemy, you are far inferior to Ye Li, El'phyllis and Milei!

In order to take ownership of Yun Xi, they had a fierce virtual war.

On the World Chessboard, four people chose 28 different heroes, launching a war called "Yun Xi".

They summoned a lot of projections of old heroes, fantasy creatures and even real gods onto the chessboard, having a war that lasted for seven days and seven nights.

The Hydra who would never die unless all her nine heads were beheaded.

The Ouroboros who could interfere in the flow of the river of time.

The largest war machine of the void god, the invincible Star Destroyer which could create a mini black hole.

The War Knights who were doomed to destroy the world.

The legendary hero whose bow could shoot down the sun.

The mysterious creature who could shuttle back and forth between reality and dream.

The giant spider who could turn an entire world into crystal.

A total of 28 heroes responded to their summons, their projections launched a mini war on the World Chessboard.

The final winner was a beautiful figure whose wings blotted out the sky and covered the sun.

She opened three pairs of wings, rewriting all the rules in the mini world on the chessboard.

She defeated all the enemies. Even though she was also severely injured, she still stood in the sky and looked down at the land that had been destroyed by the war.

It was Hua Huo's hero, her ancestor Seraphim, the avatar of her Sky Flying Bloodline, the king above all gods.

It defeated all the enemies, no one was a match for it.

Even though it was the last hero Hua Huo still had, but it defeated all the enemies for her. The winner obtained everything and the losers could only wail in the darkness.

After the war, Ye Li, El'phyllis and Milei had to admit that Hua Huo was his strongest childhood sweetheart. She deservedly took over most of Yun Xi's free time and could enjoy his bread every day.

"Mei, I'm the strongest. No matter who the enemy is, I will never lose!" With burning flames in her eyes, Hua Huo announced again.

"Well, I never had any doubt about that." Yun Xi said and firmly believed it even though he didn't know the war amongst his childhood sweethearts.

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