Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: Getting Closer

Originally, this should happen at the moment Yun Xi reached the hero rank.

The nature of the hero rank was an evolution of life form, a total transmutation.

Even if it was a "weak" human, after reaching the hero rank, the human's physical quality would be stronger than an elf and even a giant.

The outstanding people could even fly using the powers of their weapons, crossing the racial isolation.

The hero rank meant a brand new realm.

Mortals would shiver with cold in the face of monsters like the green hippo, but any hero ranked person, even if the person just entered the hero rank, could slaughter a group of green hippos with his eyes shut.

The mortal rank's limit was the starting point of the hero rank. The stronger a person was when the person was still a mortal, the higher the potential the person would show after reaching the hero rank.

Yun Xi thought that he was already very close to his limit, but now, his limit was expanded again.

Everything about his body had become unknown just now.

After obtaining the information of Mumu's "Diamond Body", he clearly felt that his bones and muscles were strengthened, and his breathing became slow.

His blood flowed slowly like the lava in the volcano. The rhythm of his life was becoming slow, because his body was restraining itself.

Once he was ready for a battle, his body would release the amazing amount of power it saved just like an erupting volcano.

This technique was included in Casina's training course of the Battle God Genre, however, it was a very high-level technique which Casina wasn't going to teach him before he learned the basic skills.

But now, Yun Xi obtained the "Soft Body" and the "Rigid Body" both, then he naturally understood this technique.

Unlike the "Soft Body", the strengthening goal of the "Rigid Body" was higher, faster, stronger.

The "Soft Body" could let the flexibility and agility of his body reach its limit.

The "Rigid Body" could improve and help the hardness and strike-resistance of his body reach its limit.

The two different evolutionary lines existed in his body harmoniously and perfectly. He hadn't reached the hero rank, but his temperament already made him look like a great sword master.

From today on, he already stepped into the realm that Hua Huo and the twin witches had reached.

After his limit practice in the small valley, he reached the "first stage" of his cultivation, now, he just reached the "second stage".

In the first stage, he obtained his "heart of never yield". Even facing countless deaths, he wouldn't surrender in the trial.

Without a “heart of never yield”, even if his talent was ten times greater, he wouldn't be able to find his own road.

In the second stage, he just obtained his "body of never collapsing". In the long history, it wasn't rare that a genius couldn't step into a higher realm because of his physical defects. No matter how talented the genius was, without a good body, he could only turn into the ash of history after a helpless sigh.

If he wanted to reach the legend rank, only a great good body could withstand the great power of the legend rank.

Although "a good body" wasn't necessary when trying to reach the hero rank, for example, even a soul who had no good body could reach the hero rank, however, the "hero rank" was imperfect, which meant that the soul could never reach the legend rank.

Only the person whose "body", "soul" and "technique" were all perfect had the hope to enter the realm of the legend rank. Casina was a wonderful example.

Now, on his way to becoming strong, Yun Xi had only a weakness, "technique". This was the only difference between him and Hua Huo and the twin witches.

He didn't realize that he had become closer and closer to the distant goal in his eyes, his invincible childhood sweetheart.

The will of the stars was indeed pushing him to step onto the road that nobody had come down yet. However, it was also a road with infinite possibilities.

Of course, there was also a "very negligible" defect.

The principle of equal value exchange was still available. After obtaining so much from Mumu, it was natural that he needed to give her the corresponding return. However, the one who paid the price wasn't Yun Xi himself but the stars.

"It's warm... it's like... someone is hugging me." Mumu held her arms with an intoxicated look.

From just now, she could feel an unknown warmth coming from nowhere.

In her small universe, the silver dragon whose body was covered with wounds smiled in her deep sleep.


Mumu Salabert had a dream, a happy, warm colorful dream, a dream she didn't want to wake up from.

In the dream, she was a careless child, and her daddy was hugging her and praising her.

"Mumu is my good girl! I love you."

"Eh, papa, I love you too."

Oh, let this dream become longer and longer.

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