Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: The Super High Speed Seed

The connection with Mumu brought him a super fantastic feeling.

It wasn't a physical feeling, but a feeling of the soul.

He felt as if he just planted a tree sapling, then saw it growing up and becoming a tree that could support the whole world.

The growth of the seed is such a magical thing! Raising up his head, Yun Xi looked at the girls around him. He could feel their seeds clearly.

In the far away, unknown places, he could vaguely feel the seeds of Ye Li, El'phyllis and Milei.

Some of the seeds that were planted into the girls' bodies were by him.

Some of the seeds were his rewards from the star trials.

No matter what the seeds were, once they got connected with him, everyone would have a special connection with him, just like the sparkling stars in the endless god's domains.

Now, the seeds of all the girls were sparkling in his eyes.

The seeds of Mumu, the twin witches and Hua Huo were the brightest. The seeds of Hua Yue, Xiao Cao and Lu Lu were slightly inferior to their seeds. Then there were the seeds of other members of the Starwing Knights.

He wasn't standing under the starry sky, but he was surrounded by these bright stars.

"Is it... my network?" Amongst the seeds, a well-connected network was formed. He could feel their happiness and sorrow, he could see the traces of their fates.

Because of him, their fates were totally changed and moving to an unknown direction.

His own fate had also become colorful because of his connection with them.

"All for one, one for all!" He murmured the famous proverb, then touched the brightest, hottest thread in the network.

On the other end of the thread, it was the silver-haired girl who was pinching the corner of her clothes shyly.

"Zii! Zii! Zii!" A strand of Hua Huo's hair stood up and pointed to the little girl besides the twin witches.

"No... it can't be possible!" A strong sense of being threatened arose in her heart.

Now she confirmed who the suspect was!

"Mei, are you really so eager for a sister?" Hua Huo ground her teeth and held Yun Xi's hands tightly.

No, stop looking in that direction!

I'm your childhood sweetheart, how can I lose to this little girl!

If it's Ye Li, El'phyllis or Milei, I can understand it, but I will never concede to this little girl who came from out of nowhere!

If I lose to her, I won't believe in justice anymore!

"Well... in fact... I said she is like my little sister, but this feeling... I feel she is more like my..." Yun Xi could find no words to describe it. Just like what Mei'er said, her seed was super excellent!

He just met a seed that could transfer him such a great amount of information at such a high speed. He felt as if he was smoking.

He could clearly feel the change that was happening to his body.

Casina's secret training could strengthen his body in one night, helping him break the barrier which stopped him from entering a higher realm, the hero’s realm.

However, it was still a step by step process. It wasn't that easy to break the limit of flesh and blood. Millions of years, a human body couldn't break through the limit of a mere mortal without hard practice and luck. Every meagre bit of progress after reaching the limit of the human body would bring a great improvement to the body after entering the third rank.

There were differences between different "third ranks". The green hippo was at the third rank, the three Childes were at the third rank, and Hua Huo was also at the third rank. However, the gap between their battle powers was wide and desperate.

The fundamental difference was "their limits were different".

The green hippo was a third ranked monster. The strength of its body was far stronger than common third rank humans.

Child Yun He, Childe Si Nian and Child San Quan were nobles. They learned the battle skills of their families from their childhoods and even had their own spirit weapons. Their bodies were far inferior to the green hippo, but they could kill the hippo with great ease.

As for Hua Huo, she was an exception. She wasn't a standard common third ranked human.

If the green hippo's limit was 100, then the limit of the three childes was between 200 and 300, arguably, the limit of any common human was 300.

However, humanity was just one of the races in the endless god's domains. There were numerous races whose limit was far beyond 300.

Before entering the hero rank, they were still flesh and blood, but the limit of flesh and blood of different races were various.

Before his memory as the starchild was aroused, Yun Xi's limit was 100, which was even inferior to the green hippo.

After being blessed by the Water God, his limit increased to 800. This was also the reason Casina thought very highly of him.

And now, he felt that his limit was being broken again, which announced that he had stepped into the realm of non humans.

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