Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 375

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Chapter 375: Hua Huo's Suspicion

Accelerating, accelerating, the transmission speed of the secret of Mumu's Diamond Body was still accelerating!

Even though Mumu was hundreds of metres away from him, he could feel the flowing of the information of her Diamond Body!

"It's really a high quality seed." Mei'er looked at Mumu, who was smiling at them.

Theoretically, there was a limit of transmission speed of the seed. It wasn't likely to reach 100%.

The transmission speed of Hua Huo's seed could reach 100%, but the speed of Mumu's seed had reached 200%! Only one theory could explain it, that is she and my master are actually...

No, I shouldn't tell my master about that. It would be too shocking to him. He would go crazy!


"What happened?" Hua Huo looked around with a skeptical eye.

Since last night, she had become increasingly restless, as if something very bad, or fatal had just happened.

However, she didn't see any "enemy" in her sight.

It wasn't possible for the "Starwing Knights girls" to find out about her Little Xi's true identity, and she had confidence in her Little Xi's sense of morality. She believed that even if he lived in the girls' dorm, he wouldn't do anything bad.

In her mind, her Little Xi was always the common young boy who only wanted to enjoy a peaceful life.

Even though she had forced him to enter the "higher society", he didn't change at all.

However, what was this sense of danger just now?

Little Xi was right beside her and there was nothing special happening, but her suspicion was still lingering.

Checking, checking, checking again! Where is the enemy?

I own the strongest Sky Flying Bloodline! I can crush any rival!

I'm the girl who knows Little Xi the best, he should spend his life together with me!

In the past, in the present, into the future, nothing can separate us!

"Mei, what are you looking at?" Holding Yun Xi's hands, Hua Huo asked him straightly. This was her privilege as his childhood sweetheart.

"Mumu, look, she is the girl sitting beside the White Lotus witch. Isn't she cute?" Yun Xi answered honestly, pointing at the silver-haired girl who was waving her hands towards them on the stage.

He wasn't lying, because this was what he was thinking. Therefore, although Hua Huo felt uneasy, she couldn't find anything suspicious.

The little girl beside White Lotus was indeed very cute. Everyone would like her at first sight.

"Hum? It looks like she isn't a human." Looking at the broken fetter on her hands and legs, Hua Huo recognized that they were called "Lock Dragon Ring". They were used to seal dragons who were sentenced. She could still move after putting on the fetter? She couldn't be simple!

However, the Lock Dragon Rings were also useful tools to dragons. If a dragon got used to the fetter, the dragon could break out terrible battle power after unlocking them.

"Yes, but she is still a poor girl who is trying to find her father." Yun Xi stared at Mumu softly.

"Mei, you'd better come clean. Do you like the little girl?" Finally, Hua Huo understood where her sense of danger was from.

Oh, I was careless! Although she is still a child... she is still a girl!

Even if she will only become my enemy after ten years, she is still my enemy!

"Hum? Oh, yes, she is like a little sister to me." Yun Xi hadn't realized what Hua Huo was thinking.

"Mei, you want a sister?" Hua Huo's eyes became dangerous. A "Sister" is always the biggest enemy of a "childhood sweetheart"!

Fortunately, Yun Xi had no sister. Otherwise, she would have faced a great crisis!

Compared to "childhood sweetheart", "sisters" could stay with him all day and call him "brother" in a cute tone.

Sisters could live together with him and no one would say a word.

Sisters could hide in his arms in the middle of the night after hearing a clap of thunder or having a nightmare.

Sisters could naturally play the role of his bride in the game "Playing House".

Sisters were ten thousands times tougher than dragons and demons! Sisters are the biggest impediment in a childhood sweetheart's way of becoming his brother's lover!

My Little Xi should never have a sister!

"Hum?" Yun Xi finally realized Hua Huo's jealousy.

Her dangerous eyes looked as if she would... in the past, he only saw this expression when he played the game "Playing House" with Ye Li, El'phyllis and Milei.

"Oh, I was just saying that! Hua Huo, don't misunderstand my words!" Yun Xi quickly explained.

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