Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 378

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Chapter 378: The Growth of the Seed

"You have successfully accepted all the information in the seed." Mei'er pleasingly announced.

The secret of Mumu's bloodline talent, "Diamond Body" had all been absorbed by Yun Xi's body. Correspondingly, a part of his talent, his "Soft Body" also returned to Mumu's body.

Not only Mumu, as long as he kept growing, but also all the girls in the network of his seeds could achieve growth.

Because Yun Xi absorbed Hua Huo's seed and transferred his experience into the bodies of the girls of the Starwing Knights, those girls who didn't have a great talent of sword skill originally all became excellent sword geniuses.

Similarly, the girls of the Starwing Knights also shared a part of the mentality talent Yun Xi obtained from the twin witches.

When Yun Xi obtained the "Soft Body" in the Water God's world, the girls' bodies immediately became more nimble and flexible.

Now, he obtained Mumu's super high speed, the girls of the Starwing Knights also obtained a part of the properties of the "Rigid Body".

This time, not only the common girls of the Starwing Knights, even Hua Huo and the twin witches were influenced.

After obtaining Hua Huo's seed and the twin witches' seed, he could absorb experience from their seeds, but couldn't influence the two special seeds.

It was because the rank of their seeds was too high. Yun Xi's personal understanding about the sword was like nothing compared to their seeds, naturally, they couldn't feel anything.

However, it was different this time.

Because the change happened to him this time was too big.

Even the hero ranked twin witches and his invincible childhood sweetheart could clearly feel it.

After Yun Xi finished absorbing the secret of Mumu's Diamond Body, Hua Huo and the twin witches' suddenly shivered. They noticed the changes that happened to their bodies.

"It's strange... my bloodline was aroused just now? No, it wasn't that kind of feeling..." Hua Huo murmured and still held Yun Xi's hands tightly. She still blocked his sight of Mumu with her own body, trying to stop him from looking at her in this manner.

Almost all people wished that their bloodlines could be aroused by 100%, breaking the limit of their bodies. However, Hua Huo always suppressed her bloodline, just in case that her power increased too fast and too strong.

However, although her power was enhanced this time, she didn't feel any change in her bloodline. She knew it must be something else.

As a super genius who had to suppress her growth, there weren't too many things in the world that could make her feel surprised.

"I just became stronger?" Red Lotus was taken aback.

She hadn't practiced hard recently, but her body naturally became stronger just now. Although she could find no reason to explain it, the enhancement of her own body was undoubtedly a good thing.

"It wasn't your delusion. I feel I’ve become stronger too." Apparently, White Lotus realized something. Holding her sister's hands with a smile, she quietly took a glance at a corner under the stage.

To them, every insignificant progress in their powers was meaningful, because they had their own "secret".

"Hua Huo, what's wrong?" He finally realized that his childhood sweetheart's face looked strange.

Doubt, unease, anger, reluctance, happiness... it was really hard to believe that she could show so many expressions on her face at the same time.

"Humph! It's all your fault!" It was good to become stronger, but she wouldn't forget Yun Xi's eyes when he looked at Mumu!

Even becoming stronger couldn't make her lose her focus on this!

She swore that there must be something wrong. She wasn't going to turn a blind eye to it!

Did anything happen when Yun Xi was on the desert island? Only during that period of time was she not staying with him.

"Tell me the truth, Little Xi! How did you find her?" Hua Huo questioned him with an undisguised jealous look.

"Well... it was just an accident... I just found her..." Yun Xi felt that his familiar girlfriend in his memory had just returned.

As expected, no matter how strong Hua Huo had become, she was still the familiar girl in his heart. She never changed.

"I! Don't! Believe! It!" She said as she ground her teeth.

How can anyone find a silver-haired little girl on a desert island so easily? Is this the plot from a fantasy novel that was already out of date a thousand years ago?

It must be because of a conspiracy! She didn't believe that it was an accident at all.

How can I give you a chance! Even Ye Li, El'phyllis and Meilei had all been defeated by me, how can I let you steal the fruit of my victory away?

I know everything about him, including his favorite clothes, favorite food and drink, and his favorite girls in the books he hid secretly! How can I be defeated by you, a little girl from nowhere?

"It's true! This is the first time I've seen her after leaving the Water God's world!" Of course, Yun Xi wouldn't tell Hua Huo that he had planted his seed into her body.

He didn't lie, he just told her the truth selectively!

"Really?" As his childhood sweetheart, she could easily detect it if he was lying.

Yes, he didn't lie. This really was their first meeting after leaving the Water God's world.

Fortunately, nothing has happened. I must break off the connection between them before anything does happen.

It's the smartest thing of my life to let my Little Xi become a greatsword maid!

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