Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Regression

"White Lotus, what's happened?" After White Lotus finished casting her secret spell, Red Lotus asked her sister. She didn't know what put her sister in such a good mood.

Something must've happened. As the elder sister of the twins, Red Lotus never saw her sister so excited.

Her sweet smile, focused eyes, and the golden-red gem in her hands, everything told her that something had happened.

"Eh, I met with my prince." White Lotus had no secrecy awareness. Her sister took good care of her, which caused her have no idea about what was a "lie".

Pure love and a pure heart, her first love was forever to her. White Lotus was a single-minded princess.

"Prince? You had the dream again." Red Lotus couldn't help but laugh. The prince was just a virtual character, but for her, he was simply a nightmare.

'Oh, I shouldn't let my sister read too many fairy tale books from the Western God's Domain', thought Red Lotus. She had a far too irrational dream about love.

Red Lotus knew if they didn't have the strength as Hero Ranked warriors, plus them being twin witches, there would be far more dirty eyes peeping at them.

Fortunately, she had enough power to protect her sister. She didn't even let her sister find these dirty people in the shadows, and had solved most of them in secret.

She never allowed any dirty man to get close to her sister. It would be fine to let White Lotus live like a princess from those fairy tale stories, just like now.

Ha ha, she remembered that her sister still thought that little children were delivered to their parents by immortal cranes.

"It wasn't a dream. This is a love token from my prince." White Lotus proudly held up the Star and Moon Ring.

It was limited to her power. Though it was named the "Star and Moon Ring', it was just the first step in making an artifact, which meant that she just made the outline of its core.

In Eastern God's Domain, the forging method of making an artifact of royal love token needed ten years, a hundred years, or longer to make the love token an artifact.

During this period, if the lovers betrayed each other, or just broke up, the forging method would mean nothing. So the person who made it on her own initiative, the bride's side, would suffer a great blow and never recover after that.

In that case, without a huge courage, determination, and excellent talent, it wasn't possible to forge an artifact using this method. Gradually, the secret method nearly disappeared in the Eastern God's Domain.

According to the ancient books that White Lotus read, most of the girls who tried to use this forging method were the bride's side of a pair of childhood sweethearts, and the successfully finished artifacts would be counted on one person's hands.

Childhood sweethearts would be the doomed losers, but she wouldn't, because she was the prince's princess!

"Is this the micalex you dug out from that place?" Through the outline of the mineral she saw, plus the trace on the rock not far away, Red Lotus immediately guessed the source of the so-called 'Star and Moon Ring'.

Her sister was too frivolous. She dug out a beautiful mineral casually, felt it likable, and used one of the quotas of the blood contract.

You should know, normally an ordinary person had only one quota that could be used to make a blood contract. When they chose the treasure to make the blood contract, they would choose them carefully and think again and again.

However, they were different. Because they were cursed twin witches, they could make blood contract several times more than ordinary people.

Even if White Lotus used one of the quotas, she had other quotas to make blood contract with other treasures.

They had the qualification and talent to pamper themselves.

"Ha ha, sister, you got it?" White Lotus looked pretty happy.

"Yes, this is the love token my prince dug out from that place and handed over to me personally. It's my treasure."

Red Lotus covered her own forehead.

Too bad, her sister slid into a reverie which was named "love". How was it possible for that prince to walk into the real world from a dream.

Even if the prince really existed, he would never get through the warning line she made. There was no creature in the hot spring beside themselves and the turtle.

Eh, where was the turtle? Had it left?

"All right, all right, the prince is the best. We should go." After stretching her snow white body and feeling the last moments of "harmony of heaven and human", Red Lotus stood up.

The transparent water drops slipped down from her jade-like beautiful breasts and dropped into the hot spring, rippling alluring ripples.

"En. I want to make the Star and Moon Ring as quickly as possible. Let's go, sister." Looking at the golden-red gem shining in her hands, White Lotus's eyes burned.

She wanted to make the gem her prince presented to her into the most beautiful ring in the world.


"Yawn!" Holding Mei'er in his arms, Yun Xi trembled after running back to the door of his home. He felt as if he ignored something.

"Little Xi, tell me the truth. Where were you last night?"

She was here! The girl he ignored!

His childhood sweetheart, whose jealous radar never made a mistake and was 100% accurate - Hua Huo!

In the darkness, Hua Huo put her right hand on the sword scabbard, staring at Yun Xi as if she was a wife who found her husband coming back from a secret date.

Her sword hadn't been drawn out, but her killing intent was already rising in the air.

Once she found the truth that Yun Xi moved his love to any other girl, the only thing he would see was her lightning sword.

"I-I just went to the mountain to take a bath in the hot spring." Yun Xi honestly said.

"Eh... eh..." Hua Huo stepped forward and smelled the odor on Yun Xi's body.

Fortunately, Yun Xi kept soaking in the hot spring, so Hua Huo smelled nothing. In addition to Mei'er's special odor, he escaped from the probable disaster.

"It's weird. You body indeed only has Mei'er's odor, but why did I felt ill at ease during my practice and made mistakes several times?"

"Ha ha, it must be your illusion. I was just going to the hot spring!"

Yes, he didn't lie.

He just met his natural enemies when he was at the hot spring, and the sister, White Lotus, showed her love to him. Of course, he wouldn't say it out, even if she tore off his mouth!

"Oh right, Hua Huo, do you know what I saw? I saw a real big scene beside the river. Some real big shots came to our village!" Yun Xi immediately tried to change the topic.

"I know, they are the strongest people in White Lotus Sword Domain, the twin witches." Hua Huo's eyes turned serious, it seemed that she had heard of them before.

"Elder sister Red Lotus and young sister White Lotus. Even in the Western God's Domain, you can hear their names.

"Yun Xi, you should be careful. They're cursed twins, you should never get close to them.

"It says that they hate males. They never allow men to walk within ten meters of them.

"Many people have died because they'd made this mistake."

Yun Xi sweated.

Yun Xi sweated like a trooper.

Sweat streamed down Yun Xi's face!

Ten meters? Oh god, the distance between the White Lotus Holy Virgin and himself was almost a 'negative' number!

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