Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Flocked

"Little Xi, never, ever get close to the twins of fate." This was the first time Yun Xi saw his childhood sweetheart look so serious.

"They're a thousand times more dangerous than Milei, El'Phyllis, and Ye Li. If they take an interest in you, you would have a miserable end."

Ah? Aren't you being too sensitive, Hua Huo? And who did you think I am?!

Do I look like a guy who would get in trouble with the pair of twins... No, this must be the stars' fault! Wu wu, I didn't expect that!

"They are here, so this small village will get in trouble soon after." Hua Huo suspiciously looked at Yun Xi, who was in a trance now, and felt that something was wrong.

"Yeah, they're really some big trouble." Yun Xi smiled bitterly. He had no choice, but to suffer in silence. He didn't dare to tell her the truth.

If his childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo, was a summer storm, then the pair of twin witches, White Lotus and Red Lotus, were a pair of unexpected calamities!


The next day, Yun Xi got up early and quickly understood what was the trouble Hua Huo meant.

The small village's narrow street was filled with strange creatures which were obviously from other towns.

Rhinoceroses, red hares, yellow claws, flying lightning, and unicorns. Usually, you would never see so many cursorial mounts, but now, they were everywhere.

There were even some rare flying mounts which you wouldn't see many times in such a common small village.

The specialty of the Eastern God's Domains - the Manned Roc birds.

The specialty of the Western God's Domains - the powerful and magnificent Griffins.

Yun Xi even saw in the air, a flying carriage which was pulled by three flying horses and shrouded by clouds and mist...

Young boys wearing various well-crafted clothes were seemingly in high and vigorous spirits. They excitedly gathered together, talking with eloquence.

Among them, many people were wearing white two-leaves sword-shaped emblems, which meant that they were 2nd-ranked swordsmen, the best of the best.

Yun Xi even saw a few of them wearing three-leaves sword-shaped emblems. It meant that they were standing at the top of mortals and known as matchless geniuses.

Of course, these geniuses weren't the local people of the small village.

Some of them were from nearby towns, and some of them were nobles or men of good families, riding on rare flying mounts and coming from thousands of miles away.

The swordsmen who had had three-leaves emblems were certainly candidates who would join the Sword Palace. And the geniuses like Hua Huo didn't even need to take the exam, they could join the Sword Palace directly.

The young boys, girls, and their servants and relatives who came from faraway areas made the narrow road of the small village more crowded, and they were here for only one reason.

The coming of the twin witches, the future masters of White Lotus Sword Domain - Red Lotus and White Lotus.

If it was a common admission, it wouldn't draw so many people's attention. The only reason it aroused such a storm was the appearance of the twin witches.

The clouds were rolling on with full force. Perhaps this was the best description of this scene.

"Dong! Dong!" At the entrance of Yun Xi's bakeshop, it was ringing with hasty knocking sounds.

Yun Xi went down the stairs and opened the door, seeing a crowd of travel-stained servants.

"Hey, young master, do you want to sell your house? I'm from Xiyuan village and the representative of Childe Ling, I want to buy your house at ten times the price!"

"Wait, I'm from Donghe village. Childe Xiao. I can pay fifteen times the price!"

"Thirty times the price! We, from Yun He City, want your house!"

Yun Xi looked at the servants gathering together in front of his shop's door and felt flabbergasted. Since when did the houses of this small village become so expensive?

He looked carefully. It wasn't only his bakeshop. There were also many servants gathering together in front of the other shops; nearly all the shops on the street.

"Sorry, but I won't sell my shop. Temporarily closed." Yun Xi couldn't bear the noise and directly closed the door. After thinking for a while, he posted a paper on the door, which was written - "My shop will be temporarily closed, and it's NOT for sale".

"The twin witches are here. It means that the small village will be in trouble soon after." Yun Xi finally understood the words his childhood sweetheart told him.

The future masters of White Lotus Sword Domain, the twin witches, were more valued than his imagination.

White Lotus was a princess, but she had a higher status than real princesses.

They were cursed and doomed twins, who became unmatched Hero Ranked sword maidens at the age of 14.

It was like Hua Huo had said. As a man who was loved and was confessed to by the White Lotus Holy Virgin, he was in a big trouble!


Outside the small village, at the riverside camp, the twin witches were there.

Rarer flying mounts were flying from faraway places and landing beside the river; they were placed in the open space.

More young talents who had family backgrounds and strength were led by their elder family members, waiting to be summoned by the legendary twin witches.

"What a bother. Fortunately, White Lotus had gone to bed. Otherwise, their dirty eyes would make her have a nightmare." Sitting on the holy chair, as White Lotus impatiently received one after another so called 'young talents', she grumbled to her maidservant.

"Qiu Lan, why should I waste my life on this kind of meaningless things?"

"Lady Red Lotus, please lower your voice. The number one heir of Yun He City is waiting for you." The beautiful maidservant, who was named Qiu Lan, smiled and covered her small mouth.


Twenty metres away from the holy chair, Childe Yun He half kneeled on the ground and heard a different voice.

"Not bad. I hope you can keep trying to take part in the exam."

"Yes!" After obtaining Red Lotus's recognition, Childe Yun He vigorously patted his chest and looked pretty excited.

This was a recognition from one of the twin witches, which was equal to the recognition of the Sky Sword God's Domain itself.

Why didn't he hesitate to catch a chill in the night, but still rushed to here by riding on his family's flying horse? Undoubtedly, it was for the sake of this opportunity!

There were also exams of the Sword Palace in other places, but these exams were presided by common instructors. How could they deserve to be compared with the exam which was presided over by the twin witches?

Taking part in the exams which were presided over by the twin witches was equal to getting the opportunity to have a direct link with the future masters of White Lotus Sword Domain!

He wasn't the only one who thought so. He believed that every man of every good family who took the exam was thinking so.

As the old saying went, "The near water balcony gets a month first". He could come so fast because the remote small village wasn't too far away from Yun He City. After he heard the news that they were here, he was the first man of a top-level family to arrive here.

Conceivably, after this news spread around, the next several days, more and more young geniuses whose age was between 16 and 18 would use various methods to come here.

This small village was doomed to be the center of attention.

The twin witches were such two mystic and special presences. They were worth all the men of good families in White Lotus Sword Domain paying attention to them.

Their every movement would affect the whole White Lotus Sword Domain's situation.

Due to them coming, even such a small border village, which was carelessly marked on the map, became the focus of every noble family's eyes.

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